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    I found it to be a huge disappointment. The SP campaign is short (6-8 hours), unless you search for every piece of gold, intel or tome, but there really isn't much reason to do so. It also has pretty bad replayability. The game is extremely linear (you'll never feel lost). The main city of Isenstadt (the hub) is fairly small and you have a compass telling you where to go constantly (even in the actual levels). I hardly found the game dark however. Never was there an area I couldn't see fine in and I didn't mess with my brightness settings at all. You don't have a flashlight or anything either. The factions offer nothing more than unlocking areas (levels). You don't build rep with them or anything. They act like any character in Doom 3 or Quake 4 would really. The Black Market upgrades your weapons and veil powers, depending on what intel and tomes you've collected, but even the upgrade system is linear in that you need to find a specific piece of intel in a certain level before you can upgrade your weapon in that fashion. There's no health bar. The game also uses regenerating health. No lean function, shotgun or kick(!). There isn't even a manual or quick-save function (checkpoint saves only). Aim-assist is on by default for the PC version and adding further insult to injury, it "feels" like a console game. The enemies aren't very memorable and are no more intelligent than the enemies from Doom 3. They pretty much stand there and take it to the face. The real difficulty comes from the often ambiguous health system and enemy stacking. I found later enemies to be pretty obnoxious honestly. Hans Grosse is a good example of as much. However, compared to the Doom 3 Cyberdemon it could probably be considered a step forward, I suppose. The veil doesn't really add much. It's pretty much the Artifact from Doom 3: RoE. You have the arbitrary use of Mire (time-slow) to progress past obstacles that are otherwise impossible to pass, and generally it comes off as gimmicky. There's no shortage of veil power, so there is no reason to not have it on for the run speed boost, but 90% of the game is certainly beatable without using it. The story is pretty rough and the characterization sucks (if you care about that, probably not considering this is Wolfenstein), but I figured I'd throw that out there anyway. Wolfenstein 3D never happened in this game. The new Wolfenstein follows RtCW, which was a re-telling / recreation of Wolfenstein. The MP is terrible. You're better off sticking to RtCW: ET or whatever else until they release a major patch. Activision fired Endrant Studios (the developer for the MP) on the day of release for the new Wolfenstein because the MP was shipped completely unplayable for most people. Doesn't exactly scream customer confidence. While occassionally enjoyable while it lasts, I didn't find it worth $10 an hour to play. It's probably worth $20 or renting. It's all in all a pretty mediocre game in my opinion.

    Atheist, Agnostic, or Religious?

    Atheist, entirely. No matter how you define god, this choice is obvious. Generally I find people who romanticize with agnosticism simply have not bothered to define god or refuse to.

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    Another texture glitch issue, this time in map 13, Dark Citadel. What you're looking at is the skull texture that the spears shoot from. They appear after you click the switch in that room to grab the blue key. I did experience this on my first play-through as well, but it's not too big of a deal since it's really only obvious for about 15 seconds or so. Other than this, I've had no real issues thus far.

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    Map 28 works fine now. I'm not really sure what was happening. The only remaining bugs or problems I've ran across now have already been mentioned. Thanks again and I'll let you know if I run into anything else. =)

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    There are indeed monsters remaining in the dummy sector. I attempted the map a few times and couldn't make the monsters come out. I then clipped into the dummy sector and "woke up" the monsters, which caused it to work fine. So, obviously, a few of the monsters (specifically a Pain Elemental) don't hear my guns and trip the teleport Linedef. I'm using the 1.1c version now (I updated it). I haven't tested the artifact / switch problem because the old save states no longer work (as you said) and haven't had time to make a run through. I am fairly sure the mother demon cannot (or will not) spawn until all monsters are killed (save Lost Souls, which don't count, presumably because they're spawned by the Pain Elementals and cannot be counted toward monster counts for that trigger). I remember long ago on the actual Doom 64 game having three or four Lost Souls flying around while fighting the mother demon, but never with a Hell Knight or even Imp walking around. Edit: One thought I had was perhaps the rendering issues are causing monsters to attack each other in the dummy sector and creating issues with them properly spawning into the main area. I write that because a few of the times I clipped into the dummy sector their were Lost Souls sitting there, which would only appear from a Pain Elemental spawning them (or otherwise attacking something). Just a guess, really.

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    The mother demon in map 28 no longer spawns in the latest version. Also, there is some strange wall texture glitching.

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    I don't, but I can play through the game quickly enough if you'd like. Edit: No mouse support for N64 emulators?

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    The crashing save file is here: Crashing Save Game I can't remember exactly which map this was, but I am rather sure it's map 18, Spawned Fear. All I had done was spawned into the map and saved. Some of my other save-files have crashed, but as I said, it seems random and other than this file, I can't get any of them to consistently crash. Concerning the Absolution, you need to click each switch individually, which then closes the corresponding portal. The portal always closed immediately, crushing and instantly killing any monster still in the portal in the actual Doom 64 game, but that isn't happening here. There is an orange, blue and purple colored switch (for each demon artifact). I ran the map again and every attempt I can only close the blue portal (the middle one) and it would very often get stuck if a monster was still in the portal until you killed it. It may be coincidence or something completely unrelated, but my initial thought was perhaps the switches don't register the purple and orange switches because the usable key options (as far as the engine is concerned) are red, yellow and blue. Keep in mind you cannot even click the switches if you don't have the demon artifacts. It will tell you, "You lack the ability to activate it." At any rate, here is the map 28, The Absolution save-file with all three artifacts so you can test it yourself: The Absolution

    Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    This is very cool. Thanks, Kaiser. =) I did stumble into quite a few problems however. Like several others, I had a few problems with loading saved games occasionally. The problem seems entirely random; causing the game to crash. Generally after a crash, I could relaunch the game and the save state would then work. There was only one instance I was thrown all the way back because I couldn't load from a saved game. Some of the other problems have also been mentioned previously with mouse / gamepad support, the menu text blurring with the background credit text and the incorrect kills/secrets/items ratio tallies as well as the sound bug when items are being calculated. Mostly anesthetic things really. There were three things gameplay-wise I noticed however. Monsters seem to spawn incorrectly, very often on top of each other, which results in them being unable to move until you kill one of the monsters and allow the other one to move freely. The second one may be my imagination, but the hit detection, specifically the size of the player sprite or Doom marine, seems off. Some of the jumps were many times harder to make than I remember them being on the actual Doom 64 rom on N64. The final problem was pretty glaring. On map 28, "The Absolution," only one of the gateways can be closed using the demon artifacts despite having all three artifacts and clicking all three switches. I'm not entirely sure what is going on there, but I know I clicked the switches because you are unable to click them again (as well as them making the accompanying sound). The switches that do not close the gates also do not recede into the ground like they should. All in all it was really fun to blast through it all again. Nice work! Edit: Most of these problems seem like they'll be fixed in the next release. Thanks again.

    Cpu Debate

    In the circumstance it can be helped and you care about future upgrading, abandon the AGP slots and go with something with a PCI-e slot. The 7600 GS is a good video card, but getting the card with a PCI-e x16 slot would be better, if only for the reason of said future upgrading. You should look for something with: AMD Athlon X2 processor (preferable based on personal experience, not benchmarks) or Intel Core Duo. Expandability in terms of RAM (up to 4GB, which is standard these days). To start with, attempt to go with at least a Gig. 400+ watt PSU. 500+ watt PSU preferable. MoBo that supports SLi (two PCI-e x16 slots) and applicable processor socket. SLi is by no means required, it is simply a recommendation. If you do go with a SLi configuration, pay attention to your PSU as well. You'll need more wattage (plan on looking at 500, 600 or even 700W PSU's). eVGA's 7600 GT's are great (about $100 USD on newegg.com). I wouldn't bother spending too terribly much on a 7 series nVidia video card because of the lack of DirectX 10 support. You can play Doom 3, Quake 4, Battlefield 2142, F.E.A.R., et cetera, well with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800, 1GB RAM and 7600 GT. Cost wise, this isn't too bad either. You're looking at about $400/$500 USD. My personal recommendation is to avoid Windows Vista, AMD FX-series processors (quad-core) and too much RAM (more than 4GB) at the moment. I suppose it really depends on your budget. You can get some good deals through Dell or HP right now, but they'll limit you in the future in terms of upgrading for gaming. If you express your budget it would make recommendations much easier. EDIT: PSU's are pretty good all-around. Attempt to exceed yourself in overall wattage (if a video card recommends 350W, try to go with 400W) though. Budget plus expandability! Just keep that mind. Going with top-notch components is a waste of money most of the time. There is a lot of hardware components out there that are barely supported and over-priced for the performance gains that you're really getting. I always think of PC shopping in terms of a bell-curve. Going with cheap stuff is nice on the wallet but is typically hell later when upgrading. Going with expensive stuff is hard on the wallet and typically unsupported/hardly supported. You need to find a good balance inbetween.

    Things that Piss You off about Modern Day games....

    I dislike games that are are hard for no other reason than being hard. Or alternatively, games that make you re-attempt an area over and over until you perfect it. Games with fixed save-points. Overwhelmingly annoying and frustrating battles. Camera issues. In other words, Ninja Gaiden for XBOX. ;) That, and sequels that are less fun than previous installments in a series despite having more resources and a bigger budget.

    Kill The Boss!

    No interest? You'll need to make a boss fight, and that's it. However, some guidelines are always in place in a contest: - The maps shouldn't be large at all. Some examples of good map sizes are the following: MAP07 (Dead simple), MAP30 (Icon of Sin), E2M8 (Tower of babel) and E3M8 (Dis). So while there isn't a clear size limit, large maps are frowned upon. - You can be very creative with the map. It doesn't have to necessarily be a cyberdemon or spider mastermind fight. It can be a fight against a horde of monsters, or even some hideous puzzle thingy (the wad cyberdreams comes to mind). The player may not even have to fire a shot. So creativity is a bonus. A one on one fight with a cyberdemon in an arena most likely isn't enough to win the contest. Port: Boom compatible Mode: SP (MP won't be judged) Map number: Open Custom textures and music are allowed. Custom sprites, weapons, monsters and sounds are not allowed. One map per author. Difficulty levels aren't required/won't be judged Please include a README with the map. Deadline: October 19th One goal with the contest is to have such a volume of maps that we can compile them into a (hopefully) large map-set. Thanks for your time and thanks to Dittohead for posting the news.

    Texture Request


    Texture Request

    Links? This is essentially the reason I started a thread in the first place.

    Texture Request