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  1. - It is possible to beat MAP11 of Doom 2 in less than a minute. You can jump across to the platform and wall hug, and even activate the switch from below that lowers the platform barrier. - In E4M5 of Ultimate Doom you can jump straight through the window to the exit. - In E3M6 it is possible to activate the secret exit switch from the outside the compblue structure by pressing on the outer wall next to the switch but slightly in front. - In MAP19 one of the walls in the Imp Cages sidedef is flipped the wrong way. Also in MAP19, you don't need all 3 keys to exit. - In MAP18 of Plutonia you can get a Visplane Overflow standing on the far right of sector 87-88-89 and looking NW. Only happens in Vanilla, not Doom 95 (which has a higher VP limit)
  2. Pcorf has been generating maps since 1996, although not as active today. He still whips up a few maps a year. :D
  3. Least favorite. Hard to pick, most of them are pretty good. Ultimate Doom E2M3 E2M9 E3M2 E3M5 E3M9 Doom 2 MAP08 (not too bad, but that exit area can be frustrating for beginners) MAP10 MAP21 MAP25
  4. E4M2 is a beast when it comes to challenge.
  5. I sense a lack of motivation in the Newstuff Chronicles. It has really struggled to keep up to schedule for a very long time.
  6. Of course it is entirely up to you if you want to release your map standalone.
  7. My first map Seidolon was not too satisfied with because of too much detail (wasn't this for limit removing) so you know what, you ain't getting it so it was released to idgames. Seidolon loved my second map but cancelled the project shortly afterwards. My second map "Dens of Borsippa" has already just been uploaded to the idgames archives. I suggest you do the same with your maps, or perhaps include them in the Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (if you have not submitted to it), or as stand alone, any project of your choice, or as Bauul suggested, create a mini episode. It is a shame to see so many good maps go to waste (Like Doom Millennium!), not just this project but many others in the past. Luckily some of the authors release them stand alone or in other projects. For example the first secret map (Rusted Mystery) for Doomed Space Wars was intended for Community Chest 4 but I ran out of ideas at the time but converted it to Zdoom and finished it off later. But it sat around unfinished for 3 or 4 years.
  8. How about a map with only Chaingunners, Revenants, Pain Elementals and Arch Viles :D
  9. The map is saved as MAP01 but hopefully the map is in the E3 zone (MAP21-MAP30) as the red sky looks the best. At the start you need to kill a Shotgunner as quick as possible, run to the Medikit on the NW corner and shoot the former humans (pistol zombiemen and shotgun guys), like mad, grab their ammo and then run past the Hell Knights and grab that yellow key. The Hell Knights can be killed off later as you gather more ammo and kill the little pests. After the red key there is a Pain Elemental, a big beautiful brown Cacodemon with arms that everyone hates. I think I'm a terrible player but I beat the map on UV myself (with savegames). Maybe I am not so bad anyway. But there are difficulty settings and I think the end battle is more difficult because you are surrounded and the Arch Vile can teleport anywhere to bring back the dead monsters on the platforms. No more versions. I am satisfied and this map is FINAL. I might even create another map for this project, maybe something a bit more easy this time.
  10. My map is complete. Title: The Adamantite Dungeon DOWNLOAD DESCRIPTION: A 2048x2048 map for the Confinement Community Project. A difficult (for me) outdoor dungeon map with ambushes galore. Non linear layout, deathmatch friendly. Lots of annoying hitscanners and an intense final battle with an unpredictable Arch Vile, he can teleport anywhere. - Music: Citywoman Solutions by Pcorf (a 2002ado E1M4/E1M8 remix) - Draft designed on paper (rare for me) - Fully play tested, is beatable on UV but not easy. - For limit removing. - Requires CC4-tex.wad SCREEN SHOTS
  11. Working on my map. Layout mostly there. Need to sort the gameplay out. Will hopefully get this out of the way soon.
  12. The Great Urban Battle is a huge city map I created a few years ago, all 6 keys are needed to escape from this city before a final battle that ends in a fortress. For Boom compatible. 1124 monters on Skill 4/5 with 18 secrets. It took me 4 months to create this map working several hours a day on it, 2 months for the layout, another 2 months for the item placement and play testing. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/pc_urban
  13. There has been some hold-ups in my life (need to finish off some music projects with a friend) but I do have the map planned on paper (which is rare for me). Soon it is time to transfer it into a pwad file.
  14. I am going to get started with my map over the next few days. Should be fun to whip up something small.