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Everything posted by KwadDamyj

  1. KwadDamyj

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    @Engineer: I approve.
  2. KwadDamyj

    Any third-person mods?

    Probably not what you want, but someone in the ZDoom forums is making a Resident Evil-style mod, complete with the odd camera angles and inventory system.
  3. KwadDamyj

    Pixel Art Series

    Ahaha, these are great. I love the pixellated HUDs, too. Also, I heard you did sprite work for SCURGE: Hive. Just wanted to say that's one of my favorite Game Boy Advance games, even if I never did beat the last boss. :D (Seriously, he's a mean, MEAN motherhubbard.)
  4. KwadDamyj

    Aliens Doom TC: Special Edition

    I figure humans would carry around small radio-transceiver IFF "tags" on them that basically told the sentry guns "YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO SHOOT THIS". Though yeah, thanks for reminding me of when they tested the guns by throwing a drum in front of them.
  5. KwadDamyj

    Aliens Doom TC: Special Edition

    Uh, just for the record, one of the deleted scenes from Aliens shows the Marines setting up the sentry guns, and the control panel for them has all sorts of different identification-friend-foe settings. So yeah, I don't think any futuristic arms manufacturer worth its salt would design an automated gun that couldn't tell the difference between human troops and 7-foot-tall acid-bleeding eyeless space roaches.
  6. KwadDamyj

    WW2 mod

    Does Cold As Hell count? Sure, it's Korean War-era, but it's got all the classic American WW2 weapons.
  7. KwadDamyj

    New enemies for vanilla doom

    I think STRAIN does the most extensive modification of enemies from a purely tactical level of any of the old WADs. Changes the game balance considerably.
  8. KwadDamyj

    Speed of Doom

    Given that you usually have to play the levels and probably die a few times to get through, isn't it more like hindsight? :P
  9. KwadDamyj

    SopMOD version 1.1 Release

    Ooooh, this looks fun. Can't wait to run through Suspended In Dusk with this one. And that E1M1 video is hilariously frantic. PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEW done.
  10. KwadDamyj

    Chosen Broken?

    I've noticed in recent versions that the snake boss' clever trailing tail is broken. Now it looks like he's continually...Launching his tail at me, for lack of a better description, although it does no damage.
  11. KwadDamyj

    Doom Turns Seventeen

    As far as I can tell the chief purpose of Aeons of Death is to answer those "who would win if X fought Y with Z?" questions nerds love to pose. Your mileage may vary, but I kinda like it. :/ Although I wish it didn't need 3-5 separate PK3 files that sometimes won't load in the same order as the previous playthrough.
  12. KwadDamyj

    Looking for The Nuclear Waste Facility DOOM WAD ONLY

    Drag and drop it on top of the ZDoom executable.
  13. KwadDamyj

    Looking for The Nuclear Waste Facility DOOM WAD ONLY

    Uhhhhh...The DooM shareware, perhaps?
  14. KwadDamyj

    Monster Remote Control

    One of the weapons from Satanic.wad functions like this. Maybe take a look at the code in there?
  15. KwadDamyj

    My latest wad totcdoom.wad

    Hey, I said it REMINDED me of SiD, mostly in terms of aesthetics.
  16. KwadDamyj

    Stupid STRAIN question

    Hello! Dumb question. I just ported a bunch of my DooM stuff over to a new computer (which is kinda a couple hundred miles away by now, I just moved) and I cannot figure out how to extract the files for STRAIN TC onto my current computer (it's a Vista, apparently the trick of making a new .txt file with instructions for extraction and then making the file into a .bat doesn't work). If anyone has any advice or links to the extracted STRAIN files, I'd appreciate it. It's my favorite of the classic TCs. Oh, and my apologies if this is the wrong forum to ask all this.
  17. KwadDamyj

    My latest wad totcdoom.wad

    Nice HUD. 1st and 3rd screenies have a slight Suspended In Dusk feel.
  18. KwadDamyj

    Stupid STRAIN question

    I tried it now that you showed me how to change directories. And now I have the files! Many thanks! RE: Uploading Hmmm, okay. Now I wonder how many members of the Alpha Dog Alliance still make DooM levels...
  19. KwadDamyj

    Stupid STRAIN question

    Renaming it to .cmd also does nothing. :/ When I finally figure this out, do you think anyone will object to if I upload the main files to /idgames, provided I note in the text file that I have altered nothing and only uploaded the unzipped files for easier access?
  20. KwadDamyj

    Stupid STRAIN question

    Batch files do indeed not seem to work. I could make a txt file into a bat file in WinXP by renaming the file, but no dice here. How do I change target directories at the command prompt, again? It's been, like, a decade since I last worked with DOS. :P
  21. KwadDamyj

    Urban Brawl Free For All

    Ahhh, okay. Duly noted!
  22. KwadDamyj

    Urban Brawl Free For All

    Erk! I tried going to the site immediately upon hearing this news, but I seem to have encountered a site-not-found error. This is temporary, I hope?
  23. KwadDamyj

    Greatest Game of All Time

    Hell, there was BATTLEZONE for arcade/Atari (yes, I do count that.)
  24. ^topic I said "Lol" once under my breath. =^/ I also once quoted Starcraft incessantly and had a hillbilly accent after playing that game obsessively for about 2 weeks straight. "Come agin, cap'n? I'm not readin' you clearly!" *shudder*
  25. KwadDamyj

    WIP: DOOM ReloaDLD

    Bad news, DLD. =^( Schoolwork is sucking up way, WAY more of my time than I thought. Normally I don't think this would make me concerned about my involvement in the project, but I don't want my priorities to become your liabilities, even if I have a huge window to get it done in. I will, however, be sending you what little I have done of my map sometime today. I plan on continuing the map when I have time, though, and releasing it as a standlone, for I have grown to like it, but you may still use it for your project. Just simply say that you used the map as a base with my permission and all shall be well. You may also have one of the other project members work on it as long as they do the same. Again, many apologies. But my schoolwork is a high calling for me, and I've been feeling more and more disconnected and out-of-place at Doomworld lately, too, for unknown reasons. I do hope you understand. With regret and a WAD file, ~KwadDamyj/Chaz