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  1. wallis

    doom on the wii?

    No, there's a difference between factual quality and opinion. The statement, "The wii sucks" is invalid. I could just say, "People with blue eyes suck." Because by your logic that's a valid statement. In fact, it could be used to defend everything from racism to sexism. I don't like something.... therefor it is bad and everyone else should share my opinion. Wait...Where've I heard that before. Oh right...The holocaust. You can't just label your opinion as a fact. The wii outsold the PS3 and the 360 by wicked figures. It even outsold the PS3 in japan! I like the wii, and I do not perceive it to suck. His opinion has no greater weight than my own, so therefor neither of us can be factual. Omg....what's that word called. Opinion.
  2. wallis

    doom on the wii?

    Not a misuse, schizophrenics can be prone to outbursts of anger. Also, if he likes it, he likes it so he'll defend it. This always happens in gaming culture, people can't understand that games are to their own taste. The wii doesn't suck, if you don't like it...then you don't like it. I like it, and so do others. Also, the wii zapper would add quite a bit of a nice experience to DooM. It's fifteen years now, I think DooM could use a nice new addition to it's never ending list. Hell, I've got it on my N95 phone! And not the rpg either, the real thing. All in all, fifteen years of DooM and I think maybe something new would increase it's popularity. DooM went up in the public eyes again just because of it's release on XBLA, imagine wii virtual console download. It'd be freakin' awesome.
  3. wallis

    Doom sega saturn

    Soooo, I found Doom for the sega saturn in a local game store. And I was tempted, but I thought that I can't keep stocking up on useless Doom things or else I'm never gonna get laid. But I think I can justify the complete and utter waste of my dignity if I can sell it on eBay. But before I invest my not so hard earned money, I wanted the opinions of the most hardcore doomers. So...how much would you pay for an (opened) copy of Doom for the Sega Saturn? Also, how much would you pay for a pewter figurine of the baron of hell and how much for another one of the mancubus? Thanks, Wallis.
  4. wallis

    Your most epic maneuvers

    Can't remember where but I punched two baron of hells to death. I crashed my computer twice from all the quick loading and quick saving of course! It was a pain though, run punch, run punch, run punch. I had low health as well, it was on ultra violence and took me about three hours to do. I died about 900 times as well, which means I suck pretty badly.
  5. wallis

    A new version of that gay-assed Cynic Guru song!!!

    itunes converts WMA's if you try and put them on it I think. I can't really remember but I'm sure they do because on my iPod I've got songs that are WMA on my computer. So I assume iTunes converted them for me. And, the song's alright. It's not bad or anything, but it should try to ditch the indie singing and make it more heavy. There's a scream and shout band I like called Job for a Cowboy, a lot of their songs and albums are named after doom and it's episodes. Their music suits it well I think.
  6. wallis

    The age of the doomguy

    hehe, I guess it depends how bright your screen is. But to me I think he's always seemed blond. But you're probably right, I'm quite blind with colours.
  7. wallis

    The age of the doomguy

    Ok, I accept the Flynn Taggart thing, but who says that Doomguy is American, he's a space marine. SPACE... there's no oil there so you haven't invaded it yet. Honestly though, what nationality is Doomguy, I mean if anything he appears Aryan with the blond hair. But what has this gotta do with his age? I don't know.... Also, I'm not french. What the hell makes you think I'm French? lol, (at the expense of the French,) I'm insulted!! I'm actually British.
  8. wallis

    The age of the doomguy

    I'm sorry, I thought Doom was set on phobos and deimos? I've never been to America, but they don't show the impaled dying corpses and hordes of scary demons on The Simpsons so.... Anyways....yeah, mid 30's but demoted. I don't suppose anyone even dares to check out Flynn Taggart's age? lol, that's blasphemy isn't it?
  9. wallis

    RIP, Kurt Vonnegut

    Yeah but Kurt Vonnegut didn't die by slitting his wrists (I assume so, He was very old wasn't he? Far too old to be playing that game)
  10. wallis

    RIP, Kurt Vonnegut

    Personally I blame Ice 9!! That does suck though, I've read cat's cradle as a kid and thought it was amazing and his sense of humour is amazing!
  11. wallis

    Doomers by Location

    He's right....you really are a nice guy ^^
  12. wallis

    Doomers by Location

    I protest greatly, where's Wales in the UK. You have Scotland and England. I'm not Scottish or English and I think this sort of thing to be quite insulting and offencive. *sighs* Can you just put Wales in?
  13. wallis

    DOOM animation

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to show a tribute to the greatest game of all time. Seriously check out the Doom Project on Newgrounds.com and you'll see what I mean. No "cheesy one liners" on that.
  14. wallis

    DOOM animation

    Im good at flash too and I'm for a collab. I reccomend getting ahold of the makers of The Doom Project on Newgrounds and see if they wanna do a sequel. That's all I can reccomend.
  15. wallis

    Funky berserk bug... [not a bug]

    k....sorry bout that.