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  1. consolehack

    Can i apply perminant gravity?

    Hi. Is it possible to apply perminant gravity to a level? I want to have a level were you float around with low gravity, is this possible to do without starting the server with the setting? Thanks.
  2. consolehack

    Can i apply perminant gravity?

  3. consolehack

    Texture Question

    Hi. I have a texture i don't want to be damaged by bullet holes, plasma burns etc... Can i apply no decals for a texture and not all of them? Thanks.
  4. consolehack

    CH Clan Members wanted!

    Hi guys. consolehack.net serves as the source for gaming. No, they don't hack pc consoles, but game consoles. Stocking a wide range of Ps2 and Xbox modchips, upgrades, repair and more! Besides all this great stuff, they also have a Zdaemon clan! If you wish to join the rampaging CH clan, visit http://www.consolehack.net and choose "Z Clan" from the menu. Then, fill in the form and your good to go! Regards, The CH Team.
  5. consolehack

    Various editing questions..

    Hi guys. First off, i played a wad with dual weapons. If you make 2 weapons and a sprite...easy enough, but how do you choose to make 2 bullet holes instead of acting as just one gun still. How do you change the number of hits? 2nd question How do you make it so when you walk on water, it makes a splash 3rd question How do you make a coke machine for example that gives you health 4th question In whacked 2, you cannot change new weapons or add new states, how can i add more states? 5th question How do you edit the monster strings (player was killed by an imp) and how do you assign the string and action to a sprite Thanks, hope to get some help! (based on zdaemon usage)
  6. consolehack

    problem zdaemon has with animdef

    To answer your first question, it is because the number must come after an underscore. Example: If the texture was named smith_01 texture smith_01 pic 1 tics 5 pic 2 tics 5 smith_01 would be the 1st texture and the 2nd would be smith_02 If that helps with any other probs, glad to help:)
  7. Can i create new sprites without replacing other ones? In Xwe... Then using Whacked 2 to set what it does.. Help would be appriciated! :P
  8. consolehack

    Can i create new sprites without replacing other ones?

    hi. Added to wad in XWE but how the heck do i insert it into a level?
  9. consolehack

    Can i create new sprites without replacing other ones?

    So i cant change behaviour and stuff? How do i insert a sprite? Doom builder doesnt show any ones u have.. Only the defult doom 2 ones
  10. consolehack

    Test my wad!

    Hmm.. Well.. why does weapons go through alot of walls? and minus some of the teleports man, there was tones! Also a few bugs that need work. Besides that..Nice work man
  11. consolehack

    DOOM movie DVD pre-order

    Post comments here on your ratings and reasons why it sucked..
  12. consolehack

    DOOM movie DVD pre-order

    I own the Doom movie, perfect quality and sound... from thailand! Its great to own it before everyone else, but despite this... THE MOVIE SUCKED! Reasons it sucked: 1. Story..WTF?? Resident Evil in space 2. BFG?? Didnt look like it Plus its plama was not a ball PLUS! it was blue! 3. Marine Suits incorrect 4. Not correct monsters 5. Didnt show all monsters 6. Guns...Didnt show all guns and they looked incorrect 7. Teleportation was fucked 8. Characters Anyone care to add?
  13. consolehack

    DOOM movie DVD pre-order

    I OWN THE DOOM MOVIE! I bought it in Thailand, and despite thinking it would be terrible quality, it was nothing less than perfect quality and sound! This post has really no reason, just to let you know i own it, and most of you dont! :P
  14. consolehack

    2x Sprite and Whacked 2 questions

    Hi. First off, how do i go about making my own sprites, without having to replace doom 2 ones and stuff, just plain new ones added on. Second, how do i patch my Wad with Whacked 2 files, so i can edit stuff in whacked 2 then chuck the changes on to the wad. Thanks.
  15. consolehack

    How much DOOM shit do you own?

    I own... Doom 2 original floppy Doom 1 original floppy 2x Ultimate doom original floppy 2x ultimate doom cd Doom 2 cd Death match 1300 new levels Doom hackers guide Dizone packs 3 novels Doom movie callender Doom atari jaguar doom 64 doom sega 32x doom sega saturn 2x ultimate doom posters 10x doom t shirts 1x doom 3 t shirt final doom original doom survival guide (official) survivle guide (edd dille) doom for ps1 original x2 2x final doom for ps1 original doom baseball cap 2x doom movie poster doom collectors edition doom movie book doom movie (unnofical) doom for SNES more... Still to collect: Doom movie trading cards all doom figurines Doom: endgame novel(anyone selling?) probably more! I am the ultimate doom fanatic, no one is greater...
  16. consolehack

    Various editing questions

    I have several questions and requests: 1. I was wondering how to make my own custom sprites if someone could email me or post steps, would be great! 2. How do i make animated textures, using XWE? cant remember :S Someone please post steps, thanks! 3. How do i make it so when you walk in a specific spot, a sound plays? Like if you walk on glass, you could make a glass crumbling sound, how is this done? 4. I was wondering if instead of the chaingun being the sound of the pistol repeated, can you set seperate gun sounds? Can it be done in XWE and if so, how? 5. When i go to test my wad using Zdaemon and DB, an error saying "3 errors in R_inittexTures" appears. Dunno wtf is wrong, no errors detected in DB??
  17. consolehack

    Can you add more than 7 weapons?

    Can you add more than 7 weapons? And, in Doom builder, when u go to place weapons it says the weapons so if you can make more weapons, how do you add them to that list. Also, does anyone know of a page with a tone of doom and doom 2 scripts? Thanks.
  18. consolehack

    How to add Whacked 2 patch to my wad

    How would i do it in Xwe?
  19. Hi. I have done some stuff in Whacked 2. Now i need to know how to patch my wad file with the changes i made in Whacked 2. What do you use?? Thanks.
  20. Hi. I am new to script editing and advanced stuff, and i was wondering if you can make music play once, then change to another song once it has been played and you can keep selecting the next song to be played. Or... Can you just have it play once and stop? Thanks.
  21. Hi. In Xwe how do i import a sound, then assign it to a GFX or Texture? Example: I make a new gun GFX, how do i add a sound onto it when used? Also, if i make a new gun, how do i insert it in to my wad! So it actually uses my own pistol.
  22. consolehack

    How do i add a title screen?

    You know how when you start say doom 2 for example, a title screen saying DOOM 2 with a guy shooting a cyberdeamon in the background, how do you make them and insert them into my custom wad.
  23. consolehack

    Win 98, No midi music playing!

    Hi all. On windows 98se my midi music isnt playing. Sounds work, but no music. Music bar is up full, but no music. What can i do??
  24. consolehack

    Win 98, No midi music playing!

    Ok, i looked in system devices. Went to multimedia devices. All is installed, except there is a device in that list called "disabled device" i click it, and it says this device is working properly. It is not even disabled. If this is any help...
  25. consolehack

    Win 98, No midi music playing!

    Myn is a dell. It is an build on sound card on the motherboard. No sorce ports at all. Sounds work, but not music. What to check?