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  1. Mikko_Sandt

    City Assault

    Played this and your two other city maps in Brutal Doom and had a good time. In fact, I haven't had this much fun with Doom in a very long time.
  2. Mikko_Sandt

    Duke Nukem 3D corner

    The Gate is is awesome in my books but there are many levels (the TC is huge) that may turn people off due to unfair puzzles or confusing layout. It's worth the trouble though, but not really representative of what Duke3D mappers can do these days. Yeah, and it's a great way to familiarize yourself with tons of high-quality usermaps without having to download each one separately.
  3. Mikko_Sandt

    Question for atheists

    Ever read the Bible? Now that's bleak. If the Christian God did exist, I'd support overthrowing his regime.
  4. Mikko_Sandt

    Duke Nukem 3D corner

    Btw, if any of you are looking for an excuse to play Duke3D again, I suggest you take a look at mods like Attrition or Weapon of Mass Destruction that allow you to play the original episodes but with a different spin.
  5. Mikko_Sandt

    Visit to id in '93

    That sounds a bit silly. Maybe you can specify who made these rules because I forgot to check them out? There is no way one can abuse the quicksave function, for example. It is there so that it can be used, preferably often. A level designer who doesn't take this into account should not design levels. I also disagree with the points you made about games being, in general, shorter and easier than they used to be. To what exactly do you compare modern games? The claim that games are easier than they were is usually made by people who have played for more than a decade. Our skills have obviously gotten better. When I played Sonic 2 as a kid it was somewhat hard to preserve enough lives to beat the final boss. Now I can go back to the game and beat the final boss with at least 10 lives still left. Oh, and that game takes maybe two hours to complete. When I started playing shooters I used only keyboard; obviously things got much easier once I mastered the mouse as well. I'm sure this applies to many of us. The games didn't get easier; we just got better. Surely some games are short but some games have always been short. On the other hand we now have tons of games with multiplayer modes you spend hundreds of hours playing to compensate for "short" single-player campaigns. ("Short" because new shooters still take me a week or two to complete, the same as before since I tend to enjoy them in small doses instead of trying to force myself to get it done in one night.)
  6. Mikko_Sandt

    Visit to id in '93

    Cool stuff, Romero rocks! Interesting to pick up all these details they changed at the last minute. Noticed the "Monster Condo" track (Doom 2) being played in Doom 1.
  7. Mikko_Sandt

    The /newstuff Chronicles #339

    Stuck in the city level of Da Will. Haven't found any keys so could someone point me in the right direction?
  8. Mikko_Sandt

    Deus Vult II: First Edition Released

    Any screenshots (other than the one posted already)?
  9. Mikko_Sandt

    More Than a Simple Release

    Heh - yap - that's me:) Anyways - I'm at level nine now. The game crashes every now and then when I save but I guess that's because of my ZDoom version.
  10. Mikko_Sandt

    More Than a Simple Release

    Works now. Thanks.
  11. Mikko_Sandt

    More Than a Simple Release

    I get: "Script error: 'MAPINFO' line 5: bad syntax"
  12. Mikko_Sandt

    The /newstuff Chronicles #240

    GeoX got a bit too hard a few times but other than that - fantastic. Design, theme and flow were all of top quality - just too bad that I wanted to start dicing people during those few frustrating scenes.
  13. Mikko_Sandt

    The /newstuff Chronicles #239

    Keep these 'funny' reviews coming! That's the reason why I check doomworld twice a day now.