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  1. chungy

    k8VaVoom: no good thing ever dies!

    If you do add it, please make sure to spell Freedoom correctly :) Capital F, lowercase d.
  2. Sounds to me like it's just a different MIDI soundfont or synth. It's hard to tell, but for sure Doom 64 EX doesn't come with any data files, you have to provide the ROM yourself.
  3. That's pretty easy to change, and you'll get a DRM-free copy of it.
  4. I wouldn't put it that way.
  5. Looks like archive.org captured it: https://web.archive.org/web/20160902221258/http://koti.kapsi.fi/vv/ravmouse.exe
  6. chungy

    wikipedia's list of best games

    How much are these games really hallmarks/ What ground did they break? To the general public, what is so special about Duke Nukem 3D that wasn't done by Doom and various other FPSes at the time? What's special about Battlefield compared to Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Medal of Honor? Honestly, the last question applies just as well to Crysis, but you could throw in Far Cry there too since it was a spiritual successor. It's not that any of these games aren't good, popular, or deserving of praise in their own right, but they also don't really stand out against competitors in a critic's eye. Groundbreaking titles such as Doom, Quake, even Half-Life are going to resonate a whole lot more.
  7. chungy

    Doom in the browser

    Absolutely not. Freedom is not based on Doom, any restrictions on Doom cannot apply to Freedoom. Even as far as the engine goes, every major source port is under the GNU GPL, which grants the right to use it for any purpose, which includes Freedoom as well as any proprietary assets (eg, Doom). Someone could even make a wholly-unrelated engine that loads Freedoom, how would you feel about that?
  8. chungy

    Whats up with the Doom 64 engine?

    Neither inaction nor passing mentions from official Twitter accounts constitutes legal permission to use the resources. Piracy is piracy, and it can always be sent a C&D in the future. There is also always going to be segments of the community that care about such matters, and those that don't care.
  9. chungy


    The last update was in 2014 declaring the project in hiatus: http://vectorpoem.com/deck/ Could easily make a return, but yes, it looks like it's dormant.
  10. The request is pretty unclear. If you have the original floppy disks, do you want to install from them? Or are you trying to play the game from a floppy disk (I don't think that's possible...)? If you just want to play in DOSBox, it's probably easiest to use the Steam or GOG.com releases.
  11. chungy

    Trying to run Doom at its best

    Looking up the specifications, it came in multiple configurations, but even given the best options on the list, it is both an old and weak computer, I would strongly advise building or purchasing a new and much better one. That being said, at the bare minimum, upgrading both the power supply and graphics card may go a long way, though the CPU is probably still going to be an issue. On the page, they list only a 300W PSU, get at least 700W to run a high-end graphics card.
  12. chungy

    Announcing JeuTool

    This is pretty cool. The name might be a little unfortunate though to English speakers, it reads like it might be "Jew Tool" -- also it kind of implies (to me) being written in Java, though it's actually Go. Go is superior to C in every way... especially compared to the DeuTex code ;) Technical note: would you consider changing file name handling to be all-lowercase instead of uppercase? Perhaps this is an intentional decision, the WAD format isn't explicitly case-sensitive, so I believe it's feasible to store two lumps with only differing case in the name, though I'd find it unusual and doubt anyone has exploited that (correct me if I'm wrong!).
  13. chungy

    I need some help with GZDoom

    @StevenC21 You are completely understandable. Most of the options in GZDoom are rather a mystery to non-experts, and everybody starts out as a non-expert. @Gez is also correct about the feasibility of making simple menus for mere mortals versus the developers, but it's a general problem with a lot of software, that loves to throw every possible decision at the user in a configuration window. Both GZDoom and PrBoom-Plus suffer from it. even Microsoft Word suffers with its hundreds-of-checkboxes tucked in the options window. What do most of them do? Sometimes even the developers don't know anymore. I don't think a simple hobbyist project is necessarily excluded from thinking about the problem seriously. In the Chocolate and Crispy Doom projects, there is continual consideration about not overloading a player with needless configuration options, sometimes we fail at the job, but we do try our hardest. Options have come and gone in both the setup tool and the configuration file -- the later is especially intended for special expert options, such as integer_scaling. It is not something most people ever care about, so it's not exposed in setup. We've had to reject some configuration feature requests, even for config-file only, simply because they were way far out in the weeds.
  14. chungy

    Warning/Advice About Doom Engine Games on Steam

    None of the ports you listed require copying the IWAD out of Steam. They will all automatically find the installed Steam version and run with it.
  15. We should probably abolish using "far-right" in any non-satirical contexts, given that it's come to where everyone to the right of Stalin is being labeled as such.