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  1. Corbinchu

    Looking for an old, old wad named Doom 3.

    I have it, played it the other day... 15 meg file though! And Doom ver 1.2 also! Any chance you would like to help us out on the sequel?
  2. Corbinchu

    Doom 3: Smiley Head's Safari Ressurected

    http://doom4.150m.com just a pic of Smiley holding a lightsaber. Nothing special... :)
  3. Corbinchu

    Procrastination and Beavis and butthead

    Um, I didn't know it was busted. I should then probably stop making one then. I have the B&B Doom Total Conversion. Downloaded it last week. If it was by ByteBrothers Software -- I HAVE IT. E-mail me and ask for it. Think that The Doom Gods would be told to shut down the mod too? Cause they are half-way done with it, so totally a spin-off of the Sega Genesis version. Um, yea, like I said, anyone want it I got it. :) Seriously. Any old mod out there I CAN GET. :)
  4. What's up? As our Test draws near for Resident Evil Unleashed, we over at SuperSonic Software have been quietly devising a game that Doom fans haven't seen in awhile. Dr_Nick, you might want to listen up. First off, let me say this. You might be thinking: "WTF? SuperSonic Software? What happened to The Doom Gods?" Well, nothing. See, back when Lobo quit the Doom Gods, I was doomed, becuase there was no one good enough to help me. And that's when the mail started pouring in. Big Time. Our team consisted of 15. A Little Big, we decided to form into two different teams, each sister teams. Second, yes, you may of heard about Doom 3: Smiley Head's Safari. Well, hear no more. The sequel to it, codenamed Doom 4: The Lost Valley of the Jedi is in development by SuperSonic Software! The so-called Doom 4 never gotten released. And now that we have source ports, we can REALLY have fun. Um, I will post a pic of our progress so far, tomarrow, FOR SURE! The Plot? Well, we are a little rusty on plots. We were going to ask you guys. And what game should it be ran on? Doom, Doom II, or Stand-Alone with a source port? Anyways, Smiley defeats the Spider Boss at the end of Ep. 3. But it is not complete. Totally dirrived from every thing else, he finally realizes. Trouble in the Galaxy. That's when he meets Luke Skywalker, and together you two must defeat Vader and the Empire. New plot twists will be throw in to make sure it's not old news. BTW, if we are sure that the original developers of Doom 3 (not The Game by Id) aren't around anymore, we will take it and will become copyrighted to us, since were working on the sequel. SPECIAL BONUS: Whoever joins the team and wants to work on it (hey, this is a mod that wont even take half a year to complete and still be kick ass) will get Doom 3: SHS. In fact, I still have the old sucker, in version 1.2. So don't get your hopes up about source ports. Anyone interested? If so, contact Intel_Man at: intel_man01@yahoo.com Thanks for you guys' support! Later.
  5. Corbinchu

    Big City Maps

    We DO have a level designer, but he doesn't know anything major. I mean, come on! Just because I am in a team, don't criticize it. Don't judge it from its cover. I thought we all got over this. :) Anyways, we have a level designer, but we need one that has worked on past projects. You wont be dissapointed in the Test. Sign up for it! At least you guys show interest in this mod. Other guys on other pages about Doom and Resident Evil think it sucks becuase it's on the Doom/Edge engine, and not on the Half-life or Quake 3 engines. Tell me something, does graphics really matter in a game to make it good?
  6. Corbinchu

    Big City Maps

    Yeah, she has a point. The Yahoo! attachments link wouldn't run fast enough, so we didn't get it to anybody. We are half-way done to fixing the problems, including a new e-mail adress and attachment system. We also had team members come and leave, so we are in a tough position. So far, we have 3 team members, excluding intel_man01. But I should've told Doomworld on the main news page, but I was afraid that it would make this the kind of thing Daikatana was. Overly-hyped. But note, we haven't stopped work. Many things have been done to it, and those shit screenshots on the page are shit. A team member of ours put them up on there before the server went down, and apparently the team member [name cut] felt that we should suffer. I mean come on! The big pic of Chris and Zombie Dog is TOTALLY FAKE! Once we get the server up, the uploading part, Intel_Man01 will post some new 100% REAL screenshots (actually, everthing except the big pic is real], and Dark_Photon will update the page often. We now have a messageboard on the site so any comments, suggestions, etc. should be posted there, rather than e-mailing them to me or D_P. Anyways, getting that out of the way, the public test will be open next week, if we are lucky. Yeah, and I removed my old signature. Many things have happened from then to now, and I learned my lessons. Any suggestions to her [intel_man01's] post?
  7. Corbinchu

    Does EDGE 1.27 support BOTS?

    What's up! Love the site design. Yes, moan and groan, i am back. Me and Intel*Man (actually a girl) decided to take a trip to the Doomworld forums again to see what's up! I have a question. Edge 1.27. Does it support BOTS? Because our coding of the other interactable characters have moster code, and I noticed [like the Cajun Bot for Legacy] that Bots are a lot smarter than monster code. Is there a program that will allow CO-OP bots in EDGE? I remember a bot program back then when EDGE was DosDoom. Did that support COOP bots? Thanks!
  8. Corbinchu

    Resident Evil project on hold...

    For some reason my site is lagging big time...
  9. Corbinchu

    Resident Evil project on hold...

    Well, better than this original one (with the mp3) notinsane.net/thedoomgods Am I right or wrong? And, yes, I know the current website is kinda ugly but when I learn more about Frontpage I will make it better. If anyone passes by please post in the forums! Thanks!
  10. Corbinchu

    different features

    Yeah, that would be cool. But, *is* there a way as of now that would allow you to implent avis and mpeg, mpg, mov, etc. into Doom using EDGE? If not, how do I make it work with EDGE? (1.27)
  11. Corbinchu

    Resident Evil project on hold...

    Besides, I am not a Doom God anymore, I am with SuperSonic Software, so, HAH! :)
  12. Corbinchu

    Resident Evil project on hold...

    WE don't mean it literally. Besides, we are all pretty good at Doom, so we chose that name. God, don't get all bugged out over a freakin' name...
  13. Corbinchu

    Resident Evil project on hold...

    What's so wrong with my site this time? Doesn;t that give you proof that The Doom Gods are making the freakin game? Or do you need screenshots? What's the deal? Oh, and anything you dislike about it, like anything about it, want to clarify things, tell us your bad dreams, your pet fish, anything, feel free to post it in my forums...
  14. Corbinchu

    Resident Evil project on hold...

    Everyone, PROOF that the team got the REU site up, but not in it's entirety (not like my last site, though), go to: thedoomgods.150m.com or thedoomgods.150m.com No new updating has been done to the notinsane site, so don't bother going there. THe RUE site has a messageboard up too! All courtesy of me. Screenshots are getting worked on... I am excited to what you guys have to say on the forums. -seeya * Corbachu
  15. Corbinchu

    Zdoom to Edge 1.27? Possible?

    Hey... I was wondering if you can convert things from Zdoom to Edge (1.27). Is there a way? Thanks guys. I know I have been a pain in the @$$, but I just need answering. Thanks!