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  1. Englander

    The very beginning of the game

    So this game is truly about opening a can of whoopass.
  2. Englander

    What's your favorite part about the new DOOM?

    As others have said, I like to think that this is the original Doom Marine from the older games. Things that really interest me about that. 1:) The classic levels, - Easter eggs/secrets? Or Doom guy reliving his past battles? 2:) The Testaments, love hearing them, also pointing somewhat to the original Doom 3:) The anger, A true ball of rage, I love how ruthless Doomguy is, almost as if he has spent so much time fighting the demonic hoards that he isn't far from a demon himself. 4:) Icon of Sin, in Doom 2's ending it said "it's thrashing limbs devastating untold miles of hells surface", I kind of like to think of that area being the destroyed ruins of Map30, sure it's probably just a tribute, but still. Am I reading too much into it, of fucking course I am, it's Doom, Doom isn't a story driven game by any means, but I certainly liked having those subtle hints to the Doom Saga without them being forced down my throat with modern day cut scenes.
  3. Englander

    Beautiful Doom

    You said a faster pistol and it's own ammo pool suit modern shooters, DN3D isn't a modern shooter is it mate. Anyway fine, you wanted opinions, I gave one.
  4. Englander

    Beautiful Doom

    So Duke Nukem 3D is a modern shooter? sans the "quickdraw" option that's pretty much what I meant. The pistol doesn't become useless when all other weapon ammutions are depleted. Fair enough though, it's your mod and work, and I'm still looking forward to the latest installment. Good luck with it.
  5. Englander

    Beautiful Doom

    Good news, I've always preferred Beautiful Doom to Brutal Doom. What I'd personally like to see: More efficient pistol, make it a true side-arm, have it on quick draw so you can quickly flick between it and the current weapon, would be great for quickly dispatching zombies when you suddenly enter a room and don't want to fire a rocket off. It can fire as fast as you pull the trigger but becomes wildly inaccurate giving it a more tactical use in short bursts. Give it it's own ammo pool, so it doesn't become redundant when you have the chaingun, and make every type of ammo you pick up contain at least 5 - 10 pistol rounds or something like that. That would be my only "would like" really, I wouldn't want to change too much and go in Brutals direction. But I’d enjoy that.
  6. Englander

    Was PC Doom considered scary?

    My first Doom experience was the PSX version, and we all know the ambience of that versions soundtrack sets a very dark creepy tone that many argue fits this type of game, me included. But does that mean that the original is bad? And doesn't fit at all? Of course not, and not for just being the original but it fits the game in a different way. I decided to play some Chocolate Ultimate Doom to take me back what made me love Doom in the first place, and with the capped fps and the old style sounding mus music this game can still get you quite spooked. And the more I play the more the music makes sense. Let me try to explain from my perspective, others may differ: The music for he first episode, set on Phobos, I find is generally more upbeat with a general "military" feel. From a story point of view, the marine really hasn't figured out what's going on yet, it's treated more as an alien invasion with the music more action orientated, the moon is still physically unchanged by demonic forces until you get to the last map where the music is suddenly more gloomy and makes you feel hopeless for what's to come, that this goes deeper and the invasion is far from over. Then we get to Deimos, and the music sets a different tone, E2M2 is a prime example, you really do feel alone and isolated whilst these moon bases have demonic architecture scattered around them as something evil is taking over, and the Tower of Babel music really does suit your first encounter with the Cyberdemon, The Shores of Hell soundtrack is more Horror/Gloomy. And finally Inferno, The Marine at this point knows the deal, he is in Hell, and the music reflexes this, it's unsettling music but with a touch of all the above, action, horror (reused songs) all mixed into the Doomguys final push in the original Doom. Sorry if this dragged on a bit, but hopefully you understand what I mean. the PC Version rocks in it's own way like the PSX Version rocks in another.
  7. Englander

    The name of the Doom Marine.

    One of the track names in Doom 2 is called "Shawn's got the shotgun", so I dunno, maybe it's Shawn? Or was originally intended to be at some point? Either way, I like the fact that he has no name. Because as Romero said, it's YOU.