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  1. Anybody could have bought Windows 2000 when it was new, and all versions of Windows are made for consumers (of different types, of course). Quite a lot of people (at home) got Windows 2000 actually under the assumption that it was the intended upgrade path from 95 and 98. For a time, even Microsoft planned it to be the home user's upgrade... until its Home Edition was nixed and delayed for the next NT release.
  2. What do you mean by "consumers"?
  3. The BFG Edition is also effectively console-only if you want a physical release. One technically exists for PC, but the disc is nothing more than the Steam installer and you can input a product key so that Steam will allow you to download the game. I actually do like physical releases for collection too, it's a shame that it's becoming rare. Perhaps not so rare in music, but even then, most stuff is available in DRM-free lossless so I don't usually reach for buying a CD unless either it's for a collector's item (especially signed copies), or the DRM-free lossless version doesn't exist. PC games frequently have a joke of a retail box. The discs containing only the Steam installer is distressingly common.
  4. Digital distribution has eaten away the physical games copy market anyway, of which Doom is available on both Steam and GOG. FWIW, digital distribution has eaten away from physical music (and movies) markets too, so... that's just the way things go.
  5. Do you have pitch-shifted sounds enabled?
  6. I updated the wiki now to include the instructions that worked for me with MSYS2.
  7. Yes, because people can be morons, let's discard literally the only rational and compassionate economic system we have to date. Yay progress?
  8. I managed to get MSYS2 to work I'll document steps in more detail on the wiki (probably replacing the cygwin page... I doubt anyone minds), but in general: 1. Install msys2, run it after the install completes. 2. Update it! `pacman -Syu` first, it will print a warning message that you need to close msys2 without exiting back to the shell. Merely trying to use the "X" on the mintty terminal didn't really work, I went into Task Manager to kill mintty.exe, bash.exe, and pacman.exe. 3. Update it the second time, using `pacman -Su`, this will pull in the rest of the package updates there are. 4. Install all your dependencies: `pacman -S base-devel git mingw-w64-i686-{toolchain,SDL2{,_net,_mixer},libsamplerate,libpng} msys2-devel python zip` 5. Clone the git repository: `git clone` 6. Make sure that you are using the proper terminal for the Chocolate build, so the $PATH and other variables point to the right place. Use the "MSYS2 MinGW 32-bit" shortcut to do this for a 32-bit build. 7. Change to the Chocolate Doom directory and configure: `cd chocolate-doom && ./ --host=i686-w64-mingw32` 8. Compile it with `make` 9. Build Windows release Zips: `cd pkg/win32 && make` You can then browse to your `C:\msys64\home\user\chocolate-doom\pkg\win32` directory and either copy the Zips somewhere or just run it directly from the staging-* directories. Also change the "i686" in the above instructions to "x86_64" if you want a 64-bit build, and use the "MSYS MinGW 64-bit" shortcut instead for it.
  9. Doom 2016 pretty much made _all_ prior versions of Doom canon in the same universe or multiverse.
  10. You can also "cd pkg/win32 && make" assuming you have Python installed too. It automatically does all of that.
  11. In that case, it's probably easiest to set up Arch and install mingw-w64-* packages from AUR (mignw-w64-gcc, mingw-w64-sdl2, ...), and running ./configure --host=i686-w64-mingw32. On Windows itself, msys2 probably works well, I mainly say that because it uses the same package manager as Arch but I've never personally tried it. Sorry, I know it's not too helpful. the official releases are done by fraggle via, I believe, Debian, and we don't have anyone actively maintaining the Windows workflow.
  12. Was that just the title? The present one about Beanie Babies was enough for me to know what the thread really was about :P
  13. I doubt it. It's just a graphical style choosen by whomever made the logo, and I find it obnoxious when there's an attempt to recreate the logo's style choices in plain text. It's just Doom 3 (or, in the legal texts, "DOOM 3"). I wonder if he'll make the argument that Doom 3: BFG Edition should be written with "Do₃oM"...
  14. Given that Doom is being sold on Steam and GOG (for much cheaper than these disks cost!), buying this particular copy of Doom on floppies can't possibly deprive anybody else of the game. Even if you really just want to experience Doom in its version 1.1 glory, there's various ways get there from Ultimate Doom. I know if I could afford to, I'd buy these floppies for the intent of collection rather than using the disks, and I'd have zero qualms about doing so.
  15. You can create one of them with "mkdir -p"