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  1. Zorro

    ZDoom's Treasure Chest

    It probably came out wrong. Some of the works that turn up are truly amazing and fit perfectly in the doom world, however I often see projects which have great potential; Brilliant mappers and highly skilled artists, but the content is confined to the limitations of doom. Now, I'm not saying the limitations of doom are a bad thing - for doom - but when people change all of the gameplay mechanics, change the mindset of the game, and throw in entirely new content, they are virtually making a completely new game. What I don't understand is that if you are going to do *this* much work, why you choose doom. It is these projects that I don't understand (and not understanding does not mean I don't have respect them). The typical doom "megawad," I understand, but if you are starting from scratch, why?
  2. Zorro

    Motion sickness in Doom (or other FPS)

    I sorta lean to the left and right as I zip around in doom, but I've never gotten sick from any game. Part of it may be related to the fact that I have been playing doom for 10 years now (since I was 5 ^_^).
  3. Zorro

    ZDoom's Treasure Chest

    Although I'll be the first to admit that some of the features that ZDoom and the derived ports provide are purely astounding, I am drawn away by the lack of support for operating systems other then crappy old windows (I'll spare you all the rant from this point.) One thing I don't understand is why people put so much effort into wads. Many of the large ones have multiple highly detailed maps, elaborate plot-lines, almost entirely new content, music, sounds, ect. I can't understand why people who are willing to do that much work don't instead invest it in an entirely new game or a more modern engine.
  4. Zorro

    Skulltag 97D Beta 4 Released!

    Kudos to Alexmax for hitting the nail right on the head. Look at odamex. It's original developers went through hell to release it under the GPL license, but now that they have made it, it is paying off. Patches and advice come from users of the community all the time. The large burden of having to be everywhere all the time is removed from the lead developers and things which fall through the cracks can be handled by common doom fans with a little bit of coding knowledge. Closed source is never a solution when it comes to preventing cheats. It makes things a pain, sure, but cheats still get made. If I remember correctly, a new wallhack was made for skulltag _very_ shortly after the new OpenGL renderer was added. Closed source tools (like punkbuster ect.) are also no good because they can just as easily subverted. If it is something like a proxy, then by nature it doesn't need to be closed source since it runs remotely. If you look at Sauerbraten, you will find that it does not have a single line of anti-cheat code in it (the cube anti-cheat concept which someone mentioned earlier was abandoned in sauer). The way it works is by trust (kudos to someone else who mentioned this). You are trusted with the permission to temporarily ban any player you wish from a server (any server, not just YOUR servers), but only one player is able to have that permission at a time. As long as that permission is held by someone you trust, that game can not be ruined. It can be interrupted perhaps, but the cheater will meet a swift ban and will not be able to rejoin until the server empties. It's a concept which works beautifully. When I say "thirded," I'm not trying to be a dick. There is reasoning behind my actions.
  5. how do you make perfect stars in Doom Builder, is there a way? otherwise, can someone link me to a prefab of one. (actually, don't, I'm going to rip one out of a wad) edit: AHHH it won't work, I need to make my own pentagram somehow :(
  6. Zorro

    Small incriments suck in DB!!!

    *dead topic* if it gets stitched and you didn't want it to, aou can ctrl-Z to make it unstitch without getting rid of the line too
  7. compleatly edited: okay, I need to figure out how to set up strife dialoges in Zdoom. Can someone link me to a tutorial or help out?
  8. Zorro

    TITLEPIC Request / Question

    mabey it can, never checked :P
  9. Umm, I just recently downloaded strife and fell in love with the way you can interact with people throughout the world. I want to some-how emulate this effect in ZDoom (but using doom instead of Strife) so I made a list of requierments to get it of the ground. How do I do these? - Take controll away from player (prevent movement, rotation, and shooting) - prompt user for input (ouch, this is the main problem. Is there any way to chek the status of specific keys?) I have a feeling the only way is by using strife :\ Edit: I removed a part before I posted and forgot to remove another part that referenced it
  10. Zorro

    TITLEPIC Request / Question

    yey! There are palletes somewhere! It was a real pain to hand-copy doom's color pallete into GIMP (like photoshop, but GNU and free) so I never finished. I never knew there were palletes anywhere and I am quite sure Doom's format wouldn't work with GIMP anyway. now I guess I just need to convert a "heared of" file format (photoshop pallete) info another (gimp pallete).
  11. Zorro

    double-sided button

    okay, it's a drawback, but I got it working. now onto wavy deep water (I know how to do this one) :)
  12. Zorro

    double-sided button

    alrighty then :/
  13. Zorro

    the sky-paradox is underrated

    I agree. I don't see why you can't just lower teh sky sector's floor and set it's floor and sky texture to F_SKY along with horizon walls. But then again, I only have experiance in ZDoom and don't know if it would work properly in other ports edit: I was playing around with Doom 2. I got a floating platform working :)
  14. Zorro

    double-sided button

    sUper newb question here, how do I make a linedef activatable from both sides? there's this elevator that you need to activate it from both sides in order to use it properly. I use Doom Builder (if it matters :|)
  15. skip to bottom ----------------- Whenever I load an example wad (for Zdoom, or any wad as a matter of fact, so far, except for the doom iwads) I get a buttload of errors and the wad doesn't resemble a wad at all. It's just a random heap of lines and things. Am I doing anything wrong? ps: wads I have made in doom builder load correctly, and all the wads that don't work in Z-doom :\ Version 1.67 build 375 ------------------------------------------ gah, I feel so n00b, wrong format :X