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  1. chungy

    What do you think of Doom 3?

    No true Scotsman.
  2. chungy

    What do you think of Doom 3?

    Why can't they be serious? Doom 3 is a good game and there's probably lots of people that like it best.
  3. chungy

    What do you think of Doom 3?

    Doom 2016 is kind of that already. It's practically the Doom 3 story with a protagonist that couldn't care less about it.
  4. chungy

    Chocolate Doom: Bad V_Draw Patch when starting plutonia.

    You probably have the Unity port version with a widescreen titlepic. Chocolate Doom won't support this. If you downgrade it to 1.9, it should work: https://github.com/Doom-Utils/iwad-patches/tree/master/plutonia.wad There's an xdelta GUI for Windows here: https://github.com/dan0v/xdelta3-cross-gui/
  5. chungy

    Let's discuss the term boomer shooters....

    There is no doubt it's a generation-related term. While Doom itself was crafted mainly by GenXers (Sandy is the baby-boomer exception), the game did have wide appeal on the somewhat older generation: baby boomers. Doom, as well as Wolf3D, Duke3D, Quake. It's not really until later games that FPSes started coming down in ages that they have an expectation of appeal to younger gamers and generations. But yeah.... confining it to a generational thing is absurd. Plenty of millennials (such as myself) and GenZers around these forums to show that younger generations like it just as much.
  6. chungy

    Dark Chocolate VS Milk Chocolate

    Milk chocolate is gross. Dark-only for me.
  7. chungy

    Rank every decade from 1950-2020 in terms of entertainment

    DVD? You're often lucky that such a film got a DVD release, even. It shouldn't make things "unwatchable" either. A 4K transfer might be nice, but they're somewhat rare for films from the first half of the 20th century. But seriously... have you seen The Wizard of Oz, from 1939? It basically ranks as the best film of all time, in my book.
  8. Do what interests you, and tweak it as feedback might allow. Don't change everything just because of one comment, but try to take things to heart and reflect whether you can do better. Most of the best YouTube personalities start out doing what they love and they run from there. There's always an audience out there for you. I have a feeling that aiming for 10 minutes-ish per review is ideal, but also simply to do things as long as required for any individual release. Probably going over 25 minutes will be a tall ask for viewers, so be mindful if your script/video is getting too long. Voice narration is best. Putting subtitles on the screen is lazy and comes across too amateurish. Ideally, the port the WAD was designed for. GZDoom is a pretty good baseline that can, yes, "run most of everything"; prboom-plus can do perfect video capture at any resolution/framerate you want, if you make demo files first. Depending on your video editing style, whether you prefer talking as things happen or you can script around a demo (and possibly record new demos as scripts demand it), prboom-plus may or may not come out at an advantage for this purpose. Doomworld, Twitter, hope it gets noticed on YouTube. I'm not an expert on these things Probably both. Mainly the ones that interest you, and that'll surely include WADs from both sides of this divide. Who knows, you might as well turn obscure projects into mainstream ones just by reviewing them.
  9. chungy

    Keyboard only challenge

    I believe John Romero is left-handed. The default keyboard configuration would work fine for him. (Besides, they're defaults, not written-in-stone controls: you can change them) Doom is an early FPS and some details like this hadn't been hashed out yet. There was probably an expectation that high-level play would use trackballs rather than mice, where the full range of movement is a lot better appreciated than it would on a mouse. There's also the other aspect that, yes, Wolfenstein 3D used the mouse in the same way and there weren't major complaints about it there. Heck, even Quake kept this behavior by default, though you could at least turn it off via a console command instead of having to go load a TSR like novert.
  10. chungy

    Why Are Arsenals In A Lot Of FPS Games So Standard?

    Half-Life 2 takes place 20 years in the future on an Earth that was invaded by an alien occupying force sometime around the year 2000[*]. There is little to no incentive and means to keep developing "crazy fun stuff" when survival is at its most desperate. [*] Yeah I guess Half-Life 2's setting is actually now in our past. Maybe. :)
  11. chungy

    how to fix chocolate doom error

    Before doing that, make sure that you update your graphics card drivers. The message typically means you don't support 3D acceleration.
  12. chungy

    Classification of "cheating" in games

    Cheating is harder to classify than the actual tools being used. The motive of the use of devices counts quite a lot toward whether an action is cheating or not, and probably whom it is directed to. I honestly never really consider abusing broken level design or game mechanics to be cheating and I may or may not abuse them myself in plays. An example I can think of, is pausing Mega Man 2 while using metal blade, before a bar of energy disappears, and it happens to let you use the weapon infinitely. In an isolated setting and in single-player, the use of cheat codes, cheat devices, save-scumming: Quite often they're actually cheating, but it's easy to also ask "Who cares?"; like has been said, if someone is having fun, why should that be a problem? If they're being abused on the very first playthrough of a game, it's easy to argue the player is cheating themselves of the full experience. If it's a game that's been well-played, well-loved, and played through normally before, in-game cheat codes and external cheat devices might just add an extra layer of fun to the experience as you are now stretching the game beyond what it was designed to do. Naturally, if the game is being played competitively, such as a Doom speedrun, nobody's going to accept a run where a player used cheat codes or devices to accomplish their feats. Even though the game is being run in a single-player mode, the intention in that case is to provide competition and comparison to other players, and the player has given themself and unfair advantage. The issue of cheats in multi-player games are almost the same, though it leans far more often toward being wrong in that scenario. There are times that all the players in a game might agree that they're not going to be playing normally and it becomes OK to use these tools. For fun, not for competition, just like single-player. Heck, for console games, it's happened a couple times that I've wanted to play something like Mario Kart: Double Dash and don't have a memory card with everything unlocked. Almost nobody has an issue with just booting up an Action Replay and using the "Unlock Everything" code -- it doesn't change anything except to unlock all characters/karts/tracks.
  13. chungy

    Doom64, Steam edition

    The engine never supported it either, just like classic Doom. There are a couple Doom64-on-GZDoom projects around, but mind that none of them are faithful to the original game like the official modern release is.
  14. Both Sewers and Betray, as well as information about them, can be found at this page too: http://classicdoom.com/xboxspec.htm They're not really good levels... at all. Most ports also won't be able to understand the secret exits for the Xbox version IWADs, but Crispy Doom will.