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  1. Baron-Of-Hell

    What THE FUCK is this Doom 64 TC thing?!?!?!

    I understand if you do not wish to answer my question, but I've been wondering for ages now, does the special alien gun get upgraded when you collect the three special keys? Also, do the special keys help you in the final battle with the Mother Demon?
  2. Baron-Of-Hell

    Lost Episodes of Doom

    If anybody is still interested in the Lost Episodes of Doom then this is the best web page on the internet to go for information on it, it even has a really cool patch that fixes level names in between levels and on the map screen... http://doomworld.com/pageofdoom/wadpack/lostdoom.html And what a surprise, it's hosted by doomworld :)
  3. Baron-Of-Hell

    Doom3 New Monsters?

    Resident Evil 2 has Impish things that crawl on the walls and ceilings...
  4. Baron-Of-Hell

    ZDoom 2.0 B36 Bugs

    Are there any known bugs in the latest version of ZDoom? Has the bug which made the difficulty level change between levels been fixed?
  5. Baron-Of-Hell

    The Two Towers - Requiem Overture

    Have any of you heard the full version of the orchestral trailer music from the newest Two Towers trailer? It is one of the best pieces of music I have heard and it moved me in a way that no music has before. Because it was composed by Clint Mansell it is the only LOTR track that is not on the soundtrack, sigh... Anyway, you just have to listen to it and you can download it here...
  6. Baron-Of-Hell

    Your special movie...

    1. The Fellowship of the Ring 2. The Two Towers 3. Back to the Future 4. Back to the Future 2 5. Back to the Future 3 6. Army of Darkness
  7. Baron-Of-Hell

    Favorite Author?

    1. J.R.R. Tolkien 2. Ian Flemming
  8. Baron-Of-Hell

    What was the game that started it all for you??????

    Fire & Ice, Magic Pockets and Terminator 2. All on the Omega... The two games that affected me the most though were the original Doom and Donkey Kong Country :)
  9. Baron-Of-Hell

    Eternal Doom Music Muddle

    Anybody? Does anyone even have the Eternal Doom MIDIs?
  10. Baron-Of-Hell

    Eternal Doom Music Muddle

    I am positive that somewhere in this list a few of these tracks have the wrong names, if they do could someone please point them out to me so I can correct them? I want to add them to my collection but I'm sure I have made a mistake and giving some of them the wrong names but I just don't know which ones! Eternal Doom 01 - Introduction to Death Eternal Doom 02 - Intermission Music Eternal Doom 03 - Endgame Map 01 - Searching! Map 02 - Deathmarch Reprise Map 03 - Mission Possible Map 04 - Suspense! Map 05 - Eternal Doom Map 06 - Mysterious Map 07 - Barabbas Map 08 - Spectres Map 09 - Hellspawn Map 10 - Suspense Reprise Map 11 - The Lost Souls Map 12 - Death March Map 13 - Instant Death! Map 14 - Fugue in A Minor Map 15 - Death Bells Map 16 - Impending Death Map 17 - Indian Song Map 18 - Death Assured Map 19 - Psychopathic Evil Map 20 - Simple Death Map 21 - The Battle Map 22 - Death in D Minor Map 23 - Trooper Procession Map 24 - Hell's Bells Map 25 - Death Jam Map 26 - Doomin' Map 27 - Barabbas Reprise Map 28 - War Cry Map 29 - Death Assured Reprise Map 30 - Death Sword Map 31 - UAC 5-0 Map 32 - Cyber Hunt
  11. Baron-Of-Hell

    The End of an Era

    We could always build a shrine and worship him... Thank you Ling for all your hard work and dedication to this community and good luck in the future!
  12. Baron-Of-Hell

    Wintex 4.2

    I have just got Wintex 4.7 to work, I had to unzip 4.1 and then unzip all the others over it, so you DO need some files from earlier versions after all! Oh yeah, thanks Ichor :)
  13. Baron-Of-Hell

    Wintex 4.2

    Have you tried using Wintex 4.1?
  14. Baron-Of-Hell

    Wintex 4.2

    Yes I already have that one but thanks anyway, maybe someone else here has... Of course, if you want to take a look at 4.7 then you can go here... http://doortohell.tripod.com/ If you don't already have VBRUN300 then you should get this because Wintex does not work without it... http://www.1reviews.com/dll/vbrun.shtml
  15. Baron-Of-Hell

    Wintex 4.2

    No it does work, but none of them work as good 4.1 or 4.2, look at this, I recon this is the reason... Wintex 4.1 has 12 files (works great) Wintex 4.3 has 8 files (works pretty average) Wintex 4.7 has 3 files (doesn't work at all) Also if you want Memento Mori music that is not scrambled use Wintex 4.1 because it worked for me :) I want Wintex 4.2 because I'm pretty sure it is just as good but has more options than 4.1...