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  1. And when I made Incineration, an episode 3 replacement intended for Registered Doom v1.2. I always checked the visplane explorer in DB and made sure I kept the limit to mostly under 100. So it is important not to use Boom features and keep the visplane below 100 even though the limit is 128.
  2. What was the best level that you played.

    Whispers of Satan MAP06 Umm wait a sec ..... There is so much out there. For a particular map, AV MAP20 will have to be up there as one of the best along with MAP07 of endgame.wad. There is so much out there I cannot think too much of a real big list.
  3. Random Image Thread

    So I walked past the rail yards today and the number of this locomotive really caught my eye!
  4. PSX Sounds wad including Arch Vile?

    In Doomed Spade Wars (a Star Wars-like Zdoom wad with influences from the console ports) I modified the Arch Vile sound slightly.
  5. Japan Doom

    Looks great. Feel free to use the music from MAP27 of Zone 300, a very Japanese song that I composed back in 2000. Just needs a few Taiko Drummers.
  6. what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Just about to finish E1M2 of my upcoming UD megawad. Took me just 3 days to put the layout of the map together. It is fun making E1 style maps that is for sure! (used only TEXTURE1 from doom.wad)
  7. Add hit scanners to that list. (Former Humans, Shotgun Guys, Chaingun Guys, Spider Masterminds and the secret Wolf SS)
  8. And don't forget about that beautiful brown Pain Elemental.
  9. Play Crusades by Richard Wiles. The ammo and health placement in those maps is very crucial and there is not much room for error. One mistake and Doomguy's poor face will become too bloody to handle.
  10. Abandoned Community Projects

    It was shaping up to be a promising megawad for sure until ...... But I released my two maps "Dens of Borsippa and Sinful Outpost" that were intended for this megawad as standalone. After I submitted my first map Sinful Outpost Seidolon was not impressed about how the map had too much detail even though this project was intended for limit removing so out of frustration I requested for the map to be removed and released it to idgames. I made a second map named Dens of Borsippa with less detail and he liked it but a week or two later he quit and the project was abandoned. Dens of Borsippa was released to idgames almost straight away. Since my submission to Doomworld Mega Project 2017 I have never mapped for a community project ever since, and possibly never will. I have no plans to make a map for DMP2018 and now I am working on my own Ultimate Doom project, a long term project intended as a sequel to 2002ado.
  11. System requirements of extreme '90s vanilla wads

    486 dx 2 66, 4mb video card and you could get 35fps on low detail no problems, especially on simple maps.
  12. Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    I still think this demo requirement needs to be removed. I have no doubt you'd struggle to get maps in this year compared to previous years because who cares about PERFECTION because Doomworld Mega Project has always been a fun project. Also the bad thing about demos is that they mess up if recorded with a different version, or if a different source port tries to play them beck.
  13. what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    More shots from my upcoming Ultimate Doom megawad. E4M6 Fort Docks E1M1 Endoom Trance
  14. Your "dream" project that you've abandoned

    Was working on an episode named "Maya" back in 2002 or 2003. One of the maps was this train station set in space on some spaceship and it was kind of a slaughtermap. I made all the train textures and unfortunately I accidentally deleted the texture wad and had to abandon the project. But some of the maps from this project became maps in bella.wad. Also there is a map I made for Doom Milennium I no longer have, was supposed to replace MAP02 and was some small starbase with an elevator in it's middle that led you to a system of caverns.
  15. my first two [vanilla] doom 1 levels

    Looks very good indeed.