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  1. chungy

    Chocolate Doom

    Looks like the feature disappeared in the move to SDL2-backed hardware accelerated scaling.
  2. chungy

    ACE Engine v2 - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    Very few emulators can claim perfect accuracy and DOSBox certainly isn't among them either :) I'm curious if you've tested this on real hardware or not?
  3. chungy

    ACE Engine v2 - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    Should it be expected to work only on DOSbox? I tried running it on 86box and well... no luck.
  4. chungy

    Hexen 1.1 has two different versions?

    It's correct, but in decimal format rather than the usual hexadecimal. I'll fix it :) The IWAD isn't different, you can just take that directory and drop the 1.1 IWAD into it. Same effect.
  5. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt and two major "A" word continent words got mixed up when coming out; a faux pas rather than genuine ignorance.
  6. chungy

    Hexen 1.1 has two different versions?

    I don't see anywhere on the wiki that gives it the name 1.1b; not even the more common community name of 1.1r2 (which isn't official, so doesn't really belong on the wiki either). Anyhow, if you'd like to play around with it, the iwad-patches repository has both versions in the vanilla-engine directory; you can use the "Code" button on the main page to download a Zip file of everything: https://github.com/Doom-Utils/iwad-patches
  7. Managing mouse/keyboard with a Switch Lite seems a bit insane to me :)
  8. chungy

    A "in Executable Save" source port

    The PE format is well-known and there's plenty of utilities for modifying them. Heck that's even basically what the resource compiler does when you include an icon, though it's easy to not notice how that happens after the linker already runs. There really shouldn't be any kind of implied circumstance where modifying an EXE at run time requires recompilation.
  9. chungy

    A "in Executable Save" source port

    I never claimed it needed to be a compile-time resource. Even icons don't need to be that, there isn't any issue in modifying an EXE file.
  10. chungy

    A "in Executable Save" source port

    It's only an example; icons work because they're a well-defined resource, but there really isn't anything stopping you from having arbitrary resources inside them anyway. It's like how WAD files can contain whatever lumps you want regardless of type.
  11. chungy

    A "in Executable Save" source port

    ZDS files are incredibly small, you need to buy a new hard disk if you're that low on space. It's hypothetically possible, you just need to add a new resource inside the EXE file (Windows uses PE which allow non-code resource segments just fine, this is how icon files, for example, live inside EXEs; other OSes and formats like ELF support similar features). Not that this will make it a good idea or solve the real problem of the thread, but hey, hypothetically possible :)
  12. chungy

    DOOM, DOOM II & DOOM 3 Limited Run PS4/Switch

    I got mine today. Totally confused on the "floppy" design. It's supposed to be a USB drive but I can't figure out how it's supposed to be used. :P Edit (9 minutes later): Finally figured it out. I was pulling and pushing it the wrong way... push it the other way and it came out. I almost swore I'd break the darn "disk" just trying to get it to work. Unfortunately it's really boring with an empty pre-formatted FAT partition. Might've been nice to put the DOS games on it or something. Maybe I'll do that myself.
  13. Doesn't GZDoom still have a blur filter by default? That looks a million times worse than the software 320x200 renderer -- even if you run GZDoom at 3840x2160 resolution. (At least it can be turned off, but it's a ugly default)
  14. chungy

    How do you fell about Doom RNG?

    I definitely prefer random spread, but Serious Sam is a reasonably well-praised series that has a fixed spread, no randomness. It does differ from Doom in significant ways, it's even moreso like an old shmup where you should have entirely predictable damage. Doom likes to keep players on their feet.
  15. I guess that'll explain it. I don't see any updates for Linux so blah. I'll enjoy it on the Switch at least. :P