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  1. E2M5's secret exit was inspired by this. In PB2 I moved the walls a bit further in making it a bit more easy to access the teleport, same with the second puzzle section. But you still need to run your butt off. I could possibly move them closer again for the final beta once E3M6 is all done and dusted.
  2. I did not change all lines to 1 sided as they are almost unmarked from a visual point of view. Thanks for the MAPINFO thing.
  3. Not easy to get that one. First thing you should do is run to the central room, there is an arrow pointing left with 30. The door closes after 30 seconds so you need to be quick. There is however another way to open the door but it is much harder to get to the room. After that, you need all 3 keys and need to open a series of timed switches. Secret exit in E2M5 a little more easy to get now.
  4. Managed to whip up an average of almost 10 maps per year. Included will be a PDF file with the dates of when the maps were completed, etc.
  5. Well, nobody gets paid making maps. It is just a hobby. Kristian tells me (via social media) that E3M6 is even closer.
  6. The second public beta is now available for download with various fixes, etc. The fixes are listed in 2022pb2.txt inside the zip file. Download Public Beta 2
  7. CHANGES THAT HAVE BEEN MADE 14 SEP 2022 - First release. 16 SEP 2022 - Fixed UMAPINFO exits and secret exits. - Fixed typo in E2M9 WILV18 graphic. - Changed saviour to savour in the episode 5 ending text. - Telefrag barrel in E1M8 death exit to allow 100% kills. - Fix some misaligned textures in E1M1. - Made improvments to the flow in E1M9. 17 SEP 2022 - Updated E3M5 with DM Starts - Fixed typo in MAPINFO. E3M10 should go to E3M7 not E3M8. - Various minor fixes in E1M1, E1M6, E3M8, E4M1, E4M6, E4M10, E5M2, E5M8 19 SEP 2022 - In E1M5 Thing 119 Demon was stuck in wall. Now unstuck. 20 SEP 2022 - Cacodemons and Lost souls can now enter the window near the Cyberdemon in the northern part of E4M3. - Fixed floating radiation suit in E4M4. - Made a few changes to the Spiderdemon platform in E5M2 to prevent it from possibly falling through the floor. - Added a filler E3M6 room with exit switch to allow continuous gameplay. 21 SEP 2022 - Episode 1 and 2 various texture alignments. 22 SEP 2022 - Few minor cosmetic adjustments in E1M4, E1M5, E2M4 and E5M10 23 SEP 2022 - E2M9 linedef 3251 changed from 112 S1 to 115 SR so Coop players hopefully don't get stuck. - E3M9 had 2 player 3 starts by mistake. FIXED. - E4M5's player 4 start was a DM start by mistake. FIXED. - More spice to E1M4's MIDI track, esp the Brass section. 24 SEP 2022 - Fix secret plasma gun skill setting mistake in E2M7. - Minor cosmetic touchups in E2M6, alignment at end of E2M9 - E1M9 MIDI remastered. 25 SEP 2022 - Various texture alignments in E2M7, E2M9, E3M3, E4M2, E4M6 26 SEP 2022 - Various texture alignments in E3M4, E4M1, E4M3, E4M4 Also not mentioned in the text file the E2M5 secret exit a little more easy to get. Public Beta 2 a few days away.
  8. Don't worry about E3M5 as there is no way I can save it due to it's size and I think the map is very good. It has been updated with DM starts. I am working on aligning the MARBLE2 and MARBLE3 textures throughout the WAD, especially on walls that are not on 0, 90, 180, 270 degree angles. It's a beautiful but tough texture to work with. Kristian is telling me (via social media) that E3M6 is progressing well.
  9. With Kristian's maps some blood floors damage, others don't. Later on in episode 5 the blood is non damaging. I think I will withhold Public Beta 2 for a few more days and take a look through the E4 and E5 maps in 3D mode and do any necessary alignments, etc. I have been extra careful with texture alignment.
  10. This could be a tricky one to fix which could require rearranging the co-op starts. This is probably the most linear map in the megawad along with E1M8. 2022ado is however designed for singleplayer. There are two options. - Perhaps the line 3497 action and bars could just be removed as I am unaware multiple players can trigger the W1 line. I was thinking only one player would trigger it. - Or line 3521 can be changed from 112 S1 to 115 SR door open fast so the bars can be reopened by the switch every time they are closed. I know I worked around the issue with the first key and did not give it a thought with the blue key. This might be the best option tbh. I know I find it a bad habit to trap the player inside a room and ambush him, but it needs to be done with a thrill, for example the lights going out for good effect. The secret exit to E2M10 is also located within this dark corner of Jigoku and is revealed once you kill all Barons in the map. Progress is going well. Also Kristian telling me that E3M6 is progressing nicely and idgames release for November is looking promising right now.
  11. pcorf

    Things about Doom you still don't understand

    Slimetrails. Nothing is perfect.
  12. Cheers, will fix that tomorrow. Hopefully PB2 will be available soon.
  13. This was inspired by the most nefarious secrets. It is intended. You need to run like hell. However it was harder to get as the switches were a bit further apart in the past. Maybe I will bring them 8 units closer again. I have also fixed up various other minor issues I have found myself. Public Beta 2 releasing tomorrow.
  14. 1. Will check. But I don't think I had any issues. 2. You need to land on the crate for the secret to register. I could possibly make the crate deeper, 128 units long from east to west to move the sphere further away from the edge. But it might make the sphere a little harder to spot from the ground. 3. Never had an issue. Maybe it is the sourceport. I have only tested the maps in Zdoom and Prboom-Plus. Kristian tells me that work on E3M6 is progressing. When the final release is done there will be built in demos recorded with Prboom-Plus.