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  1. Wishing everyone a dovely pidgy christmas and upcoming 25th anniversary of Doom in 2018. Here is a pigeon playing the piano, I wonder how good he'd be at mapping?
  2. - Star Wars dark Forces-like maps even though the texturing is rather grey. (but with Doom monsters, like Doomed Space Wars) - Stock Doom / Doom 2 textures only maps with no replacement music. Especially E2 and E3 themes and Romero, Petersen-like city maps. - Bizarre, psychedelic abstract maps with original textures or modified stock textures (not cc4tex) and crazy music.
  3. Maybe this is only for very skilled players. But yeah, you need a bit more health. Remember CRUSADES by Richard Wiles. No room for one mistake in that episode.
  4. Doom.wad TEXTURE1 contains the textures only from Episode 1 (Doom1.wad or shareware version). TEXTURE2 contains the additional textures used in Registered Doom (E2, E3 and later SKY4 for E4) Doom2.wad TEXTURE1 contains all textures. I am sure with additional textures you can add them both to TEXTURE1 and TEXTURE2.
  5. Gotta love the organ solo .... ooohh spooky!
  6. I like the classic-style of detail or limit removing port detail. Not the extreme detail (King ReOL). But if you don't like detail there is this map in Mock 2 (MAP31) that self undetails itself.
  7. Play it in Zdoom! :D
  8. Feels like the good old days of 1994. I like the 4th screenshot, poor Cacodemon blinkin' away.
  9. They are a pain in the butt to play but with cheats such as fast weapons and infinite ammo they are more entertaining. I will never ever make a slaughtermap.
  10. It has been fun creating maps on and off for the past 20+ years. Here is the list.
  11. 1. Looking for a very large city map where you start in an underground train and end with a battle inside a castle. Oops I think I found that one cheers. 2. Looking for an enormous underground green base with over 30,000 linedefs. Maybe released 5 to 10 years ago. 3. Looking for this outdoor map for Doom 2 named river.wad made in 1995 or so, but not sure who the author is. It is mostly rock textures with the outdoor areas Rock 4 and Rock 5 and indoor caves Rock 1, 2 and 3. There are a few large outdoor swamp-like battle areas. 4. Looking for some extremely large desert base map for Doom 2 which contains the E4 sky, it is a huge, linear adventure perhaps released in 2005 or so.
  12. Great map for sure. Berserking the Imps, the crates, evading the crushing ceilings and beating the map fast by activating the switch that raises the bridge to the exit in the Nukage/slime.