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  1. A screenshot from E4M6 for my in progress upcoming UD megawad (4 episodes, limit removing) And no this will not be named Death Tormention 4. Note: Pcorf projects never go dead.
  2. My very own Doomed Space Wars. A Zdoom episode of Star Wars-like maps but Doom-like gameplay. 12 singleplayer levels (9 levels, 3 secret levels) and 10 deathmatch levels and original music.
  3. Been working on a map named Infernal Scorn for an upcoming 4 episode Ultimate Doom megawad (for limit removing) which will be released when it is complete, maybe in 2 years time or so. This will be E2M9. Beautiful and linear, but most maps will be as non linear as I can handle. Work started 7 months ago and 6 of the maps in the megawad are complete, 30 more to make, no rush.
  4. It wasn't officially cancelled. Instead I think the project just wimped out and died. See my post above. Millennium is not the only one that died, many others have too.
  5. And my prediction is that you can expect to be waiting for it forever. 3 of my 4 Millennium maps have been released in other projects long ago. But sadly a lot of the maps won't be. The big problem is the team could not find a programmer for the Millennium engine and the project just died as situations just got too complex and motivation was lost, that is my prediction. What started off as a boom compatible project, but many changes were made and there were more demands and that killed it big time.
  6. I started with Waded 1.83 and Doomcad 5.1 both horrible horrible level editors, esp Waded which would delete linedefs (on Doortraks). I also used Edmap 1.31, especially for Death Tormention E4M4, it wasn't too bad but had limitations. Most of twzone.wad was made with Doomcad 5.1 (built nodes using BSP 2.2x or something), and then I used Doomcad 6.1 (and BSP) from 1998 to 2003 and reconfigured it for Boom features and it was easier because it displayed flats and textures while when using Doomcad 5.1 I had to write down the texture names and their descriptions on paper. Doomcad 6.1 is what I used when making my Twilight Zone 2, Death Tormention, 2002ado maps and also Spacia.wad. My first Doom Builder maps appeared in Bella2.wad and after briefly using Doom Builder 2 before it failed due to a Windows 7 upgrade I currently use Gzdoom Builder even though the only Gzdoom maps I ever made were in Doomed Space Wars. I prefer mapping for Vanilla, Limit Removing or Boom Compatible. Graphic and lump editors. I used Wintex for many years. Now I currently use XWE and Slade. Music. I have composed most of my midi files using Cakewalk Home Studio and Cakewalk Sonar with a few made in FL_Studio. But most of my original electronic music (or studio albums) is created using FL_Studio. You'll find my music on my Youtube channel and website.
  7. Interested for sure. Please add me.
  8. A great map indeed! .... The Cement9 theme combined with metal and outdoor areas is just mouthwatering. The standard song that he provided (in the main .wad) was a Duke Nukem 3D song (Aliens, Say Your Prayers!) that you often hear in megawads (although not as much as Gut Wrencher or Plasma) but there is a separate music wad with the original songs created by me, Jimmy, etc.
  9. It has to be me. In 1996 of course. :D
  10. Right now I do not plan to create a map for Doomworld Mega Project 2018.
  11. I think rule number 1 about recording a demo is should be just optional, as long as the mapper play tests his or her map to make sure it all plays well because remember we have a whole year to perfect our map. Also I'm not a great player in demo recording during challenging maps (like Richard Wiles-like difficulty) because I like to load and save my game. Everything else is fine. But if I was going to include a demo with my map, expect it to be easy like Twilight Zone 1. The project needs to be plain and simple and I like the idea about using standard textures, good choice for sure.
  12. I assume the deadline is midnight Hawaii standard time, current time 4:35PM in Hawaii. The maps are flying in with the deadline approaching. But here in the eastern hemisphere (Australia) it is already January 1
  13. Wishing everyone a dovely pidgy christmas and upcoming 25th anniversary of Doom in 2018. Here is a pigeon playing the piano, I wonder how good he'd be at mapping?