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  1. Regen

    Black Friday Riot Breaks Out At Walmart

    Yerp. The powdered kind too... No funnel (and of course the milk) He then proceeded to do the 'ole shake-a-renio with his backside to the camera and dispensed a tall glass full directly from the source, which he then proceeded to consume. Well i cant say it absolutely tops black friday shenanigans (or the viciousness of it) but at least he wasn't harming anyone else in the process i guess is my point. but to know what man is capable of in those respects... uhg. Still no way ill do black friday. i recently hit it lucky with a few online purchases. i find ebay a good source for deals when you narrow your search with your country, and 'buy it now' option (no haggling its for sellers who want to sell now so its going to be a good deal usually) and you could also check the free shipping box but that cuts out to many choices i find so i usually leave that un-checked. shipping is not all that bad most of the time, your buying online after all. And many other places out there..
  2. Regen

    Black Friday Riot Breaks Out At Walmart

    I thought i lost faith in humanity when i was dubiously tricked into clicking on a link which opened up an animated gif of a man making chocolate milk in his butt with nestle quick. i do believe this tops that. I have never even attempted shopping 'Black Fridays' due to the fact that they show the horrid viscous outcome of such events on the evening news following them. who would want to put them self's through that? for a $199-299 laptop that they are only going to have 5-10 of per store? with a crowd line wrapping around the building at 5 a.m.? And this has been going on for years. one year a major shopping mall in my area had to close early due to the crowds and riotous conditions that began shortly after they opened their door's. You want a good deal? scour the internet. there is always good deals to be had. black friday 24/7.
  3. Regen

    Dick Clark

    lol i felt the same way. it was depressing. but i give my respects. rest in peace..
  4. Regen

    Any of you live in Romania here?

    Isn't he with somebody else? i could have swore hearing something along those lines too. by him actually, like in his blog or something..
  5. Regen

    Quake I vs Quake II

    Quake1 for atmosphere quake2 for orange techno cyborg goodness (graphics may not have aged well) Im currently playing through Quake's mission pack 2 "Dissolution of Eternity" (Rogue) using the Dark places engine. Quake1 is more more diverse and immersive than quake2 in my opinion. I usually play through quake2 every year/couple years just for nostalgic reasons. Whereas quake1 usually gets a yearly play through roughly.
  6. Yea go hang out at wikipedia and follow the references and source trails like bread crumbs and the next thing you know it will be 4 a.m. Or you could watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXw6BkZ-gdY
  7. Regen

    Looking for this old racing game

    It could have been a one off. nothing from a series or major publisher. a promo or manufacturers demo. mercedes benz, chevrolet, ford and a myriad of other makes have all had them at one time or another. even from frozen food and cereal products 'send ins' or 'in box' (red baron pizza had one back in the ninety's) Or a combination of two or more games leading one to think that it was actually a game but memory doesn't serve one to actually remember they are thinking of features from two separate games.
  8. Regen

    Copyright Bill S.978, Any LPers Here?

    Were you partaking in a typical, one of many american recreational activity's while you wrote this letter of yours to congress? I know a lot of americans are not like this but sadly an alarming number are with their fond past times and many wonder why restricting laws get passed the way they do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JPfnJVEr8E&playnext=1&list=PL8E0E5045A92C03BD (Didn't want to muck up the thread with embedding)
  9. Regen

    Looking for this old racing game

    Ive been through this. spent like three years because i couldn't remember the name of it or where to even start. so one bored night i went through cnet's download.com library looking up 'racing' like i would from time to time back then, and lo and behold about 10-15 pages in there it was "Speed Busters" American highways. Im not saying this is the game your looking for, but you might try over there if you have the time to go through tons of other stuff in the process and you might get lucky. use various search terms if you an idea of what it might be called even or just use racing and see if you hit it lucky. there catalog of games gos back to 1996. if it was released in a demo form they will have it.
  10. Regen

    Ryan Dunn performs his last stunt

    He was probably already having alcohol blackouts. or micro blackouts. the body's motor skills taking and acting upon the last set of instructions and continuing to execute them without the person being conscious momentarily. His foot continuing to depress the accelerator pedal down and when he finally awoke 10-15 seconds later and realized what was happening he couldn't make the turn in the road or brake hard enough i would imagine. but then again i really don't know. A bunch of backwoods idiots making a fortune off of stupidity. johnny knoxville sure knew he had something and made everybody hundreds of millions in the process. A little OT: bam margera had something recently happen to him, his friend filled up his purple lamborghini lp640 (or whatever it is) with diesel fuel totally destroying the motor and fuel system.
  11. Regen

    Duke Never Comes Early

    Funny thing is the night before take-two interactive filed its lawsuit against 3d realms inc. George Broussard ("georgeb3dr" on twitter) posted a picture of a huge buffet of catered in broasted chicken feast for like twenty on these long tables to be consumed prior to the regular on-going daily world of warcraft battles (that he himself described in his post) and the-then and highly invested into developers (they just received an additional 5 mil not too long prior) of duke nukem forever would partake in. To this day i highly believe that's the straw that broke the camels back with take-two. but i could be wrong its just the series of events that took place at the time convinced me that they should have been finishing a game they were being paid to finish.
  12. Regen

    advice on which laptop screen to get

    More like grey and nicotine stained yellow. a testament to how wide spread and common smoking was in public and the workplace.
  13. Regen

    PC Gaming of Yore

    Their were monthly computer shows in my area but they kinda of been tapering off some in the last 7 years or so. the winter ones were busier than the summer ones, like right around the holiday season. but the last couple i went to the turn out wasn't that great. Late fall and early winter is when the feeling of nostalgia comes on to me the most. i attribute that mainly to the game releases of what i liked to play at the time. like doom, the early need for speed series and quake. before that i would spend so much time downloading games/programs/utils off of bbs's i would never mess with more than just the odd demo or two. though i had a ton of shareware cd's that would keep me more than busy in the gaming dept. All that earlier stuff was on a 286. one thing i don't miss was my 486, i tredged through years with that thing all the while being aware of the pentium class processor and its floating point unit ability's. i even downloaded a program that would mimic a floating point unit on a 486 so i could play the quake demo when it hit the bbs's. Due to various factors i was delayed in upgrading my computer for a year and a half until tax time in which i bought myself a pentium 133. then everything came to life. dooms and quakes pixels danced before me in true fluid brilliance. then the onslaught of the 3dfx cards and lara croft and the rest is history (from that era)
  14. Regen

    Yet another Id retrospective

    I don't think they automatically "own" it, its that they have the first shot at it. he would have to present it, or the idea to them first (IBM) for the use of it or exploitation of it. Like Steve Wozniak from apple computers earliest days, he didn't mention to Steve jobs that he had to present anything he created or designed to the heads of Hewlett Packard first for them to decide whether or not they would be interested in it. And that Mattel employee who created that line of dolls in his free time and failed to mention this to the heads there, well he lost and lost the patents to his creation to Mattel, and the dolls had to be pulled from the shelves. Its my understanding if IBM wouldn't be interested in the idea/new product then he would be free to seek a means of venture capital or another company who would be interested in his idea, or the exploitation of it.
  15. Regen

    Original Doom from mail order?

    I burned my original floppy's to a cd. made a batch file so they would read consecutively during install. haven't done a physical install with the originals since about 2001 and god only knows if they still read. i made the cd back in 04 so im thinking of re-archiving them to a new cd just in case. Anyone waiting on original doom floppy's and counting on them still working good luck. (i know its the collecting and nostalgia that counts) ive re-purchased this game on cd twice and even my ultimate doom cd that i bought in 2002 is showing its age. Tons of wad floppy's, my original work gone due to age.