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  1. It's too damn hot too damn soon

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    2. Tristan


      Also UK, I think it's been cloudy/rainy bullshit for about a month straight now. On the plus side we have pretty mild winters even compared to the rest of the country so winter temperatures aren't so bad. 


      Summer days generally don't exceed 20C though, and I will always stand by my opinion that that's kinda lame, heh.

    3. Dragonfly


      Spot on, it's for that reason I do everything in my power to go to another country for a holiday, if only for a weekend! :P

    4. bioshockfan90


      USA here, it's unseasonably warm over where I live. I'm okay with it, however. 

  2. like twitter but less intresting

    1. Ledillman


      u're just jealoussie bcuz no one hs tweeted at u hah, got him.

      Hhmmm, if twitter has 'tweets' how are doomworld's called? statweets?


  4. I should come here more often

  5. Isle

    New Forum

    woah weird
  6. Isle

    Doomworld is dead, long live Doomworld

    long live doomworld
  7. Isle

    Back screen to Normal (ACS Script)

    just use faderange faderange(0, 0, 0, 1.0, 0, 0, 0, 0.0, time); time is how long you want it to last in seconds. it's a fixed number so for example 2 seconds you have to put 2.0
  8. Isle

    can't count dead monsters?

    why dont you just use setthingspecial when you spawn it. that'll do the same thing and then you don't have to mess with decorate.
  9. Isle

    can't count dead monsters?

    try getlevelinfo http://zdoom.org/wiki/GetLevelInfo
  10. Isle

    Urban Brawl Free For All

    yeay, now everyone can see my awesome casino
  11. Isle

    Is TF2 really that good?

    eh, it's ok. be prepared to spend a few hours on an achievement server to get the whole experience though.
  12. Isle

    SetCameraToTexture (how to)

    no you don't need an actual texture for a camera texture, just a CAMERATEXTURE ANIMDEFS entry.
  13. Isle

    ACS Spawn () trouble....

    is the floor at 0? the z corodinate is absolute and not relative to the floor.
  14. Isle

    What if the demons lived alongside us?

    i want a pet cacodemon
  15. Isle

    Thing scramblers

    you could make something like that for zdoom with some decorate & acs
  16. Isle

    original decorate

    its also on the zdoom wiki http://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:Doom
  17. yes it is. and yes, i am jesus
  18. Isle

    Decimal/Fixed Variables?

    yes http://zdoom.org/wiki/Data_Types and yes http://zdoom.org/wiki/SetHudSize
  19. Isle

    How to: Walls you can walk through

    in zdoom you can have midtextures fill the whole space between the floor and celing, as well as clip to the floor and celing with Line_SetIdentification
  20. some micro SD cards come with a micro SD to SD adaptor. you just insert the micro SD card into it and it works like a regular SD card. the only problem might be if you get a micro SDHC(anything over 2 gb). while the m3 real supports them, not all SD devices/readers do.
  21. Isle

    Chip's Doom Challenge

    suggestions: redo the hell knights via scripting. IE: get the side (via vectorangle) you hit him from and then use setactorposition. print more information to the hud, like keys, shooes, chips left, etc.
  22. Isle

    For Every Action, A Re-Action!

    kill everything
  23. Isle

    Translucent Ceilings

    if skulltag supports gzdoom 3d floors you can do it with that http://zdoom.org/wiki/Sector_Set3dFloor