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  1. fifafreak18

    Shadows on textures

    On a wad im working on at the mometn i have a room with three doors, im using doombuilder btw, i have only made 2 of the doors because when testplaying the map the doors are shrouded by "shadows". The texture is SHAWN2. I don't know if its the sorrounding area or lights or what not but does anyone have any advice? Thank you in advance.
  2. fifafreak18

    Why Doom, of all games?

    My theory is that DooM was revolutionary, without DooM modern FPS' would be a joke. And like people have said, we grew up around it, and it is so easily customizable (although i can't make a map for crap :))
  3. fifafreak18

    Editing help ["Sectors not closed"]

    give us a more zoomed out picture and then maybe i can tell you, that picture doesn't give, well me, a good enough view.
  4. fifafreak18

    DooM Folder Size

    all in all i prolly have about 1.9 gigs, i download wads and if i like them i keep 'em and if i don't like or they don't stand out i get rid of them. I got 3 folders consisting of doom stuff which i plan on putting in one folder soon enough but DooM3, a folder with a bunch of wads in it, and a folder of wads me and my friend are working on/finished...which is not very big.
  5. fifafreak18

    My newb questions!

    So i have a problem..like always but usually i work them out myself. Anyway, im trying to make 3 linedefs to sorround a door. All the linedefs are the same except for there width. The problem is when i make the linedef with the gate texture (brnsml3) or something like that, it only goes about halfway down the lenght of the rest of the room. basically its a floating gate. Is there some way i can extend the texture or should i raise the floor and use stairs? If you don't understand what i mean just tell me and i'll give you further explanation. Also all my monsters are shooting through the walls once i enter an area, i tried making them deaf, not know what that did but it didn't fix it, and i tried making the linedefs in that room and the room the monsters were in 'Block Monster'. Any more suggestions?
  6. fifafreak18

    I have a question ["how to edit stats of guns and maps"]

    ^ true. You can also check the texture assginment section of that line and if it say 'Missing texture'anywhere fill it in with the texture you want for that line. Also a common one is having a Double-sided line that doesn't have a backside. I'm pretty sure that you can find many tuts on "mirror effect"