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  1. Things modern mappers do better

    The problem with Last Look at Eden is that it's too easy to slow-roll the start by just running circles while everything infights instead of doing things the "intended" method of immediately sprinting into the open courtyard. Also, the courtyard is really dull, and there's no getting around that.
  2. Things modern mappers do better

    Taking every Donner map from 14-onwards other than Everything Dies (which isn't actually bad, just not up to the standards of the 10 I posted above), Hard Attack, and Judgement Day (which really do suck) isn't exactly "surgical". And, let's be realistic, there isn't a megawad in existence that has more than 10 highlight-quality maps; most other popular megawads were just lucky/smart enough to put a few of those highlights early (aside from Valiant, which I will never understand the popularity of).
  3. Things modern mappers do better

    This is only because of the unfortunate first episode. If Hell Revealed had been released as a 10-map episode with City in the Clouds, Gates to Hell, The Black Towers, The Path, Resistance is Futile, Ascending to the Stars, Postmortem, Dead Progressive, Afterlife, and Mostly Harmful, everyone would love it.
  4. Things modern mappers do better

    What I mean is the characterization that HR is nothing but "strafing around HKs". You of all people should know that "coming up with a route" is a mechanical task/challenge and central part of Doom play, and when it comes to routing puzzles, there's few wads out there that surpass the second half of HR. That's not even considering that there's really only a couple of "circle strafe a million HKs" maps once you get to the well-liked parts of the wad (map 13 and on), anyways.
  5. Things modern mappers do better

    I would expect someone from the slaughter scene would be more honest about what wads like Hell Revealed entail tbh.
  6. For all the hate it gets, E3M8 is pretty legit from a pistol start, as long as Spidie doesn't get trapped inside of a Baron. Getting the ammo you need requires some bold dashes around the outside, where you're totally exposed. It's by far the best playing of the boss levels. E4M8 is just poor. As far as Map30 goes, I like the idea of "a boss that keeps spawning stuff while you try to solve a puzzle to shoot it", but I really hate the "try to time your rockets while riding the lift" thing. I kind of wish it was more complicated to raise the platform but the timing aspect wasn't necessary.
  7. Share a random fact about yourself

    This is a silly concern -- the self doesn't exist outside of one's appearance and actions, thus it's impossible for someone to not be themselves. As such, concerns about authenticity in "personality" are null -- there is no authenticity, there's only behaviors that lead to desirable outcomes.
  8. Doom monster inequality

    Usually the problem with doing it is in pushing out after the imp trap, which you cut off before. You did get lucky with how the Cacodemons moved in, though, so you may have had a shot that time; a lot of the time, some of them will file into the upper windows which is pretty much lights out if you have to push out of that building in a hurry. (Skipping the SSG also gives you another benefit if you're really trying to optimize your time -- keeping that Vile alive until after you've grabbed the Blue Key means you can Vile jump up to the blue door without having to clean up the northwestern ledge until you've got the BFG [or, if going for UV-Speed instead of UV-Max, letting you skip raising the lake-pillars entirely and thus not deal with any of that mess].)
  9. Doom monster inequality

    Ah, yeah, I was thinking more the "classic Joshy exit-vile" situation where when you pop a door open, 3 or 4 Viles run out of it, meaning opening the door early gives you 3 or 4 viles in with your current fight (likely lethal) and opening it "on time" means you still get a fight with a bunch of files that are able to approach you and res stuff inn the fight you just killed. As far as the speed running decision goes, you'd think so, but I know that there's a situation in impoffer.wad where that's theoretically possible, but no one has done it in a recorded demo and survived (gggmork tried, but he said that the survival rate was too low for a map that has a ton of other potentially lethal fights).
  10. Your "dream" project that you've abandoned

    Impure Offering was originally meant to be a 3-map set (which is part of why it plays in the map 20 slot, I wanted a different sky for the other two maps). The first map took so long to make (almost a year for one small map, ugh) that the other two (the first of which was planned to be a mostly pacifist map set in a black marble cathedral, the second of which was planned to be a Resistance is Futile/No Guts No Glory/Hell's Vendetta style "hallway/trench cleaner" slaughtermap) never saw fruition. There's also these two unfinished things. Finally, before releasing my first wad, Golachab, there was about a decade of stuff I abandoned because I didn't think it was good enough to release.
  11. Do you actually run away from enemy encounters?

    As much as possible. The main mechanic of Doom is movement, not shooting.
  12. Why don't the majority of mappers plan out their creations?

    [Citation needed]
  13. Forum Update?

    This has me fixed up, thanks!
  14. Forum Update?

    That box still shows up slightly darker for me for some reason. Odd.
  15. Forum Update?

    It's not quite perfect (for some reason, Snipping Tool messes up the colors a bit), but it's an improvement, I suppose.