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  1. Leo Sosnine

    Newgothic Movement 2 - Public Beta

    9 levels so far, awesome! The only complaint is it's not that hard and too much ammo. I died much more in SunLust. Also, do you accept voluntary donations somewhere?
  2. Leo Sosnine

    Newgothic Movement 2 - Public Beta

    Loved the first one. Thanks! Engaging!
  3. Leo Sosnine

    MAYhem2048! Now on idgames!

    stuck on level 3 in prboom with default compat settings, can't access yellow key after killing two pain elementals
  4. Close to awesome (after Sunder, after Scythe II, some others). Great job! But we need to collectively punish a guy who designed map27 for this insane revenant trap. Or am I already late to this carnage?
  5. Leo Sosnine

    Combat Shock 2 - Now on /idgames

    Thx! Worth playing one more time!
  6. Leo Sosnine

    Combat Shock 2 - Now on /idgames

    I'm on level 4 so far, very excited. At least it's no worse than such slaughter gems as New gothic movement 1 or Sunder. Well done! P.S. and special thanks for descent 1 midi music in map04! P.P.S. Just finished, very satisfactory! I guess it would be even more challenging if you craft one or more levels with less ammo, to make it possible to finish only using monster infighting, which I love the most. :) And add more cybies and spiders! I noticed that in most infightings regular monsters easily kill all the cybies and spiders. And with cybies add more pinkies, to get in the one's way and make it harder to use circle and strafe tactics.
  7. Leo Sosnine


    I'm not about it. I'm a seasoned vet, you know, I would hardly fall to not checking bloodfalls before posting complain. I wasn't able to get into a room with the key. In 90's I used to make levels by myself for doom and CTF doom. Just launched an editor to see what happened. Here is how I see it: you have a sector 858, with tag 15. This sector should be raised or lowered after crossing one of linedefs in a room with a cybie and a coffin. However, in my case, this sector was never lowered/raised no matter how hardly I crossed those linedefs. :-) I had to idclip thru it and after that I completed the level just fine.
  8. Leo Sosnine


    Unable to find any key and proceed in MAP26 "Blood Siege" playing prboom plus with default complevel. Very frustrated.
  9. Leo Sosnine

    Revenge of the 90's (CO-OP / Single Player, 20 maps)

    Stuck in level 6 playing on prboom-plus, all defaults. Got no keys and no way further, doors do not open...
  10. Leo Sosnine

    How many actually finish playing Megawads?

    The only thing that matters for me is a challenge. If megawad is challenging -- I shall finish it. I don't look much at architecture, textures, etc. So all the hard ones, like scythe 1,2;sunder;new gothic movement are finished several times at least, I often start them over to feel challenge. And if MW isn't challenging -- I usually drop it several levels after start.
  11. Leo Sosnine

    [Boom] Survive in Hell - Release #2

    Just finished it and this megawad is about perfect. IMHO, quality of levels rises significantly from first to last and there is a lot of slaughter on last levels, I love that. But I have to repeat that there's too much ammo. It makes SSG almost not needed and at least some levels could be finished by BFGing everyone around. Anyways, it's a very, very good job! Thank you!
  12. Leo Sosnine

    [Boom] Survive in Hell - Release #2

    Thanks! But not challenging. I have died first time in third level on UV because of not playing carefully. TOO MUCH AMMO.
  13. Leo Sosnine

    Phobosdeimos1 is Dead.

  14. Leo Sosnine

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    For me real challenge is the most first level on NM. That's a pain to get through horde of imps in a narrow passage with just a shotgun. They simply spawn faster than I kill them. AFAIK nobody made first level on NM so far. Is this possible at all?
  15. Leo Sosnine

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    What about playing it on lower difficulty levels? Or playing it first without monsters at all, just to get it familiar with a map. That way you won't need looking for a switch with a dozen cybies on pursuit. And I have to admit, that sunder is a rare case of a really difficult megawads. It is so many easy wads to play and not much ones like sunder. Above I even complained about sunder not difficult enough and requested more difficulty. And I received an obvious suggestion to play it on NM. So I started playing it on NM.