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  1. BFG'd

    Introducing: omgwpns.wad (FINISHED)

    I'm having the same problem as Alando is, and I don't know what PM is. (Unless you're referring to private message, but I doubt it.
  2. BFG'd

    Need Wolfen Hexen WAD help

    I didn't plan on doing so. What I WAS going to ask for though, is where the cheapest place is to buy hexen/heretic. If it's eBay, I'll go for second best.
  3. BFG'd

    Need Wolfen Hexen WAD help

    That what would work?
  4. BFG'd

    Need Wolfen Hexen WAD help

    (I know I ask for help a lot, but there's really nowhere else to look) I just downloaded it today, and I find it fun, but, I'm, already stuck. How do you get the key in the swamp area? And another thing, I read the console and it said "Demon has no frames" and "snake has no frames" or something to that effect. Is this just because I'm using the demo version of Hexen and they aren't in the WAD? (I hate stealth enemies!!!!!)
  5. BFG'd

    Scythe 2 map 28 "Nightmare"

    I would assume that the new monster you're referring to is what I have gone to call the "Hell Lord" in tradition with the medieval caste-style system of the Baron family. (The one that shoots 5 mancubus fireballs and 2 revenant missles in one attack.) I don't see why Dr. X (The crazygonuts marine) would use some of the Romero head graphics, it just seems to use WolfSS sprites.
  6. BFG'd

    Greatest Victory

    Sextuple kill with super shotgun. I'm not exaggerating at all.
  7. Is the level possible? All it is, is just a metal box. I've tried dying, I've tried wasting all my ammo, what are ya supposed to do?
  8. BFG'd

    The First Video Game

    I couldn't agree with you more.
  9. I watched "I hate yuo [sic] myg0t" on Newgrounds and it's been bugging me. (Hopefully someone knows) What is sporkeh?
  10. BFG'd

    Strife Question [Leaflet Items]

    Oh, shit! Somone delete that post, and this one too while you're at it. Please.
  11. BFG'd

    Strife Question [Leaflet Items]

    Actually, it's on *REMOVED* as xxx now. You can download it from there. I honestly don't think that anyone will mind.
  12. BFG'd

    Strife Question [Leaflet Items]

    Okay, got it.
  13. I have two types of leaflet-like items. One has the medic cross on it, the other has the weapon shop symbol on it. How do I use them? I've tried hitting the use key with the things selected when at the counter of the shopkeeper, but nothing happens...(I must not be making myself overly popular, but oh well...)
  14. BFG'd

    I'd like a good voodoo Doll WAD

    Well, I saw an article about it on the Doom Wiki, and it looked interesting. Plus, I wanna know what the "Undead" thing is like.
  15. Anybody know one you can actually see, shoot, etc the doll instead of it just being used in, say, an instant-death teleporter?