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  1. pcorf

    Unexplored Themes?

    O Symmetry, o Symmetry How perfect are thy fractals O Symmetry, o Symmetry How mirrored are thy sides Just kidding! :D Maybe more Star Wars themed maps. Maps set on Venus or Titan with realistic outdoor environments surrounding a base. Maps with more usage of vine textures plus BRICK11 and BRICK12, both rather challenging textures. Even more PSX themed maps too, especially PSX versions of DTWiD and other megawads etc.
  2. pcorf

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Hitscanner ambushes from far away! (thumbs down)
  3. pcorf

    Which iWAD map has the most unfitting music?

    Intermission music for E2M3 should have been something else. Maybe one of the unused songs that Romero released later on.
  4. pcorf

    Which iWAD map has the most unfitting music?

    Punch some imaginary turkeys.
  5. And give all cyberdemons no gravity and floating.
  6. pcorf

    Your favorite Map Authors/Mappers?

    Esselfortium is a she (her). A female mapper indeed! Great mapper for sure.
  7. pcorf

    Your favorite Map Authors/Mappers?

    Christian Hansen Kristian Nebula Jaska Chris Lutz Death-Destiny Brett "Mechadon" Harrell AD79 Espi Dutch Devil Jimmy Huy Pham Ribbicks Valkiriforce Erik Alm Nicolas Monti Jan Van der Veken Jim Flynn Esselfortium Kaiser Dr Sleep Romero This is just a small list and there are so many others to choose from!
  8. pcorf

    What popular megawads do you think are overrated?

    Just like Whispers of Satan. Probably didn't deserve a Cacoward to be honest, maybe a runner up. But 2009 was a rather bland year anyway. SIGIL getting a runner up was okay, but I wonder if it was made by a different author would it have got a runner up?
  9. I'm a big fan of electronic musicians Jean Michel Jarre and Simon Posford and they have been big influences to my own music so it is very hard to choose a favorite. Also like Infected Mushroom, Metallica, Bob Marley, the list goes on and on. There are many best songs of all time, it really depends on our taste. I cannot make my mind up.
  10. Probably the only song worse than ads on Youtube.
  11. Community was great in it's early days but maybe 2004-2010 it went downhill a bit (Terry wads, etc). In recent years but it has gradually gotten better.
  12. pcorf

    Do you guys even lift?

    Play basketball and walk daily, also chase a toddler around the house. Have always weighed around 100kg.
  13. Slowly working on my song but feel rather uninspired. But hopefully it turns out good. I don't think I'll get it complete this week though.