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  1. Wow, I haven't played any of these other than SD20x7. No mention of Endpoint or Inquisitor 3 makes me a sad panda.
  2. Doom95. It's also the only official port of Doom that I've played.
  3. Double standards exist for a good reason. If a guy contributes a lot and has a few vices, he's still a net positive; the same can't be said of a guy with the same vices and no contributions.
  4. What your Kindergarten teacher told you about the rules applying to everyone isn't how things work. In reality, those who contribute more are given more leeway, and people turn a blind eye to their faults.
  5. Graf is a dick, but we're better off with a dick and GZDoom than with one less dick and without GZDoom.
  6. OK, I'll be the one who says it -- banning people who make cool stuff is a bad policy. I'd take a hundred Huy Phams making asses of themselves all over the place and releasing Deus Vult II caliber masterpieces over a hundred fantastic posters who don't release anything any day of the week. (And don't say "but they can still upload!" -- someone who is cut off from the community is very unlikely to want to work to create entertainment products for said community.)
  7. Do you have this, or a link to it? I've never seen it.
  8. Wow.wad confirmed for best wad ever.
  9. This thread gave me an idea -- make a map that's a maze of invisible walkover linedefs that trigger voodoo doll telefrags. Then add insta-pop close-range arch-viles where the player only has a rocket launcher.
  10. Just got back from seeing D.R.I.  Oh man, that was awesome.  @Steve D you'll be happy to know that people were skanking properly in the pit, this many years later!

    1. Steve D

      Steve D

      Damn, and I saw them a million years ago when they were on tour in Seattle. Good old skater thrash! Glad you had a great time and witnessed some proper slamming, as we called it on the West Coast. Skanking was popular, too. As we know, the East Coasters ultimately won the naming war with moshing. ;D


  11. The problem there is bars are mechanically different -- monsters can see and shoot through them, sound propagates through them, etc.
  12. TBH, I've always been fond of the "level select" approach. Especially when it takes the form of a "get any two keys" setup in the center hub, and each of the three keys is its own mini adventure.
  13. Using the PE in such an encounter has a purpose beyond "priority target because of potential ammo drain" -- only the first LS charge is going to originate from the point that the PE is at. This can be critical to shaping an encounter, because the second and beyond charges from alternate starting points control different lines and thus break up circle-strafe patterns. This feature of the PE is its single most useful attribute, not the potential ammo drain or time pressures that many people often cite. (I also don't entirely agree with you on bad starts, within reason. I'll never not love the start of Hell Ground map 03.)
  14. Eh? Resurgence is an example of bucking this trend, if anything; neither secret level is anywhere close to being among the harder levels in the wad.
  15. Resident Evil 7. The hype is a lie. Resi 7 is nothing but a pastiche of scenes from other games that were better in those other games. The fact that the silly Resi 4/The Evil Within haters are praising it when it rips boss fights straight from Resi 4 and The Evil Within shows just how tasty the Kool-Aid has become in recent years.