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  1. chungy

    uh.... is this a false positive?

    The post you are replying to acknowledges this. Now this raises a big ol' [citation needed]. Attacks have happened, but they are sufficiently rare that they can be counted on a single hand for basically the entire history of Linux distributions.
  2. chungy

    uh.... is this a false positive?

    Could be. It's near impossible to viably build MacOS software without paying Apple (users are just blocked from running it), and Windows is heading down the same path too.
  3. chungy

    uh.... is this a false positive?

    Unfortunately, the garbage software comes with and is enabled by default in Windows 10. Antivirus software has always been a mixed bag on whether it's actually useful, though this particular one is pretty easy to accept given its inclusion in the OS.
  4. chungy

    uh.... is this a false positive?

    That server doesn't run Windows and there's virtually no chance(*) that it would be compromised to give you viruses. Anything you get is a false positive. (*) Yeah ok, the chance isn't exactly 0, but fairly close.
  5. chungy

    Amazon announces cloud gaming service

    If anyone can pull it off successfully, it might be Amazon Strong doubts anyway :)
  6. Got the Classic Edition for Switch. Already have it on the eShop, so I guess this'll just stay sealed
  7. chungy

    Questioning the stigma towards DOSBox

    Exactly the same, in fact.
  8. chungy

    What should I run Doom 64 on?

    Add "-skipmovies" to the launch options.
  9. Nothing's really broken though. Easily cheating achievements is just disabled (and not very hard to workaround if you really want to cheat them)
  10. You might be able to edit doom64.wad itself and not set off the trigger. Keyword is "might", I haven't tried it. You're responsible for yourself if you cheat all the achievements in (which in itself probably doesn't really matter)
  11. Not unusual at all, nor really unfair. It'd be too easy to craft mods that would gain you basically every achievement instantly.
  12. chungy

    Crispy Doom 5.9.2 (Update: Sep 22, 2020)

    Use the setup program to define a screenshot key, it's under "Other keys"
  13. yeah.... alright. It really needs one. I've noticed another bug while I deleted and redownloaded everything: the d-pad buttons on the "Available" list don't work properly after downloading one. I have to back out all the way to the main menu and re-select Add-Ons to make it work properly again.