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  1. A while ago I got my hands on a 5'25" disk with a Commodore 64 directory on it. When I loaded and ran the program on my trusty old beige breadbox, I was threated with a slideshow of Hexen ingame and intermezzo screenshots. Even though the Commodore 64 is a 64kB, 16-coloured 320x200 (2-coloured) and 160x200 (multi-coloured) 22-year-old computer, I thought the pictures looked nice, so I thought I'd have a go at it myself.

    So, with the help of Corel WEB.PhotoPaint, a lot of palette fine-tuning and finally some editing and colouring with Koala Painter (a C64 program), running on the WinVICE emulator, I created a Koala Painter picture of the 4 flats that make out the demon portal.

      Pic 1
    • The 'raw' file, after conversion and editing's been done with my Windoze software, before converting it to 160x200 Koala Painter format with the piccy converter made by Soci/Singular (who insisted on being credited). Note the weirdish palette, it were the only 16 colors that would convert correctly with this converter thingie.
      Pic 2
    • This is the picture after conversion, and being edited a bit in Koala Painter. I started the WinVICE emulator in PAL emulation, which tries to simulate the image you get on a normal TV-screen (scanlines and blurriness, since the C64 used COAX connected on a TV) and pressed PrintScreen.
    More examples: 1, 2

    Hoping anyone is interested in taking a bit of time to download and run a C64 emulator (there's a really good one on the WinVICE page, link above), here's a disk image (read: NOT a rom) with Koala Painter, a Koala viewer and some pictures.Run the emulator, click File and then Autostart disk/tape image... and select koalapix.d64. After the program has started and promps for a filename, click Options and uncheck True drive emulation, if you don't experience any nostalgic feelings from abnormal long loading times. Now you can type any letter between A-K and press return to see the picture, any key will bring you back to the prompt.
      A-C = Doom related, D = me (no excellent conversion), E = not me (but better conversion), I = one of the first pictures I ever made (and still have) with Koala Painter, about 12 years ago.
    I hope you like it a bit and I apologize for this huge post, I'm usually not much of a sp.. typer.

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    2. scorpion


      All cable connections in my town were down for about 3 hours, so all of the above wasn't accessible for the past 3 hours. For anyone who's interested, I added 3 more pictures in that time.

      And now I'm tired and I'm off to go to sleep, night...

    3. Bucket


      Have you seen Doom engines under the C64? I suggest you go to c64.com and download MOOD. Or do a search for Nether3D.

    4. scorpion


      I tried MooD a while ago, and it even features keyboard controls (strafing etc)!

      I was looking for a demo (sort-of movie, made by c64 programmers), where in one part you see the dos-screen of dos4gw and doom starting up, which brought you to the doom section. Looked better than MooD, but then again, you couldn't control the player for yourself. If only I remembered the demo name!