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  1. DomRem

    Bug on map05 @ doom2.wad

    Wow, a very interesting find. I think I've found an explanation for it. A quick look at the map in an editor shows that both the blue armor and the rocket/shell/cell rooms behind the malfunctioning doors have a tag of 9 - which is shared by the initial door. That door is tagged (and opened) with a "SR Door Open (stay)" linedef. The two aforementioned rooms are affected by this linedef, but are only adjacent to the closed doors. When the linedef is activated and they try to function as a door and "open", it malfunctions and the ceilings instantly lower to meet the ceiling of the doors. If you IDCLIP after opening the initial door, you'll see that the rooms' ceilings and floors are now at the same height. Because of this, the doors don't open. The reason this doesn't occur in a normal game is because there are usually monsters standing in these rooms. Just as a normal door jumps up if there's a monster standing underneath it, the same occurs in this situation. If you IDCLIP and kill the monsters first, though, the bugs still functions as it does in -nomonsters.
  2. Heh, you'll certainly see a cyberdemon in my map, so don't worry too much about it. Hopefully the length of the level isn't too much of a problem, as it's quite short, but challenging.
  3. DomRem

    Kama Sutra Secrets

    There is a switch. It's on the backside of the nearby table with the gibbed body on it. There's a small red "spot" there, and using the use key on it will activate the switch. The switch is actually hidden behind the red sector, which has a tag (55), so it would seem logical that by doing something else in the map first and activating a trigger linedef, the sector would lower and expose the switch. However, there are no linedefs that share the same tag, so it appears the above is the intended method.
  4. I did a UV Speed on esselfortium's Testing Facility in 2:00. Yeah, there are much faster demos out there that take advantage of the nukage pit jump, but he requested that I try a run without it, and it turned out pretty well. Also, a belated thanks to Anima for maxing my map. :) It was an exciting demo to watch.
  5. I'd like to be a participant as well, please. Sign me up for a map, Vegeta.
  6. DomRem

    Mapping on Speed

    w00t, the last session in October was awesome. I'll be sure to make it.
  7. DomRem

    The /newstuff Chronicles #296

    I'm really not sure how either of you can't get the key. :\ In fact, it's easier than a bump - it's an E4M1-like bar grab. All you do is keep running against the fence and you should eventually grab it. It can even be done in ZDoom. Here's a quick demo of the trick being performed. (requires a port like PrBoom)
  8. DomRem

    Kama Sutra demos [-complevel 2]

    I did MAP27 UV Speed in 1:39. I had it finished a couple weeks ago, but it completely slipped my mind to release it.
  9. DomRem

    Vae Victus 2 demos [-complevel 2]

    I improved Belial's MAP05 UV speed to 1:13. First exit which could still be improved upon.
  10. DomRem

    Doom Advent Calendar (2006)

    I'd like a slot as well. I have a nearly-completed map that I was planning to release within the next two weeks, but the theme fits impeccably with DAC and would be too much to pass up donating to it.
  11. DomRem

    New HR2 demos

    MAP29 UV Speed in 3:42. Speedrunning past hundreds of monsters is much more fun than I had imagined. I may try a few more of these on other maps.
  12. Have more spare time on your hands, Anima? :P New UV Speed in 1:36. This demo is much faster than the previous one, but at the expense of any beauty whatsoever (the blue key route is particularly ugly). This is the result of me losing patience with the level completely. The demo is evidence that the run can still be improved, though, so I'll probably work more on this, despite said lost patience.
  13. After watching the UV Maxes and playing the map myself, I found it quite enjoyable and did a UV Speed in 1:43. Very casual demo (second exit), and had my first exit not been so riddled with bad luck, I would've settled for that. This features a much faster pace at the start, though, so it was for the better.
  14. DomRem

    Kama Sutra demos [-complevel 2]

    For once (actually, for the first time) I actually made a demo that wasn't UV Speed or Pacifist. It's a MAP01 UV Tyson in 1:17. Don't expect anything Xit-like, but I did put a bit of work into the demo over the last couple weeks, and I just hope it isn't that bad. ;) I also did a MAP02 Tyson in 4:47, but I'd rather work on improving the time before releasing it.