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  1. MetalGearSnake

    Error with 3D Mode

    I've had this problem since I changed my screen resolution. I tried changing the resolution back, but it did not solve the problem. Whenever I go into 3D mode in Doombuilder, I get this error: "Error -2147221501 while initializing 3D mode: Direct3D could not be started." I've tried reinstalling the latest version of DirectX, but it did not help. If anyone can help me with my problem, it would be much appreciated. EDIT: Switching 3D mode to run in full screen seems to have solved the problem. If I have any more issues, I'll post them here.
  2. MetalGearSnake

    Side-Scrolling Doom

    Yeah, that's the one i was talking about.
  3. MetalGearSnake

    Side-Scrolling Doom

    I remember someone using Game Maker (gamemaker.nl) to make a Doom sidescroller. It was quite fun actually. (BTW: i use game maker often, thats why i know this.)
  4. MetalGearSnake

    doom wad name generator

    Hey, this is rather neat. Let's see: LIBRARY OF DEATH- You'll be bored to death! ALTAR OF THE CRYPT OF SIN- They made an alter for the crypt, wow. CRYPT OF SIN- Kinda ironic that I got this once next, heh. DEATH'S CATHEDRAL- I actually like this one! CLASSIC BASE WAD- E1M1 homage. MARS DARK FACILITY- And there's no duct tape. CYBERDEMON LIBRARY- Them big guys gotta stay smart. FLESH MINES- Hey! Let's mine some flesh! BEYOND THE FLESH WAD- Woo! More flesh! EVIL FLESH- This flesh is starting to stink. VILE COURTYARD- Probally smells vile from all the flesh. FLESH CASTLE- ...... >_< SPIDERDEMON STATION- We'll fuel up yer spider fer only 1.59 a gallon! Well, there were some cool ones that showed, but I kinda only wanted to show the funny ones. Nice job.
  5. MetalGearSnake


    Mom jokes aside, they do look similar. Maybe the chaingunner is where the movie makers got the idea for what's his name, Sarge?
  6. MetalGearSnake

    some graphics...

    I think the forum might automatically change the image to that message. Anyways, the canyon one and the Saturn-ish one are good! Edit: Nope, the forum doesn't change it. edit by mod: nope, but I do Edit2: lol, I thought a mod or something was changing them, lol.
  7. MetalGearSnake

    Extreme metal and Doom

    I listen to Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, etc. while I play Doom. It's not exactly extreme metal, but it's hard rock, close enough. I have listened to metal while playing Doom. It IS made for metal music!
  8. MetalGearSnake

    major error in the doom3 collectors edition

    I think this is glitched like this because they decided to add the old Dooms at the last moment as an extra on the collector's edition. I don't think they put much work into porting these as well as they could. So, they didn't bother to add the varying skys on each episode.
  9. MetalGearSnake

    Doom for the Nintendo DS.

    Holy crap. This idea is like an idea I had! Great idea man! I'd love to play DS Doom. Imagine if there were like 32 artifacts hidden through the game. And every 4 or 8 artifacts gives you a cool Doom-mini game that uses the ds stylus.
  10. MetalGearSnake

    Anyone else have dreams about Doom?

    I remember shortly after I got Doom last year. (I Hadn't played it since I was like 3.) I had a dream that I was in playing Doom in a large outside area. It was like a heck area, the ground was red and there were Imps, Demons, and others all around. There was lava flowing to my left. I had played for a while and those hanging bodies had been attacking me. (Strange huh? lol) Then, I went through this little bus stop shaped thing made of flesh. Then I saw them. There were 2 of 'em. They were imp bodies with different heads. The heads weren't actually that scary, (Like gory hands trying to escape the Imp bodies and flaps of flesh that kept pulling them in.), but the dream somehow made them seem liek the scariest things I ever saw. I soon shotgunned them and went to the esc menu. About the time I left the game, the dream ended. I think I'll make a wad of that! That'll be so awesome!