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  1. Play it in Zdoom! :D
  2. Feels like the good old days of 1994. I like the 4th screenshot, poor Cacodemon blinkin' away.
  3. They are a pain in the butt to play but with cheats such as fast weapons and infinite ammo they are more entertaining. I will never ever make a slaughtermap.
  4. It has been fun creating maps on and off for the past 20+ years. Here is the list.
  5. 1. Looking for a very large city map where you start in an underground train and end with a battle inside a castle. Oops I think I found that one cheers. 2. Looking for an enormous underground green base with over 30,000 linedefs. Maybe released 5 to 10 years ago. 3. Looking for this outdoor map for Doom 2 named river.wad made in 1995 or so, but not sure who the author is. It is mostly rock textures with the outdoor areas Rock 4 and Rock 5 and indoor caves Rock 1, 2 and 3. There are a few large outdoor swamp-like battle areas. 4. Looking for some extremely large desert base map for Doom 2 which contains the E4 sky, it is a huge, linear adventure perhaps released in 2005 or so.
  6. Great map for sure. Berserking the Imps, the crates, evading the crushing ceilings and beating the map fast by activating the switch that raises the bridge to the exit in the Nukage/slime.
  7. When I worked on WOS my ideas were rock bottom resulting in some symmetrical maps. Gone are those days. Although I certainly don't map as much these days, but when I get the chance I try my best to motivate myself to create maps that are no longer like this. I strive to create over and under maps that have a flow, that minimize back tracking. Look at THT Threnody MAP03 for example. I aim for a design for example, you must see a key door first before you find the key. Enemy placement and testing, certainly not the most fun thing. But once I am satisfied it is a thumbs up! When I worked on my massive city map named "The Great Urban Battle", it took me something like 4 months to make with more than half of that time enemy placement and testing.
  8. Best: MAP04, MAP08, MAP11, MAP12, MAP14, MAP15, MAP16, MAP20, MAP23, MAP24, MAP28, MAP29 Worst: There is nothing really that bad in Doom 2. When it comes to design quality maybe MAP10 and MAP25.
  9. That room of shotgunners can easily sort itself out! :D
  10. We all have to start somewhere. The problem is Doom Builder's automatic texture alignment where you split a linedef it will set the X offset and that offsett is not reset if you create a door. You could select all and set the X and Y to 0, then in 3D mode press the A button to align the textures you want to align. Doors need to be 64 or 128 across, depending on texture. For example BIGDOOR2 is 128x128 (width and height), DOOR1 is 64x72, SPCDOOR3 is 64x128. But once you improve on your mapping you'll learn many new features. It is hard at first but once you have a basic understanding you'll be tearing it up in the map editor.
  11. I decided to give this a try. A PCORF-style entryway. Tried my very hardest to make it as close to the original as I could. DOWNLOAD
  12. - It is possible to beat MAP11 of Doom 2 in less than a minute. You can jump across to the platform and wall hug, and even activate the switch from below that lowers the platform barrier. - In E4M5 of Ultimate Doom you can jump straight through the window to the exit. - In E3M6 it is possible to activate the secret exit switch from the outside the compblue structure by pressing on the outer wall next to the switch but slightly in front. - In MAP19 one of the walls in the Imp Cages sidedef is flipped the wrong way. Also in MAP19, you don't need all 3 keys to exit. - In MAP18 of Plutonia you can get a Visplane Overflow standing on the far right of sector 87-88-89 and looking NW. Only happens in Vanilla, not Doom 95 (which has a higher VP limit)
  13. Pcorf has been generating maps since 1996, although not as active today. He still whips up a few maps a year. :D
  14. Least favorite. Hard to pick, most of them are pretty good. Ultimate Doom E2M3 E2M9 E3M2 E3M5 E3M9 Doom 2 MAP08 (not too bad, but that exit area can be frustrating for beginners) MAP10 MAP21 MAP25