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  1. So yeah. I'm working now on three projects all at once. One's for Doom.

    There's Shooting Game(tm), which is a whole bunch of ripped MegaDrive graphics and some cheesy midi music I composed wrapped around a click-and-play produced (Hey, I'm no ├╝berleet coder. Complaints go to my secretary in the go fuck yourself department) horizontal shmup with nice and neat play mechanics. There's a neat scoring system I'm implementing that is so simple, I'm suprised it's not been thought up before, but fuck it -- what the smeg does anyone in gamedev even know about good balance? It's one level finished, and I just need to find about six more sets of graphics to steal unashamedly, and then I'm go. I need a title, though, hahahah.

    Project number two is a bachelor known as the college Summer Project. I need to collate a sketchbook of images of what is supposed to be "The Future". Cool, it means I get to read through my 2000AD stash again, get horny over more Giger and grab screens from oldschool shmups -- all of which are fun -- and pass it off as work. Yes.

    And behind door number three, is a project I simply must finish this time, because it has the coolest name ever; a Doom2 levelset (No specified amount. I'll do them until I stop :P) called JerkWad. Neat. The only details I have at the moment are that I'm an egotistical fuckwit who believes he'd make a good 3D Zelda were he in Miyamoto-kun's position. Yep, I'm under pretentious delusions of grandeur and think I'm a games design genius. So, I'm putting together some Doom2 levels to test some of my theories. It should be a lot of fun, both making and the finished article, replete with lengthy thesis. Expect it in 2112 or something :P

    Now I kick back and wait for a friend to arrive in this library. Bye.