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  1. It's been snowing like crazy here, and as I hear, all around China. Apparently the snow hasn't been as heavy since about 50 years. Don't expect too much though, snowfall was heavier in Rotterdam, the Netherlands last year in February. It's just so irritating that Shanghai is so unprepared for it, so no salt or sand on the roads, slipfest everywhere. Today, I saw workers clear the roads with brooms (the kind Harry Potter uses for transportation).

    Of course, also at school, everything's messy. The kids love it, of course, and I kinda like the whole feel as well. Everything's bright by the snow's reflection of the sunlight, kids making snowmen and engage in snowball combat. Though I don't like it that they take snowballs (turned iceballs) inside, so I had them watch a DVD during the longer recess. Shrek, an old one, but kids can't get enough of it. My girlfriend bought it in a DVD shop, although, as anyone reading this may already know, it's actually harder to get legitimate DVDs here than it is to get bootlegged stuff.

    And they don't really go out of their way to even make it look real. DVDs usually have the original menu, but anything but play and setup isn't selectable. Most of the time it's just a downloaded movie converted to a videofile suitable for DVD players, sometimes even the cam version (for those who don't know, a cam version is a video recorded by someone in the cinema with a camcorder). Usually it has Chinese subtitles, and English ones (which are poor, automated translations of the Chinese subtitles, which is actually funny, since, for example, Star Wars' subtitles in the opening sequence is quite different from the scrolling text, and is what people here call Chinglish).

    While the kids were watching the movie, I was just staring at the DVD cover, and I noticed more oddities. Try to find 'em all! ;-)

    Click on the image for a larger version.

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    2. deathbringer


      I went to a London comic convention last year, and walked to a pub afterwards through a huge market on Mile End, and every 5 paces or so there was someone Chinese selling fake DVD's of Spiderman 2 and the like. With the Canary Wharf, HSBC and the like big-business towers ironically visible seemingly only a few streets away

    3. VileSlay


      that packaging was hilarious.

      The box said:

      From the Acadamy Award?winning creators of TOY STORY

      are they unsure of the award they won? LOL

      we get bootlegging a lot here in NYC. guys usually hang out in or around train stations or shopping areas. most of the newer movies are the "cam version" you talked about. every once in a while you get a good one. some guys at my job suposedly sell some good quality stuff. I never buy bootleg tho.

    4. scorpion


      VileSlay said:
      [Bare they unsure of the award they won? LOL[/B]

      Non-Unicode, is my guess. Replaces the © or ® or whatever into a ?