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Everything posted by danarchist

  1. danarchist


    We seem to have lost a few old Doomworlders. For instance, what ever happened to: MacvilWhore, the man with the coffee. Esco, the resident hardcore gangsta'. Hmmm...am I forgeting anybody?
  2. danarchist


    Billions of people have celebrated the new year tonight (or is that last night?). Of all the major celebrations around the world which is the best? (Pardon my American ignorance)
  3. danarchist

    Why bother?

    Which program is least effective?
  4. danarchist

    insert timeline pic here

    I'm just curious about how much you guys keep up with new games. So heres the question: What is your most recent game (as in date it was made, not when you bought it)? And re-releases (such as Collector's Doom) don't really count.
  5. danarchist

    DLW is 100% operative now

    I do that anyway.
  6. danarchist

    i have returned!

    Good, cause you won't get it. Because you're a Doomworld LOSER(tm).
  7. danarchist

    Doom 95, whats the matter ?

    The only good channels on TV are Comedy Central, The History Channel, and HBO. I guess Family Guy on FOX is pretty good too. Seinfeld is my favorite sitcom of all time, next to The Simpsons. But seriously, I don't watch that much TV anymore. Fox on Sunday from 7-9, and about a half hour of news every weekday morning. Thats it. TV just plain sucks nowadays.
  8. danarchist

    WEIRD dream I had

    I once had a dream that the world was destroyed in a nuclear war. Then I became the leader of the survivors. Kick ass...
  9. danarchist

    What happened...

    You Spoony Bard!
  10. danarchist

    Doom 95, whats the matter ?

    I think you can download it from the Id website.
  11. danarchist


    heh... ...heh.
  12. danarchist


    Hmmm... Federal Reserve Note The United States of America This Note is Legal Tender for All Debts, Public and Private Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas K90182727L Washington, D.C. Series 1995 Treasury of the United States One Dollar (Turn) The United States of America In God We Trust One One Dollar Hmmm...how very boring
  13. danarchist

    Doom 95, whats the matter ?

    Doom95 is OK, but: -no multiple PWAD support -no option to start on the main menu -limited options -other stuff I can't remember...
  14. danarchist

    What happened...

    make your time You have no chance.
  15. danarchist

    Final Doom

    WTF is wrong with Oregon? I love that place!
  16. danarchist

    Why bother?

    Me and my frinds actualy did a German projekt just by writing it in English, then translating with Babbelfish. With a few minor(ish) changes, we got it to sound halfway decent. ;D TIP: Don't put apostropes in the stuff you translate, it fuks it up.
  17. danarchist

    Gun control

    Yeah, thats why I officialy renounced the American way of life years ago.
  18. danarchist

    The Chainsaw

    Heh...it just reminds me of the scene where the dumbass is running down the hall towards a bunch of badguys and he picks up the chainsaw that just happens to be there.
  19. danarchist

    When it's done! ;-)

    Heh. UT was okay, but you get realy bored with it after a while. And for some reason, though it runs smoothly on my 366, it is choppy as Hell on my 700. Yeah, single-player owns.
  20. danarchist

    first unreal tournament ii screenies!

    That whole 'recharge point' thing gives me bad memories of the regeneration pools in Half-Life. I remember getting killed/hurt even worse almost every time I went into one, even on the little 1on1 LAN games I used to play against my newbie friends on.
  21. Yes. Ouch...I won't even let Diablo II do that. Windows98se can be installed on a cheap 366 and run decently (I have it installed downstairs). :) Lut is not all people. Ditto, Win98SE only crashes on me when: - I do something stupid. - The program I'm running is very buggy. - I get massive IE popups (then only IE crashes). Ditto.
  22. danarchist


    Hmm...why does he like me so much? /me shrugs Its odd, I seem to make friends just by being in their presence...oh well. Oh, that kind of breaking. I thought I was the only one who called that breaking. It is very annoying. Anyway, If I wer him, I'd either just work myself up out of the hole, or make a new account. Not that much of a loss, if you ask me.
  23. danarchist


    One word: Laptop
  24. danarchist

    I live!.... oww x_x

    ...with Xenoman and me trailing behind him. Where'd Xenoman go anyway? Heh...I think I just shot past Lament, now I'm on Liam's tail...somebody stop me!