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  1. Da_Esco

    DOOM: Best Game Ever?

    Don't know about dat one....... but DOOM: Da best editable, and most customizable game in all history, would DEFINATELY fit da fuckin bill!
  2. Da_Esco

    Commander Keen TC

    A keen doom tc huh? ........... somehow..... I don't think so, dawg. Blastic keen's punk ass is one thing.... playin as him, and runnin around shootin dumb fags for enemies...... YUK!!!!
  3. Da_Esco

    The grand DW in-joke repository

    Welcome back to da fire pits of hell, Airraid! :P
  4. Da_Esco

    im alive!

    <Insert Esco style BS here>
  5. Speakin of which, can any of ya'll change mah username back to Esco, and mah Register date back to..... ummmm...... I think it's 02/01? Mah old account is still fux0red, and I had about 600+ posts wit dat shit!
  6. Da_Esco

    fredrik is the star of post hell

    Heh, so much for bein loved...... love is truly such a fickle thing; it comes and goes like da fuckin wind! Esco, 2002.... while stoned, drunk, and bored at 3:41 AM, EST!
  7. Da_Esco

    Holy Fuck

    /me sits back and watches da "Post Wars" (TM) commence!
  8. Da_Esco

    horray, i'm back for real.

    /me yawns
  9. Da_Esco

    HUD face question

    It looks like dat fuckin space marine just got da shock of his life.... like dat time I ran across incoming traffic in NYC! I figured da traffic cops would stop da cars............ BUUUUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, WRONG!!!!! O_O
  10. Da_Esco


    Zdoom is da bomb diggity! On da real, I love dat port.
  11. Da_Esco

    sound cards

    .......... as you can tell, I don't like store bought comps, or most major computer hardware companies..... their little slapped together in .005 second computer systems are usually fucked up to all hell. P.S. damn I'm stoned! :P
  12. Da_Esco

    Did Doom introduce the telefrag?

    You ain't shit, I ain't shit, he ain't shit, she ain't shit, da president ain't shit, saddamn ain't shit, osama ain't shit, police ain't shit............. seems like a lot of things in life actually ain't shit to me! :P
  13. Da_Esco

    DooM's birthday?

    Coo..... I wonder if they'll release anythin special for Doom's 10th anniversary?
  14. Da_Esco

    map30 endboss

    /me sees green in da near future of dis thread
  15. Da_Esco

    About Doom 64

    I honestly though dat da atmosphere and moodiness of da game helped it out a lot! Not to mention da howls and screeches in da music, and da awesome skies dat da game had! Da flaming skies, and da purple one with da thunder and lightning were ill as fuck!