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  1. Hopefully this is the final update for Zone 400. A huge thanks to The DWmegawad Club for their criticism, reviews and feedback of the maps plus their awesome demos and playbacks, etc. What has changed: MAP23: Level name corrected. Changed from Tridactlum to Tridactylum MAP23, MAP25: Some minor adjustments. MAP26: A little bit more ammo and health but not that much, the slime damage reduced from 20% to 10%. Hopefully still a bastard of a map in some ways. MAP28: Fixed misaligned MARBFACE texture. Various minor fixes, such as removing the /r from an intermission text. New demos needed to be recorded. I will now upload to idgames. DOWNLOAD ZONE 400 (ZIPPED, BEYOND THE ABSOLUTE FINAL BUGFIX VERSION SEPTEMBER 26) READ .TXT FILE Now it is time to finish off that 2002 A Doom Odyssey sequel!
  2. pcorf

    Favorite level in TNT: Evilution?`

    I like MAP02, MAP04, MAP06, MAP12, MAP13, MAP15, MAP16, MAP18, MAP19, MAP20, MAP27, MAP28, MAP31 My top 3 3. MAP18 2. MAP31 1. MAP16 Very tough to choose.
  3. pcorf

    Silver Edge (Boom map)

    Looks great. Love the use of Arch Viles too.
  4. pcorf

    Any good doom mod's/megawads you guys can recommend?

    Repetitive is beautiful. :D
  5. Update: I have yet to start my midi due to a few other events going on in my life. But don't worry you'll get it eventually. Just needing to figure out some ideas for the layout of the song.
  6. pcorf

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    At least I'm not restricted to 400 linedefs here. Can just go for gold and finish it the way id pcorf did.
  7. pcorf

    Fearfully Frightening (Vanilla)

    Fun map.
  8. I had the same problem with Zone 400 MAP23 and needed to do some major design changes to fix it. Glad I did not scrap the map, it is one of the best in Zone 400.
  9. pcorf

    Guess this Demon (wrong answers only)

    The Chacaron Macaron Bipedal Maggot Hellhorse
  10. pcorf

    How do you find inspiration for your maps?

    A change of brainwaves. It is simply inspiration in progress.
  11. pcorf

    What are some sleeper wads?

    No, it was not supposed to be well known. But it ended up been well known hehe.
  12. A 750 hit point Hell Knight. The Afrit, a 2000 hitpoint floating Baron. A Super Mancubus with double hitpoints. A double hitpoint Super ArchVile which is red and can attack from double the distance. It can resurrect all monsters (Non ghost Cyberdemon, Mastermind and Arch Viles) and all monsters up to the Afrit it resurrects are ghost monsters.
  13. Bugfix is not complete yet, give it a week or two. It has been a total pain seeing these things sneak up behind your back. Will update this page when it is out.
  14. pcorf

    15 map megawad, need testing

    I cannot download this because it is .7z format. Change it to .zip.