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  1. chaoscorp

    Earth Special Forces Mod

    SO....i´m so embaraced to say: FUCK ZDOOMMMMM .IT CRASHES!!!!!!. USE LEGACY....!!!!!! The mod has now a new name : Secret Missions and i´m rebuilding up all the wad again. Now it´s an isle with many monsters. Look at my other POST THREAD called "Who wants to join me?".
  2. chaoscorp

    Black guy player skin?

    In skulltag there is a black chaingunner(i think).
  3. And you think that "-mb" is a great implemented parameter???? Look at the code in visual c++ and you will see----> nothing----> that means that the Legacy just didn´t put that parameter for some reasons jet. Nice An for you all funny guys: LEGACY IS THE BEST PORT!!!! and Zdoom crashes .That´s for me the only reason that I changed(again) to Legacy.
  4. chaoscorp

    Who want´s to join me?

    I think i cannot do any better and realistic weapon than Duke&Rott Weapons(i mean the hands etc...) And I haven´t got time enough for doing "new weapons"(i´m a newbie on weapons). So... If you like it or not... I´ll stay with ripped sprites
  5. chaoscorp

    Who want´s to join me?

    Sorry... But i need to remake the weapons because i´ll make the mod for Legacy.So the minigun will be ok. The pistol is unlimited(fist) and the weap2 is an Uzi. k?
  6. What do YOU all want? LEGACY IS THE BEST PORT!!!!
  7. chaoscorp

    Who want´s to join me?

    I think you´ll need so much. Truely---> They are more than 999 Shells(And you will need them ). You need them for the minigun.
  8. let me tell ya something: .....:::CSDOOM... That was a joke.
  9. chaoscorp

    EE 3.33.01 Released

    i cannot download anything on your page
  10. Thx... But my conclusion is: Doomsday = Best (But my computer is a trash. So i can´t use it) CSdoom= Counter Strike Doom??? That´s not a good mix. Zdoom = Crashes (Why???) Zdaemon = nice and crashy Eternety = ohhhh. What a good buffer overflow crash PRBoom = Sssssoundddssss.... gooddddd Boom = forget it So the best useful source port for me is...... Tada!!!! Doom Legacy: Pro: +3dfloors +Fast and compatible code +Water effects +Dehacked Support +Own basic script(easy) +Play with a friend if you are bored Contra: -It crashes in opengl mode(thx to my graphic card) -Bad Netcode -You cannot put more weapons&monsters(That´s a nice shit.You can only replace) -memfree cmd doesn´t exist.So it takes only 20MB from your memory.
  11. chaoscorp

    Doomsday 1.9 beta-1

    So... that pictures show that I should buy a new pc. 30 fps.... lol My pc doesn´t reach it. Max= 20 fps.
  12. chaoscorp

    I need a few suggestions for a Mall level.

    look at the zombie wad in Idstuff. There are pretty sprites for a mall and for a city(eg: clothes etc...).
  13. chaoscorp

    Who want´s to join me?

    ehmmm. I´ve got a problem. I don´t know which engine to use (except Zdoom[get´s on my nerve (CRASH CRASH CRASH)]). So i don´t know how to put so many monsters etc in the wad.
  14. i´m using the same version as you. 96 and it´s a shit!!! i´m so mad mood because of ZDOOM. I could use gun for shooting at Zdoom! If i play in fullscreen , then it restarts my pc(it´s always different). I´ve no viruses in my machine . My pc is clean and is updated. So... Zdoom is the problem.
  15. well i tried today zdoom and zdaem0n(older code) and BOTH OF THEM ARE A SHIT!!!! They crash every second. My god!!! how´s about coding a new engine without crashes that support many IWADS(without limits). I was making a new mod but im sick and tired of restarting ZDOOM and ZDAEMON all the time. Do somebody of you know a similar engine to Zdoom?(that doesn´t crash!!! :( I´m writing THIS to you for saying: XP Pro+ Zdoom + PWAD = SHIT!!!! Make a campaign (i don´t know ) against Zdoom!!!. Help me Help me.... I tried Legacy but it has many bugs (but the CODE is stable). HELP!!!!!! HELP!!!!