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  1. It feels weird to be this self-promotional, but eh, it's a necessity I suppose. Anyways, my band, Condemner, has a new album out, "Burning the Decadent". 6 songs, 53 minutes of dark death metal. It can be listened to in its entirety on our bandcamp page here: https://condemner.bandcamp.com/ I also have physical copies available for $10 + postage. Contact me here or at condemnerpb@gmail.com if interested.
  2. Da fuq? His time is 20% slower than individual level maxes, and that's with carry-overs (which let you shave a lot of time off vs. pistol start). You don't end up with that if you're not putting a high priority on safety. Yes, Anc can play very aggressively by "normal human" standards and still be safe, but he's not playing full-force "speed at all costs" in the second half of this.
  3. I'm at work and so can't watch the demo/movie to see it for myself, but is the part in question the bit where you teleport to the upper towers and instantly blast the Cybs? If so, that's nearly 100%, if you take one rocket you'll immediately restore your health on the megasphere and kill him with the second BFG blast, and that's assuming you need two BFG shots to get the kill, it's not uncommon for them to end up infighting with the nobles and lose a bunch of health before you get there.
  4. Save scumming is using any mid-level saves. Sorry to break the news to you save scummers :(
  5. In practice, they don't always seem to, but it's certainly the first move to make. Add a bunch more resources and then make your playtester struggle with that, and make them tell you to remove monsters. And even when you do remove, don't remove all that they want you to. You should be familiar with this process ;-) More resources > monster substitution > monster removal.
  6. Better still is when you can just give them more resources to kill the three Revs.
  7. Cynical

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Not to mention imps! Look carefully at their corpse. The first bullet is always right on point; just click repeatedly and you can get it at almost the same firing speed but perfect accuracy.
  8. "Stab and Stomp!" would be a great name for a level, and "Black Heart" would be a great name for a custom monster IMO. Maybe "Glow Squid", too.
  9. I doubt Fava Beans will ever be picked, it wouldn't really be in the spirit of ironman if there was literally zero chance of anyone dying.
  10. Cynical

    What do you think about border sectors?

    I loooooooove me some border sectors. They create lines that show off shapes better than leaving things unbordered.
  11. Cynical

    My curiosity on the popularity of certain PWADs

    Of that list, only Resurgence plays as close to as well as HR, AV, or Scythe 1 and 2.
  12. Cynical

    DOOM wads that use custom made monsters

    Scythe 2, Deus Vult II, Lunatic, Valiant, Resurgence, Trooper's Playground, Survive In Hell, and Void all come to mind.
  13. Cynical

    Twice the demons?

    They still need an Afrit, at the very least.
  14. Cynical

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Sounds like you should have kept it on HNTR instead of replacing it with a Manc!
  15. Cynical

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    HR2 is so blatantly and entirely fucked up in just about every regard that anyone saying that it's more polished than a well-regarded classic is absolutely farcical on par with someone saying "dogs have six eyes!" I mean, we're talking about the wad that has a (on UV) mandatory blind SR-50 secret that you get exactly one shot at. HR2 seems like it was made by a pack of drooling idiots who had no understanding of HR other than "omg, lots of monsters!"