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  1. chungy

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    These are all the creatonists' talking points, none of which is actually contested in the scientific community and all of which has been debunked (but creationists keep bringing it up). So yeah. You exposed yourself pretty well there.
  2. I honestly don't think Half-Life is a good example. It tried, for sure, to have a story, but it's about as involved and very similar to the story in Doom. It's there, but it doesn't really matter. RPGs, I think, have always been the king of story-driven game play. The game play doesn't really exist as a separate entity, but it's interwoven into the plot. RPGs of both the eastern (eg: Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest) and western (The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher) varieties nail this down; even despite the general design differences between east and west, they still focus on the story first, and wrap a game around that. The player, to sound a bit redundant, plays a role and an active part of the story. In most of them (but not all), they have branching paths and many different end states, the choices you make affect the story that unravels. In Half-Life, as well as Doom, you just go through the world, shooting monsters and progressing to the next level. It makes no impact on the story.
  3. chungy

    Chocolate Doom

    Check it against vanilla's behavior and/or report it on the issue tracker.
  4. chungy

    Crispy Doom 5.1 (Update: Jan 13, 2018)

    I can't reproduce the issue either.
  5. chungy

    Serious Sam 3 vs Doom 4

    Serious Sam 3, no question for me. I've beaten SS3 several times and never quite managed to pull myself through completing Doom 2016 even once. Doom 2016 just feels like a pale imitation of Serious Sam to me. I'd rather play the real thing. (That being said, I've progressed further into Doom 2016 than I ever managed in that heap of trash known as Serious Sam 2 :P)
  6. chungy

    Is this really you (Quasar) or some lame-ass imposter?

    "copyright issues"? There are no issues. Doom is copyrighted, and will remain so until the year 2088 (or 2091 for Final Doom). Abandonware isn't a real legal concept, it's just an excuse to pirate on the premise that a game/software isn't available for sale anymore.
  7. Chocolate Doom uses SDL to render. SDL can decide whether that's going to be software, OpenGL, Direct3D, or whatever.
  8. chungy

    Archive/ZIP Software

    7zip the archive format and 7zip the software are two separate things. The latter can handle just about any format under the sun (Zip, 7zip, RAR, Tar....). 7zip the format supports "solid" compression (like what a tar.gz, tar.xz would give you), which indeed makes extracting of a single file slower. It also supports non-solid archives, in which case it's basically a worse version of Zip. Zip supports a lot of timestamp fields and permissions/ownership/ACL fields that 7zip lacks. It can be an important distinction when backing up files; sending files over the internet, not so much.
  9. chungy

    Archive/ZIP Software

    My biggest takeaway from this thread is that WinZip is still a thing. That honestly surprises me.
  10. chungy

    Chocolate Doom

    It only supports playing it identically to the original DOS version (vanilla). Strife: VE comes with the unmodified IWADs strife1.wad and voices.wad, all of the SVE-specific changes are in SVE.wad, so installing/using SVE to get the vanilla IWADs is perfectly fine. Also, that wasn't an off-topic question at all :)
  11. chungy

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

    I don't know how it's possible to hear "Laurel" from that clip. It's only Yanny to me.
  12. chungy

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    I would recommend Ubuntu over Linux Mint any day 😛
  13. chungy

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    Belief is irrelevant to cold, hard facts. The most common languages in the world (eg: Spansih, French, German, Italian, Russian. Japanese, Chinese...) get professionally-paid translators by the likes of IBM and Novell to get complete coverage. Smaller languages are iffier. I don't know what your native tongue is, but to say it's useless in all cases just because it might be a lesser target... is a bit silly.
  14. chungy

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    There seems to be a very fundamental disconnect here. Linux doesn't have a display server built into the kernel, but so what? Plenty of desktops like GNOME and KDE provide the seamless experience on top of it (using either the X or Wayland display servers, but that's an implementation detail). What counts as an advanced fashion? I know there's plenty of cases on Windows or Mac where you can't get a job done without pulling out the terminal either. (And honestly, the #1 reason I ever hear people advocating Mac is that "it has a command line too now!") So... you don't need to use the terminal if you don't have to. Wasn't that your original gripe? 1) is true of autotools as well, and the second isn't a significant enough advantage, imo, to bother with cmake's atrocious language and toolset. If curious, there is no simple equivalent to "./configure --help" -- I've been told of an equivalent (and long) command to put forth to cmake sometimes but it seems easier to just open up CMakeLists.txt and try to figure it out. I honestly have no clue what the point being made here is... that two projects use CMake? That's not really news, and quite easy to accomplish with autotools as well (and plenty of Doom source ports and software do use it successfully: Chocolate Doom, Prboom-Plus, DeuTex...)
  15. chungy

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    My first impression was programming languages, which is dumb, but reading further context, I think you mean translations for user interface? Linux not only pioneered multi-lingual UIs, but it continues to have excellent support. Even anecdotally, I know someone in the Netherlands that will never use Windows in Dutch because the translation is so bad, but he's more than happy to run his Linux desktop entirely in Dutch. I'm not sure what is or isn't tacked on, but I heard the same argument in the Windows 95/98 days about how it was just "tacked onto" DOS. It's a dumb argument either way. Also mind how versatile Linux is and much of that is owed to how portable Linux (the kernel) is and how it's able to fit to many kinds of devices and services. There is zero reason, for example, to run a GUI on a server, so you simply don't need to have it installed. That's fine. Linux has Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio Code, Code::Blocks, KDevelop, GNOME Builder, and quite a few more IDEs available. Autotools is a build system, not an IDE. and it was started only as early as 1990 (it really evolved into proper projects around 1994 after forming around ad-hoc scripts being used by multiple projects). IDEs can (and do) provide graphical tools to interact with it. CMake is awful and worse IMO, in many ways, than Autotools. But again neither are related to a GUI IDE. I have a few people in my family who are quite happy running Ubuntu that don't know what a terminal is.