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  1. In Zone 400 the spikes are way more intense!
  2. pcorf

    Favorite website?

    Wikipedia, Bing video, Reddit, Quora
  3. Zone 400 MAP26 but fitted with twin turbo .... nah just kidding. It will be a unique map to all my others for sure.
  4. And as I said it will be a few more months until I start work on my map. But you'll get it in the new year and it will be (hopefully) hard.
  5. pcorf

    What is your most used editor?

    GZDoom Builder. Have used it ever since I created Doomed Space Wars work on that started late in 2013. Before that I used the original Doom Builder and Doomcad 5.1, 6.1 before Doom Builder.
  6. I'll take MAP09 but will work on it in the new year. But that depends on his this CP progresses. Limit removing is fine.
  7. pcorf

    [CANCELED]Community Chest 5

    Maybe no maps slots for authors because that may create an inconsistency of mapping themes (MAP05 very hard, MAP06 less hard), submitted maps are arranged by theme, size and monster count. Think of my own Pcorf community projects (Doom 2 Unleashed and 2048 Unleashed). All maps submitted were saved as MAP01 apart from MAP15, 31, etc and then were rearranged into their appropriate slots, etc.
  8. pcorf

    [CANCELED]Community Chest 5

    Love the idea of standard texture usage. I will make a map for CC5. Sign me up. I will take MAP09. But I have no plans to start working on it until the new year.
  9. pcorf

    Community Chest 5?

    I'll be joining for sure, as long as it is for Boom compatible/limit removing.
  10. pcorf

    What are your favorite MAP01/E1M1 MIDIs?

    E1M1 from Heretic is a nice tune.
  11. pcorf

    My second wad

    D_RUNNIN is good, the good old 1960's blues organ solo! :D
  12. Parhelion by Jimmy, one of my favorite Jimmy songs, so damn catchy. I probably would have put it into Zone 400 if I was not a composer.
  13. 1. Nazis and Keens don't really count as standard monsters. I don't think I mentioned them in the description. 2. The midi was composed by @Jimmy. I think he is more incredible than me as a midi composer. 3. We know who makes the best maps hehe! ... Despite it been very linear too with little interconnection I am still glad in how this map turned out and was fun whipping up this map using the stock textures from Doom 2.
  14. Glad you didn't throw your computer out the window. Welcome back D.C. Doom will never die.
  15. pcorf

    Worst looking texture

    BFALL1, BFALL2, BFALL3, BFALL4 ..... In fact I use all (1 to 4), not just 1 like everyone else does. This varies the animation, works well by varying ROCKRED1, 2, 3.