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  1. Hunter

    Doom Collection

    can i ask what is the way to buy doom collection from id software after pay everything is it order by mail or download?
  2. Hunter


    How to run zdoom Doom IN Hexen Format?
  3. Hunter


    Hi. can Anyone tell me how to create aTeleport for Doom2 I have done one but when walk on it nothig happen.
  4. Hunter

    Help Please

    all right i did it with glbsb thanks for anyone.
  5. Hunter

    i need help

    if iwant to export a map for doom2 named MAP01 in Example:Demo.wad what node i should use and whate should i write on the parameters?
  6. Hunter

    Help Please

    this is my information i want to build map for doom2 i think i should use bsp-w32.exe i have done a doom2 map and exported it perfect but when trying to run it by doom95 program they said: "bad music number 272" and i don't know why i named the map MAP01 i think that is because i dont write anything in the parameters i dont know anything about it i readed the guid but they dont write much about parameters.
  7. Hunter

    Help Please

    that's right whate should i write on the parameters for doom2.
  8. Hunter

    Help Please

    hi guys i think i have a small proplem in nodes but it fixed but there is somthing i dont understand whate is the parameters in exporting a map and what i should write on it i want to name it demo.wad for doom2 what is the hell is going on please help me in this.
  9. Hunter

    i need help

    from where i get diffrent nodebuilder i have used: BSP Normal ZDBSP FAST ZDBSP NORMAL ZENNODE NORMAL ZENNODE FAST BUT NO ONE WORKS
  10. Hunter

    i need help

    hi this is the first time to add post in this forum i have downloaded doom builder and build a map but when iam exporting the map the program says: the nodebuilder did not build the required structures pleas check your map for errors or select adifferent nodebuilder. and checked the map errors and fix all the errors and i have used all nodes and this messege review agein so what's the proplem