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  1. "Hey, I'd really like to play this mod that might not even be possible and would take a ton of effort from everyone else, would you guys go and make it for me? Oh, and I'm going to claim that your work was my idea."
  2. Play with speakers instead of headphones instead of doing this. Hearing a ton of revenants wake up at once when the map loads in AV26 is one of life's great pleasures, and denying it to yourself is foolish.
  3. Am I the only person who really hates the Arch-Vile map in Valiant? So many setpieces, so few of them actually work correctly (really, the only ones that do are the opening where the new barons are introduced and the one with the rising and falling pillars).
  5. He watched a video of someone playing Nuts 3, that makes him an expert.
  6. Don't bother with scripting. Put a voodoo doll on a conveyor belt, put two thin doors blocking its path, tag each door to one of the switches, and put a walkover linedef behind the doors.
  7. Define "nuance", and then tell me when Doom was ever realistic. Then, follow that up by explaining how realism helps atmosphere, and how a map that's all about hitting a switch that opens up another switch 20 miles away that opens up another switch another 20 miles away etc. is more realistic or more atmospheric.
  8. Disagreed on starting with Deathsmiles. Game sucks. If you want approachable Cave, it's all about the Pachis, aside from DOJ white label.
  9. This. The exact area around your ship is exactly where you *don't* want to be looking in a bullet hell game, unless it's that one goofy "black out the screen" pattern from Imperishable Night.
  10. The map he was talking about, Dark Dome, does exactly this -- it spawns you on top of every weapon + full ammo for it + a megasphere. Pistol start makes no difference.
  11. Sunder, Ribbik's work, and Deus Vult 2 have done more to push the "arty" side of Doom wad development than the hordes of "classic E1 things", so I have no idea what you're talking about.
  12. I think the only Dr. Sleep level I've ever played was E4M7. It didn't make much of an impression. The best '90s mapper (and possibly the greatest ever, although I'll admit he does have some stiff competition from Erik Alm and Huy Pham) is Yontan Donner.
  13. ZDoom's RNG is truly random, unlike the vanilla RNG. The max vanilla damage is 3,580, if I've done my math right. EDIT: Also, the theoretical max with a truly random RNG is 5,920.
  14. Yes, but that's for a different reason (RNG differences between ZDoom and Vanilla).
  15. Nearly all of them when played in the correct source ports? One-shotting masterminds is a ZDoom-ism; it's very rare in more accurate ports because of blockmap black magic...