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  1. The fad has thankfully waned, especially compared to how it was in the early part of last decade, particularly after the "Super Size Me" movie which itself got fairly thoroughly debunked. Fast food isn't usally the best tasting, looking, or fanciest food you can get. That's ok, because none of those are really the point. The point is to make food cheap and quick. They don't really poison the population with fake ingredients as some conspiracy theorists would have you believe. They don't lack nutritional value, and they don't take away your health or general quality of life. If you have time and will to cook food at home, all the more power to you. It's wonderful and rewarding. Quite a lot of people lack both of them on a daily basis, and there isn't anything particularly wrong about eating at McDonald's, Wendy's, Arby's, or whatever else may find your way.
  2. Why does it claim to have No Rest for the Living when the wiki says the PC version doesn't include it? For that matter, Steam isn't even mentioned on the cover. I'm suspicious of whether it's an official release. It'll be cool if so.
  3. Yeah, correct. I'm not really sure myself how best to reconcile it. I would suggest something like a small text at the bottom of the screen saying "Assets from and copyright Freedoom project" -- it only needs to be at the beginning or end if it's a long video. Small enough to be unobtrusive but enough to give credit.
  4. You could have little text after some credits. Big budget TV shows and movies do it all the time :P
  5. Anti-piracy -might- be a small bonus, but I seriously doubt it has any major influence on game size growing. I think it is more driven by a demand for higher quality texture, sound, video assets, and as those get into higher quality (even lossless sometimes for audio!), it's just going to push the space requirements higher. We do have lossy compression algorithms, it should be well possible for Doom 4 to fit into the similar space requirements of Doom 3. But the textures would have a similar quality as Doom 3, and nobody really wants that. Look at those games now. Ugly JPEG artifacts and MP3 artifacts everywhere and it can seriously take away from the enjoyability of such earlier games.
  6. The PNGs neither encode that data, nor does DeuTex support it (but that's not a bad idea!). I would be hesitant against Freedoom's build system depending on such a feature even if it existed. Such metadata is way too fragile.
  7. Recording to WAV doesn't induce any quality loss. It's a bit tedious, yes, but it's no worse than a program that would encode MP3 directly from synthesizing the MIDI.
  8. Version 5.0.0 is out, no longer beta, should be considered the stable version for primary use now :)
  9. Nexus 6 is the perfect size for me. It is my phone :P
  10. Mind that they're take-n-bake. You take it home and bake it yourself (fresh exactly to the point you'd like it... good for buying a bunch for parties too :P).
  11. I normally just get something from Papa Murphy's. Chicken garlic seems to be my favorite lately.
  12. Well, Microsoft discontinued Windows Phone, you don't have to worry about it any longer =p I wonder why so many people complain about iOS updates making their phones dogslow then...
  13. Keybase allows for direct hotlinks (example). It's a bit more involved to set up than Dropbox, but pretty nice.
  14. LGR has posted a retrospective about MS Paint. He does his research well (though there's not a terribly lot to be said about it):
  15. MTPaint was mentioned. I've been using it for a few years (since Linux is my primary desktop). It's similar to MS Paint, but the UI is definitely more clunky to use (there are a lot of "WTF?" parts of using it...). Could probably be rectified if somebody wrangled it into shape :P