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  1. pritch said:

    I've read those Doom 3 novels. They're really not that good and feel way too rushed. Personally I think the regular Doom novels are way better. I know most people hate the regular novels but I like them, especially the first book since it follows the game pretty well. Even though the later one's divert majorly from the Doom story-line, I still enjoy them but not as Doom material. They are interesting novels though.

  2. The Express Elevator to Hell (teeth) was definetly a tough one. It took me a while to beat it but I enjoyed the challenge. Bad Dream was intimidating at first glance but ends up being kinda easy really. I thought it was kind of a neat idea at first but now it seems kinda silly. It's still awesome killing that many Cyberdemons so easily and quickly though. There's a couple levels (2 I think) that I haven't played yet since I've only played the Master Level's on PSX and Xbox but I intend to play them eventually. I still haven't got back to playing Plutonia 2 yet. I have long gaps in between my Doom playing times.

  3. I have pretty much the same problem too. The only other person I know that plays Doom is my cousin and he doesn't play it very much anymore. He's only played the console versions and has never played it on the PC. He's still into Doom but he just doesn't play it much. Since I used to be exclusively a console gamer and have only recently turned to PC Doom gaming, I've been telling him about it and how much better (for the most part) it is. He's interested in what I tell him about it and he may start playing again. I also gave another friend of mine a copy of Doom95 but he has yet to play it. I still play newer games though, I love the new Call Of Duty games and can't wait for Modern Warfare 2 but I will always love and play Doom!

  4. As most of your probably know, there are 2 Doom 3 novels out right now, with a 3rd one to follow. Personally, I don't think they were written very well and they felt extremely rushed. I enjoyed the original Doom novels MUCH more. The novels also felt very short, they could have put so much more into them. I don't even think all the monsters were in them. I don't recall any Arch-Viles, Cherubs, Wraiths, or the Guardian. I'm not sure if there any Hell Knight's or not but I don't think there were any. On top of that, not one single monster projectiled a fireball of any kind. That was just total B.S.

  5. I like PSX Doom and PSX Final Doom but that's because I, too, am a console gamer. I've only recently started playing Doom on the PC but I have to have a gamepad. PSX Doom is awesome, especially the music which I love but don't get me wrong, I still love the original Doom music too. However, I'm glad I've finally got to experience Doom on the PC, in it's full, original glory. I actually started out with Doom on the SNES. I know most people here will cringe at this but I absolutely loved the SNES version. I still go back and play it from time to time. It's actually kind of the hardest version of Doom cuz there are no game saves (like PSX Doom) but also, there are no passwords to reload a level with everything you had. Not the SNES, you had to play all the way through the entire game in one sitting. Granted I'm sure many people have played through the PC version in one sitting without saving but it is a requirement on the SNES and since I had never played Doom before, I had to try to beat the entire game in one sitting the very first time I played it. I doubt any of you played Doom on the PC the very first time without saving. I remember playing for hours on end cuz I would die and have to completely restart. I even remember pausing the game, leaving it turned on so I could sleep. Ah, memories. I consider myself a veteran Doomer too. I can pretty much go through any level on Ultra-Violence and beat it without too much problem. There is no level I could not beat as of yet. Of course, I've only just started playing pwads and megawads. Making my way through Plutonia 2 right now and I must say it's pretty damn tough, the toughest of any Doom I've come in contact with yet. I will probably move on to Alien Vendetta, Hell Revealed 1 & 2, Community Chest, and others. We will see if I can conquer those, on Ultra Violence, the very first time. I no longer play any Doom game on anything less than Ultra Violence, even if it is my first time playing through it.

  6. Maybe it's just me but usually the first time I go through an area I don't know and have never been through, I do better. If I die later on and have to go through it again I tend to do worse. I don't know if it's just because the first time through I was more careful and cautious cuz I've never been through it before and then the second time I get all cocky cuz I know what's gonna happen but I screw up because of the fact that I know what's gonna happen (not being cautious enough), then something unexpected happens and I die much sooner. Is it just me or does this happen to anyone else?

  7. Never_Again said:

    Why don't you load the patch and then your older savegame from the previous level, MAP15 Dead Zone and continue from there? Strange that no one suggested this so far.

    Presumably, mkfanatic is not interested in speedrunning. Without the Yellow Key most of MAP31 is inaccessible, thus no 100% kills and secrets.

    I didn't have a load point from Map15 and you guessed correct, I'm not interested in speedrunning. This is my first time playing through Final Doom (I've played through the PSX version but as everyone knows, it has many levels missing from it and missing monsters (Archvile's and the Cyberdemon in some places)). Something I've noticed with the PC version, the Revenants are hella faster than in the PSX version. I also enjoy trying to get 100% on everything. Just so everyone knows, instead of going through all the trouble of finding some way to incorporate the saved game into the patched version somehow, I just went ahead and started a new game on that level (since it pretty much gives you all the weapons at the start) and played through the rest of the game normally. I'm done with Final Doom and am now working my way through Plutonia2 (which is hella harder than Final Doom, especially since I ALWAYS play on Ultra Violence, even though it's my first time playing it. To me, there is no other way to play Doom).

  8. Okay, here's my dilemma. I've been playing Final Doom TNT and I got to the secret level Pharaoh. This is my first time playing this level but I had read before about the yellow key glitch before but had forgotten about it until I couldn't get any farther in the level. Here's what I want to know. I downloaded the update patch and I can start a new game just fine with the patch but is there any way I can load my current game with the new patch? Cuz I can't seem to get that to work any way that I try. I'm trying to play all the way through Final Doom normally without cheating but I want to continue playing through with all my current items and such. I don't want to start the level over completely and starting with just the pistol. Know what I mean? Is there any way to do this?

  9. My controller comes with a program where you can assign keyboard commands to the controller. You have to go in and set it yourself though. It works like Xpadder or JoyToKey. If your controller didn't come with the software, use one of these two. What you do is set up your controller so basically if you push the 1 button, it emulates you pressing Ctrl on the keyboard (which is the Fire button). You can't set it up for Previous Weapon and Next Weapon cuz there isn't even buttons for that on your keyboard so what I did was set up each individual weapon for a button. Since I'm gonna use the joystick for movement, I used the D-pad for weapon select. I set Left as Fist/Chainsaw, Up as Pistol, Right as Shotgun/Super Shotgun, Down as Chaingun, I used the L1 trigger to select the Rocket Launcer, R1 for the Plasma Gun, and I used button 4 for the BFG. Button 1 is Run, Button 2 is Fire, 3 is Open. L2 is strafe left and R2 is strafe right. I even set up the "start" button to act as the Esc button to bring up the menu, the "select" button as Enter, and R3 as Y (for when you want to leave the game, you gotta type "Y" for "yes" to exit the game). You basically run the game through this program so the settings will take affect on your controller.

    Edit: You're right Ragnor, it didn't work on PrBoom. I was using it on Doom95 and it worked fine on that though.

  10. I just bought a new gamepad that resembles a PS3 controller and I'm trying to set it up to where I can play Final Doom with this controller. If I use Chocolate Doom, I can set up most of the controls but I want to be able to set up my gamepad to control everything. Run, Fire, Open, Strafe Left, Strafe Right, Previous Weapon, Next Weapon, and the possibility of using the D-pad instead of the stick. Chocolate Doom won't allow me to set up "Previous Weapon" and "Next Weapon" to my controller and won't allow me to use the D-pad. What can I do or use to set up my controller fully?

  11. Maybe this has been asked before, I dunno, but I can't seem to find the answer on the net or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. We all know Bobby Prince did the music for all the Doom games on the PC and all the ports but who did the music for the Playstation versions? Did Bobby Prince do that music too? Cuz for some reason I don't think so. I was just curious.