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  1. devoid

    Sprite vs. Polygon

    Ok who do you think is the superior? The polygon monster? Or the sprite monster? IMO: First of all the sprite monster are the real deal, best looking, and most deadly. Deadly? YEA DEADLY! Ok imagine me as an imp, the sprite variant, then this sick cyberdemon comes towards me, and wanna blast me and suff. But hes a polygon! So I just turn sideway and run sideways through him! You know like a crab, and since im 2d, im totally razorsharp. ZINK! Youre dead! And thats why I allways avoid the trees in doom, they are sharp as hell on the edge! The polygons advantage? well all the new kids that didnt grew up with doom, heretic, hexen, strife, shadow warrior, quiver and all that 2d glory, is too damn stupid to realize what real games are, instead they rate gameplay per polycount. They are bulky and dont stand a chance versus the 2d's. Heh I was bored...
  2. Uh I just have to reply here =) Im so much into horrors, and the coolest scenes I have seen is: SUSPIRIA - A girl gets her head smashed through window, mystical person stabs her several times in stomach (very graphic) and finishes with a final stab into her heart (gory closeup), then ties a cable around her neck and throws her out from a giant window, the neck breaks and the huge glass shards that falls down penetrates another girls face and chest...so nasty! http://www.objectif-cinema.com/analyses/images/066/suspiria_05.jpg ANTHROPOPHAGOUS - The maneating anthropophagous strangels a pregnant woman and rips the babyfetus out from her cunt and eats it (watch this and you can watch anything) http://www.itsonlyamovie.co.uk/cover%20scans/ANTHROPOPHAGOUS%20BEAST.jpg CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST - Where do I start? Well theres this tribal woman that cheats on her man, he forces her then down to the muddy river and beats her up, then he digs up som hard mud and forms it into a GIANT cock and takes some nasty spikes from some sort of tree and studs the claycock with em...then he showels it up her cunt...so violent You also see a woman penetrated by a wooden pole through the ass and out he mouth...and you see a man getting he's penis cut off in a closeup shot, theres also alot of animal brutality in the film... http://www.returntoodd.com/images/cannibalimage.gif ok if you like violent stuff then buy this movie AUGUST UNDERGROUND, and believe me you will never forget it after you've seen it!! Hm I can probaly go on forever... Theres also this german cheesy splatter called PREMUTOS, and I wont bother to metion any specific kills...because its nonstop gore galore! Its so fucked up...buy it...its german and hilarious! http://www.shock-o-rama.com/news_august2002/prem0050.jpg Oh and MEN BEHIND THE SUN, its a movie about the japanese military testing germ warfare on innocent chinese people that the japanese kidnap, one chinaboy get his hands dipped in liquid oxygen (i think, well he's hands freezes totally up) and a japanese sceintist pulls and rips the skin of his hands, then he looks and hes skeleton hands and screams. Theres also fotage of an autopsy on a real dead boy, very nasty, you also see a cat getting eated buy several starved rats...disturbing. And I got a ton more, but hey I dont wanna write that much...watch ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS or THE BEYOND if you are into gore And if you really dig slease cheesy B shit splatter crap then buy VIOLENT SHIT TRILOGI...its so sick and funny that you will thank me
  3. devoid

    Muhammad cartoons

    Heh I just saw this, im from Denmark and let me tell you...I dont give a fuck about the drawings...nor my country...in fact I hope that some of them jihad zealots comes up here and bombs our braindead politicians. The good thing is probaly, that the elderly people has something to talk about. Well our political frontfigure is Neo-liberal, just like the USA, but their politics is nothing but facism in numbers. "your god is your chains, reject your god, reject your system" - amebix
  4. devoid

    Who is your favorite mapper?

    Kurt Kesler
  5. devoid

    Best attempts at realism

    I played some of the kzdoom wads, the arcitecture is simply beautyful compared to doom itself... I especially remember one of the maps, as having a huge forest, underground caverns, and a big castle...that map was so fuckin good that I consider porting it to hexen just to make a kickass "hack-and-slash-gore-fest-map" =) Heres a link http://www.zdoom.org/wiki/index.php?title=KZDoom
  6. devoid

    What new monsters would you add?

    Really try playing with koraxmod, he clones! ITS SICK! But you can tell who the real heresiarch is because of the damageskins
  7. devoid

    What new monsters would you add?

    I would add the most vile demon of all: HERESIARCH! Ok some might say "uhuh halflife's boss is the hardest of all" or shit like that...well try kill heresiarch as warrior on titan mode! Well im working on it, in my recent save hes got 25% hitpoints left...problem is that he made somthing like 5 clones of himself?! plus the acolytes...about 20-30 of em. Imagine yourself throwing some archviles in...together with cyberdemon and korax yarrharr!! I have allways wanted to fuse doom together with hexen, hexen has the best universe of all, and doom has some very nice foes that would fit perfectly into hexen! So put heresiarch into doom... And put archvile into hexen =)
  8. devoid

    Looking for textures

    how nice! thanks alot!
  9. devoid

    Hello people!

    Its made out of a .ico file in about 3 minutes, but ill try to mess some more with it, though im not happy about speding more then 10 minutes on that pic haha
  10. devoid

    God Mode

    EDITED Wow I just watched the whole deal, and that guy is for real...man that is some dodge skills!
  11. devoid

    God Mode

    Doom version 1.9 recordings can no longer be played? eeh?
  12. devoid

    Looking for textures

    I have been looking for some pictures lately, more specific: textures. The texture that I want as picture is a green marble wall where a Mancubus is chiseled into, and the green texture with the doom2 boss, and the pinky texture...you know, all thoose monster faces, skulls etc. So does anybody here know where I can get the pictures? Or in which episode I can find it in (old doom) ? And even better...it would be great if someone could tell me a place where all the doom textures is shown (as pictures duh). Im pretty sure the textures are located in Shores Of Hell or perhaps Doom II. I want the pictures badly, so that I can edit it and touch it up abit. Im doing this because of my nostalgic feeling about the atmosphere in Doom, when I first played it, and I need the texture to plan my upcoming tattoo, a full back piece. You will make me endless heppy if you can help me out here!
  13. devoid

    God Mode

    the done doom video where som "guy" completes doom? Its programmed
  14. devoid

    God Mode

    Well infact there IS a place where "god-mode" is pretty much required...thats in Doom 2 on the map called "suburbs" on the dif. NIGHTMARE...where you go onto a wooden pedistal and grab a key, afterwards tons of enemies spawn together with a pack of ARCHVILES...you cannot beat that map on nightmare without being invincible, which you cant because its nightmare...duh So I dont believe people that claim that they finished Doom2 on nightmare
  15. devoid

    Hello people!

    Hi im new to this board, so as an introduction ill post a picture I made allmost entirely out of the DOOM3 icon, stretched the thing, colored it, cloned, warped and smudged it...and finally added a DOOM logo whadayathink? check it out here: