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  1. Icon of Sin. Make him only damagable by a turret on a lift that can't aim up or down.
  2. Cave's games almost always have an inverse relationship between score-flash and quality. The two Cave games that are actually worth playing in a sea of alternatives from other shmup developers -- Donpachi and DOJ (preferably BL, although WL's higher bullet speed and larger hitboxes have their own charms) -- have almost none. "Interesting scoring mechanics" should never be applied to any mode of DFK, especially. DFK scoring, in any version, is pure cancer.
  3. Gotcha! was Romero consciously trying to imitate Petersen's style. Judging from this thread, he apparently did a really good job!
  4. Because it's not really a CAVE shooter in the usual sense; it's a port-exclusive remix mode that wasn't done by their arcade team.
  5. The best part of this thread is the totally random wads it's kicking to the front page in the sidebar. Suddenly, the Yiffy Furry Mod is really popular!
  6. E3 > E4 = E2 >>>>>>>> E1. JXT has it right on E3 (well, he underrates Pandemonium, but it only really works right from a pistol start. Also, the simulated colored lighting in that level always makes me smile.). E4 has three great maps (1, 2, 6) and then a lot of forgettable ones. E2 is hit-and-miss, but some of the intimidating Baron usage is cool; when E2 is really rockin' it's got a certain horror feel to it that's hard to do in Doom. I will never understand the love for E1; shooting harmless zombies through windows, YAWN, "oh but it flows and has windows" oh but who cares.
  7. "Burst damage" in videogames generally refers to situations where attacks have a fairly large amount of time between them but do large damage individually. The railgun in Quake 3, for instance, has high burst damage but low DPS, whereas the Lightning Gun has low burst damage but high DPS.
  8. No way is it less grindy than Sunder, aside from Sunder's absolute worst moments (The Furnace, The Cage, The Hag's Finger). Sunder's layouts tend to funnel monsters at you more efficiently, while what I played of NGMV2 (the first 5 maps) mostly consisted of either shooting monsters that literally couldn't attack me because of poorly-planned arena shapes (Map 02 after the BFG grab and clearing the Manc room, the poorly-conceived "big O shape" at the start of map 03, etc.) or endlessly running in circles around the rim of yet another painfully dull example of the "monster stadium seating" design anti-pattern.
  9. Most popular candidates these days seem to be Rush and Newgothic Movement 2 (both of which I personally think are underwhelming, and I'm also really confused by NIH saying that NGMV2 has high lethality and low grind, but whatever). And, yeah, Sunlust isn't slaughter aside from a couple of late-game maps. It's more influenced by Death-Destiny, who himself mostly evolved on the style of the Chord series.
  10. No, I meant burst damage. Damage over time is nowhere near as ugly as potential damage all-at-once. At close ranges, shotgunner traps are more lethal than chaingunner traps.
  11. I'm really surprised that I'm the first person to vote shotgun guy. You know the only thing worse than fast hitscan damage? Burst hitscan damage.
  12. TBH, I don't think Odyssey of Noises is one of Plutonia's better maps. It's not as much fun to play as Speed, NME, Anti-Christ, Slayer, etc.
  13. Sorry, but this makes it really clear that you're not familiar with the rigors of archery. The skeletons of high-level archers actually become deformed because of the rigors of drawing and holding back the bow. There is a ridiculous amount of tension on those things.
  14. [guitar_nerd] Maybe acid rock, but not metal -- Toni Iommi got his distortion by putting a treble booster in front of his amps to hit the input tube hard and cause it to clip, effectively giving it an additional gain stage. [/guitar_nerd]
  15. Disagreed. I always thought of Doom as "a boring, obsolete FPS that can't do anything that Quake and Unreal don't do better" until I was pointed to Alien Vendetta and Hell Revealed. AV26, in particular, is the map that pretty much sealed the deal for me. (I'm another who would advocate skipping the IWADs. Fite me.) EDIT: I could not disagree with this more. The Scythes and Hell Revealed more than hold up today. Find me a single other megawad in the last five years that plays as well as those three other than Resurgence and maybe Sunlust. Oh, right, you can't.
  16. The timer aspect of the PE is overstated; its real magic is its ability to act as a super-revenant, with only the "projectile's" initial charge originating from the PE's location, and future attacks coming from semi-random directions, breaking up circle strafe patterns without requiring cover. Truly, the king of all enemies.
  17. Start with Plutonia because TNT sucks.
  18. Yeah, being forced to take damage doesn't really mean crap in a game with a lifebar as generous as Doom's. Also, by that metric, Doom 1 and 2 are just as guilty.
  19. Pray tell, exactly what is "fake" or "illegitimate" about Plutonia's monster usage? And, for that matter, how would placing monsters for the sake of being difficult constitute fake difficulty? Wouldn't that be likely to give rise to real difficulty, since difficulty is the goal in the first place?
  20. From best to worst of the ones I've played: Plutonia UDoom E4 Doom 64 Doom 2 Doom 1 E1-E3 Doom 3 Doom 4 Evilution
  21. OBLIGE says hello ;-)
  22. TIL that despite having no idea how to design or texture a techbase that both maps I've released are secretly techbases with different wallpaper.
  23. Whether Eternal is declining or not, I maintain that it was robbery that Endpoint didn't get a Cacoward (and Frozen Time too; WTF, how did that only get runner-up?!?!)
  24. I've barely played Heretic at all, so I have to say "the ones that were redone in Kama Sutra".