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  1. Cynical

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    It is (at least in some churches, other denominations have accepted evolution and now teach that the Genesis creation story was metaphorical). Growing up in Baptist-dominant rural Texas and not being Christian myself (it was the talk of the entire small town when I rejected Confirmation at 14), random churchgoing idiots were always handing me the latest pamphlets from Kent Hovind and his ilk with these exact arguments.
  2. Cynical

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    Well, yes, if you circularly define "major organ" like that, you can vacuously make your statement true. But the fact that you can live without one of your kidneys already pretty much destroys your argument. But the "irreducible complexity" argument also requires that a "simpler" version of the organ wouldn't work, which is quite patently false in basically every case. A single-node lung would work "well enough", so would a brain without a frontal lobe, a digestive system with a single intestine instead of two, etc.
  3. Cynical

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    Da fuq? You can live on one kidney, with no gallbladder and no appendix and no eyes and massive damage to large parts of the brain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speciation#Artificial_speciation Might want to research claims before you make them.
  4. Cynical

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    Today I learned that kb1 has never seen a chicken. Or a turkey. Or a penguin.
  5. Cynical

    Perfected vs Overthinked

    Doom 3 is rather underrated TBH, provided you play the original and not the ruined BFG Edition. It's better than Doom 4, easily. Play it without mods first.
  6. Cynical

    Will there be a new Doom game announced at BE3?

    Where is the "No, I believe in Bethesda" option?
  7. The lower one would be good with a tweak to the Northwestern side. Open up that "elbow" hallway, and maybe add a window from the due-South room to the due-North room. Maybe make the Eastern hallway a bit shorter as well.
  8. Cynical

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Unreal is one of the coolest single-player FPS campaigns ever. Great enemy and level design. Stuff like Temple of Vandora and The Sunspire and The Darkening is so incredibly memorable. I've also spent entirely too much time in UT99, 2K4, and UT4's alpha. So much fun, and I've always liked the feel of those games more than Q3A/Q4/QC.
  9. Cynical

    Who's hyped for Fallout 76?

    Bethesda ruined Fallout. Stick to Underrail for your post-apocalyptic RPG funtimes.
  10. Cynical


    Is this one of your "play on HMP, UV isn't fun" wads?
  11. Cynical

    system shock 2

    Also Arx Fatalis, which is Ultima Underworld 3 in all but name.
  12. Cynical

    The DWIronman League dies to: Double Impact

    So, is there any chance of having a gameplay mod month of this someday? I'd love to watch everyone fail miserably at Term's new "completely unplayable" mod.
  13. Cynical

    [GZDoom] Doom: But It's Completely Fucking Unplayable

    Nope, it really is the brain! There was an experiment done where they gave a bunch of people glasses that flipped their vision upside-down and made them wear them for a week; after the first few days, their brain compensated and everything looked normal and right-side up to them again. Then, when they stopped wearing the glasses, everything looked upside-down again, and it took them another few days to get it all straightened out.
  14. Cynical

    Lost Village (DM Map)

    Eh? I'm not a DM player, but I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to use an old-school vanilla self-referential crystal sector there to keep it smooth.
  15. Cynical

    The tone of DOOM [BEWARE: walls of text]

    In 1993, there was no such thing as "serious" videogames, at least in the modern sense. The overall vibe was more like an '80s Schwarzenegger or Stallone action film; played reasonably straight on the surface, but clearly gleefully violent for the sake of being violent.