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  1. I do that anyway.
  2. Good, cause you won't get it. Because you're a Doomworld LOSER(tm).
  3. The only good channels on TV are Comedy Central, The History Channel, and HBO. I guess Family Guy on FOX is pretty good too. Seinfeld is my favorite sitcom of all time, next to The Simpsons. But seriously, I don't watch that much TV anymore. Fox on Sunday from 7-9, and about a half hour of news every weekday morning. Thats it. TV just plain sucks nowadays.
  4. I once had a dream that the world was destroyed in a nuclear war. Then I became the leader of the survivors. Kick ass...
  5. You Spoony Bard!
  6. I think you can download it from the Id website.
  7. heh... ...heh.
  8. Hmmm... Federal Reserve Note The United States of America This Note is Legal Tender for All Debts, Public and Private Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas K90182727L Washington, D.C. Series 1995 Treasury of the United States One Dollar (Turn) The United States of America In God We Trust One One Dollar Hmmm...how very boring
  9. Doom95 is OK, but: -no multiple PWAD support -no option to start on the main menu -limited options -other stuff I can't remember...
  10. make your time You have no chance.
  11. WTF is wrong with Oregon? I love that place!
  12. Me and my frinds actualy did a German projekt just by writing it in English, then translating with Babbelfish. With a few minor(ish) changes, we got it to sound halfway decent. ;D TIP: Don't put apostropes in the stuff you translate, it fuks it up.
  13. Yeah, thats why I officialy renounced the American way of life years ago.
  14. Heh...it just reminds me of the scene where the dumbass is running down the hall towards a bunch of badguys and he picks up the chainsaw that just happens to be there.
  15. Heh. UT was okay, but you get realy bored with it after a while. And for some reason, though it runs smoothly on my 366, it is choppy as Hell on my 700. Yeah, single-player owns.