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  1. Valve has announced that they're not doing traditional single-player games anymore, since it's not where the money is. In other words, that ridiculous E2 cliffhanger is the ending of the Half-Life series.
  2. Agreed totally. Well of Souls, Speed, Slayer, NME, and Anti-Christ are all way tougher than Go2It.
  3. Hell Awaits is my favorite Slayer album; I picked South of Heaven as the example because it's one of the ones that's infamous for the bass supposedly being inaudible. Hell Awaits is actually a really good example; bass is lower in the mix than it was on Reign in Blood or South of Heaven, but it's more audible because the playing was looser.
  4. The reason the bass can be heard on most Bolt Thrower albums has nothing to do with the tone or the mix and everything to do with the fact that Bolt Thrower are somewhat loose players (and I don't mean this as a knock on Bolt Thrower -- Realm of Chaos, in particular is one of the best albums ever -- but if they were playing as precisely as, say, Suffocation on Pierced from Within, the bass would fade to that point it does in most other bands where you don't notice it unless it's not there). The guitar tone on that Overkill album is weak as piss; sacrificing all power out of your lead instrument (again, in metal that's the rhythm guitar) so that the bass is more prominent is a terrible decision. I'd take the sound of "South of Heaven" over that any day.
  5. You know that you can compress a few things without touching the rest of the track, right? A compressor set at a 1:2 ratio set at a ratio high enough that it engages about three times over the song isn't going to brickwall a waveform. Eh, bands have been quad tracking rhythm guitars forever (it's been standard since at least the late '70s), and Metallica's used more gain on the guitars on Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets than probably any metal band in the last two generations. The real shift has been in bands realizing that when the lead melodic instrument is the guitars, they should probably be emphasized more than the vocals. As far as bass goes, you're hearing it; you just don't realize it because it's playing the same thing the guitars are, and doing so fairly tightly. If someone muted the bass track, you'd notice it instantly.
  6. Tracking is far more important than mixing. If you do a good job tracking, you can get away with little more than setting relative levels, HPF/LPF, compression on the vocals (and bass if you're DIing), and maybe doing a couple of EQ sweeps to find and notch out ugly frequencies if you recorded the guitar in a room that isn't treated. If your tracking is bad and the bass and kickdrum you recorded are sitting in the same frequency spectrum or the guitar was recorded by some idiot who put the bass knob to "10" and it's booming all over the low end or the guitarist cranked the Presence knob in a band with traditionally-pitched vocals, trying to fix that with post-EQ is going to sound like shit no matter what. EDIT: Also, all of you longing for "dead silence between chugs" or whatever, that isn't going to happen without ludicrous pro-tooling. Plugged-in electric guitars make some noise even when you mute the strings, and the transient from a loud note to a mute in particular isn't anything close to 100% clean unless you've got a really aggressive noise gate going both before the amp and in the effects loop, and using such a gate is going to make everything sound really artificial (you'll lose all string and pick noise). Also, guitars on most metal albums are quad-tracked, and no four performances are going to be 100% identical and sit right on each other; if you're not quantizing the guitars in post (and if your band does quantize guitars in post, you're weak and lame), the levels aren't going to jump up-and-down perfectly like you guys are visualizing. DOUBLE EDIT: Also, anyone who says "no compression on the master bus!" is foolish. You've probably never heard a record that didn't have some compression added in mastering, no matter how old it is. Setting the average volume to -18db because of one momentary volume spike on a 40 minute record that would clip at any higher level... LOL NO. Some volume peaks need to be hit with a compressor a bit; tastefulness is the key.
  7. 40Oz wants to make sure the scores look like his name. 40-0.
  8. It hasn't.
  9. 1.6 is the only one I've played.
  10. He's going to win, so clearly he's the heel in any "I Quit" match situation.
  11. Problem with that is that a week later we'll all find out that Alfonzo got a clip of 40Oz saying "I Quit" and then just played it over the stadium speakers, causing the match to be invalid.
  12. Sunder, Eternal Doom, Hell Ground, and Bloody Steel.
  13. Depends on the person. HR2 and AV are the reason I got into Doom in the first place. Those wads are what changed my perception from "meh, outdated game, you can't even aim up" to "woah, this game does some cool things that other FPSs can't".
  14. You don't say...
  15. Meh, if the grudge was for real, you'd insist on Map 01.