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  1. I realize that DWF is probably one of the worst places imaginable to ask for advice, but theres nobody else that I'd like to bother about this.

    Pretty much I would like opinions on whether I should stay in college or not. I've done it for half a semester and while the social stuff (off campus of course) is really great going to class and learning is pretty shitty. And its looking pointless. I know a lot of people that have spend years and thousands to get a degree only to work a rather low salary job that might not even be related to their field. I also know a lot of people straight out of high school who get a job and make not quite as much, but arent paying back student loans. Along with this I just fucking hate college. But all these people expect shit of me, so its like I have to stay, and in some ways I feel as if I have to stay. Also I have to get a job before I can just walk out of here. So if some sagely blog reader person would care to dispense their wisdom that would be just great

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    2. Danarchy


      I have like the opposite problem. I really want to go to college, but I can't afford it. Instead I'm stuck in a dead end job in an apartment I can barely afford.

    3. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      Made any plans on how to accomplish that?

    4. spank


      Ever seen Fight Club?