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  1. I'm interested. Maybe I'll aim for 1536 x 1536 (that is 1024 + 512) but 2048 x 2048 is a possibility too. I already have the cc4tex.wad so no problems. Should I aim for vanilla, limit removing (which I prefer), or Boom features?
  2. Classic style wads.
  3. Probably a slightly better chance (no guarantee) you'll be getting a Doom Odyssey sequel than a Ksutra 2 or Doom Millennium.
  4. In my Zdoom wad Doomed Space Wars, the Chaos Elemental will attempt to burn you to ashes with it's crazy fireballs and sometimes it will spawn Lost Souls to tickle your back a bit more. It is fast and with 6,000 hit points you'll need to be well loaded.
  5. It was 1996, I used a 486-66 with 8mb ram, 2mb video card, and Windows 95 and no internet. I learned the basics through the Doomcad Tutorial (Doomcad 5.1) which I got from a shareware CD and then not long after that I discovered the grid feature and that is when I really started to figure out stuff which would eventually start making twzone.wad and other experimental maps. Also used BSP 1.2X to build the bsp. Oh yes the good old days of DOS.
  6. TNT: Revilution for the all time Moredeth award. Nothing else comes close.
  7. Doom D_E1M1 D_E1M4 D_E1M7 D_E1M8 D_E2M6 D_E2M8 D_E3M1 D_E3M3 Text Screen Doom 2 D_RUNNIN (MAP01) D_BETWEE (MAP04) D_DDTBLU (MAP08) D_IN_CIT (MAP09) D_ROMERO (MAP18) D_TENSE (MAP28) D_OPENIN (MAP30) D_READ_M (Text screen) TNT Evilution MAP01 MAP02 MAP04 MAP05 MAP16 MAP31
  8. Plutonium Sandpit by Kristian "Nebula" Aro
  9. My MAP23 is done. Play tested it quite a few times and I think it is all good now. TITLE: Dens of Borsippa DESCRIPTION: A fairly linear map with medium difficultly (not easy for me but easy for experts). All enemies, ammo health, etc have been calculated on the average amounts in MAP23 of Doom 2, D2twid, TNT Evilution, Plutonia and Icarus.wad. The theme is bricks and hellish, but not hellfire. The final area was inspired by MAP23 Lunar Mining Project of TNT and E2M8 Tower Of Babel and consists of a Cyberdemon fight. The music from E2M8 of Doom has been used in this map. DOWNLOAD SCREENSHOTS
  10. Whispers of Satan Map31: Space Station Skywalker was Star Wars-themed.
  11. They were all good.
  12. Don't worry. I'll be submitting my map (MAP23) for sure before the megawad is complete. I have not started it yet but hopefully over the next month I'll get started with it. I am in no rush but I'll certainly get there for sure. Some of the ideas in my mind. Small to medium sized. Possibly with only 1 or 2 keys. Maybe 3 keys. Something simple, quick and cheerful that plays good. Bricks, Wood, Hellish (sort of the theme of the late Doom 2 maps) Vanilla compatible.
  13. I like every song in Doom and Doom 2 so it is hard to pick a favorite. Doom.wad = E3M1 Untitled, E1M1 AT Doom's Gate, E1M8 Sing of Evil, E1M9 Hiding the Secrets, E2M6, E2M8, E3M3 Doom2.wad = Dave T. Taylor Blues, The Demon's Dead, Into Sandy's City, Waiting for Romero to Play, Between Levels, Getting Too Tense, Opening to Evil and Text Screen
  14. Looks like it might be the 530th and possibly final (?) Newstuff Chronicles but you cannot give up hope. Hopefully there will be a #531 and even a #1000 in the future.
  15. Chris Lutz Inferno, Eternal Doom, Alien Vendetta MAP20 is a thing of beauty and much more. Also Deus Vult 2 had some epic maps for sure when it came to size and scale. Seeing screenshots of it was the inspiration for Vulcana in WOS.wad (MAP25) and Vulcana 2 in Cchest4.wad (MAP26)