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  1. In r2634, the status bar face's eyes are moving back and forth at about a dozen times the normal speed.
  2. Doom_user

    [r2634] Status bar face moving way too fast

    Just to add some more information, this issue first appeared in r2615. The status bar face moves normally in r2611 and all earlier revisions.
  3. It's nice, but I reccomend vertically compressing the source image to 5/6 of it's height before making a titlepic, because ingame the titlepic will be vertically stretched 20%. Your titlepic will look like this ingame.
  4. Doom_user

    Back to Saturn X E1: 1.1.6 bugfix

    I've been curious about something since I first played BTSX in January. Why is the first appearance of the hub area part of map 01 instead of being a separate map?
  5. Doom_user

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Back to Saturn X E1 & Favillesco E1

    The only difference between the second brightest light level and the brightest is that north-south walls are drawn slightly darker when using the second brightest light level.
  6. Doom_user

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Back to Saturn X E1 & Favillesco E1

    It depends on the port. In PrBoom and ZDoom 255 or higher will give you the brightest light level. 240-254 will give you the second brightest. In Vanilla Doom, Chocolate Doom, and Eternity 256 or higher will give you the brightest light level. 240-255 will give you the second brightest.
  7. I've played Magnusblitz's incomplete E3M3 extensively. The level is mostly complete, 3 things need to be addressed. Monster count needs to be increased tenfold. Blood pools need to be made damaging. Main area needs to be restructured to meet vanilla limits. I'd be willing to finish it if no one else is going to. I could probably have it ready in 1-3 days.
  8. Start ZDoom/GZDoom, go into options, then compatibility options, then set compatibility mode to Doom(strict). Alternatively, open your ini/cfg file and find "compatflags2", set the value to 3. Find "compatflags" and set the value to -1172751401. It should look like this compatflags2=3 compatflags=-1172751401 when you're done. Also, you should add +dmflags2 16777216 to the command line parameter when starting ZDoom/GZDoom. This allows you to switch to an empty weapon, like Vanilla Doom.
  9. Doom_user

    Any thoughts on Libertarians?

    I respect those who are actual libertarians. The problem I have with most self-proclaimed libertarians in the country I live (US) is that they're hypocrites. They complain about government intruding upon people's lives, yet they want the government to ban abortion, gay marriage, and most forms of birth control.
  10. Doom_user

    Black screen on PrBoom+?

    I did some testing on my old computer, GZDoom experiences this black screen error as well. ZDoom doesn't. Now I'm certain this is caused by a recent Windows update, this wasn't happening a few days ago and the only changes I made to my old computer since then was downloading and installing updates for Windows 7.
  11. Doom_user

    Black screen on PrBoom+?

    I'm experiencing this as well, it only affects GLBoom+. In addition, this only happens on my crappy old 2007 computer. On my new 2013 computer GLBoom+ works perfectly. I suspect this might be caused by one of the recent Windows updates, because GLBoom+ was working on my old computer immediately after I reinstalled Windows 7 (before I installed any updates) about 2 weeks ago. Old Computer (PrBoom+ works, GLBoom+ doesn't) Celeron M 520 1.6 GHz processor Graphics Media Accelerator 950 integrated graphics 2GB RAM Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with Service Pack 1 New Computer (GLBoom+ and PrBoom+ both work) A6-4400M 2.7 GHz processor Radeon HD 7520G integrated graphics 4GB RAM Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with Service Pack 1
  12. Doom_user

    ScoreDoom 2.9 Full Release (updated to 2.9g)

    At your site, when I try to download ScoreDoomST, it starts downloading GZScoreDoom instead.
  13. I found a game breaking bug in 0.99f map 19. Early in the level you have the choice to go up these stairs to the right http://img585.imageshack.us/img585/2208/55817386.png or through this door to the left http://img571.imageshack.us/img571/9375/11893049.png If you go up the stairs to the right, and use the teleporter that leads to the second part of the map, everything will work correctly. However, if you go through the door to the left instead, then use the teleporter in the secret area to access the second part of the map, problems will occur much later. Near the end of the map, if you try to use this teleporter to return to the very beginning of the level http://img839.imageshack.us/img839/3445/74640860.png http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/821/12655548.png You'll be stuck in the ground, unable to escape, because the teleporter at the beginning of the level never lowered.
  14. I need a notebook that can run all Doom source ports and levels at 1920x1080 with max settings and maintain a minimum 35 frames per second. I'm considering this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834131444 one. Would it be strong enough, or do I need something more powerful?
  15. Doom_user

    Buying a new Doom computer, is this strong enough?

    While I'd ideally be able to run both, hardware rendering is far more important to me.
  16. Doom_user

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    The prboom-plus.wad you sent me fixes the freezing issue, but it also causes all sectors to be displayed at full brightness. All light levels appear exactly the same, like when a player has the light amplification visor powerup.
  17. Doom_user

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I tested several dozen more maps and found 3 more that are affected by this. SCYTHE.wad Map 13 SCYTHE.wad Map 17 crudream.wad Map 26 In addition, whatever the cause of this is, can apparently happen mid level as well. Using "shaders" sector light mode, GLBoom Plus freezes about 45% of the way through the first demo in FreeDoom. It freezes when the player shoots a switch a 2nd time. The same demo plays through to the end when sector light mode is set to "fog based".
  18. Doom_user

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I'm using the latest test build from 2013-Feb-20 01:48. GLBoom Plus freezes with the default cfg as well.
  19. Doom_user

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Perhaps it's my crappy computer? Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit with Service Pack 2 AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-50 1.60 GHz Processor 2.00 GB RAM ATI Radeon Xpress Series Integrated Graphics It's odd because every other map I've tested using the "shaders" sector light mode worked and these 3 maps work if I use the "fog based" sector light mode.
  20. Doom_user

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    GLBoom Plus freezes instantly if I try to run certain maps using the "shaders" sector light mode. Examples of this include PCCP.wad Maps 01 and 03 as well as cchest4.wad Map 04.
  21. Doom_user

    WADs with a DeHackEd boss(or bosses)?

    UAC Ultra
  22. Doom_user

    Back to Saturn X E1: 1.1.6 bugfix

    I'd like to report 2 possible bugs I encountered while playing through 0.99f using the most recent svn versions of GZDoom. I played on skill 3 with GZDoom's compatibility mode set to Doom(strict). In map01 I could only get 70/95 kills. I got 100% items and secrets. In map06 I could only get 239/240 kills. I got 100% items and secrets. If it'd be of any use, I can upload the saves I made just prior to exiting these levels.
  23. Doom_user

    Skulltag in Zandronum?

    You need to load skulltag_actors.pk3 before skulltag_data.pk3. If you want the announcer voice you'll have to load that as well. There's no longer a built in option to select the Mortal Conflict, Tournament of the Damned, or The Impending Nightmare when you select new game. You have to select "multiplayer", then "offline skirmish". In this screen you must choose the game mode and map number, as well as the difficulty you want. I think the invasion levels are listed as D2INV1 and up and the deathmatch levels are listed as D2DM1 and up.
  24. Add +dmflags2 16777216 to the command line to restore the ability to select weapons that are out of ammo.
  25. Doom_user

    Gamma correction

    Which sector light mode are you using? In my experience the "GLBoom" and "GZDoom" sector light modes are too dark, but the "Fog Based" sector light mode looks perfect and is a close match to software mode. "GLBoom" sector light mode "GZDoom" sector light mode "Fog Based" sector light mode Software mode All of these screenshots were taken with gamma and glgamma set to 0.