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  1. So. Daily events in the life of me, that guy that posts in some 3-4 threads in a row and then temporarily vanishes like a ninja into the background.

    I got a paper done and turned in for Humanities on time with just an hour or so of leeway. A pair of 500 word essays, one about the painting The Madonna of the Long Neck and the other about The Last Supper (not the da Vinci version. This is the one by Tintoretto).

    I'm slowly but surely learning that yes, I DO have to stop playing huge sessions of Quake III/Marathon/Doom, get off my arse, and get into this whole college dealie, and learn to like it, too.

    I'm sorta stuck in a void now as to what I want to do for a career. I WAS for a while nothing short of obsessed with entering the game industry, but now I'm thinking twice (I sure would like a Revolution devkit, though). Because A) I know quite little about actual programming at the moment, and B) I'd rather bide my time and participate when I actually stand a chance of being recognized for the work of me and whomever I involve in my escapades, rather than being crushed underfoot by all of the brand names you and me are familiar with.

    I also need to talk with waaaaay more people in that weird place I keep hearing about called the real world. As opposed to the internet.

    Crap. This is starting to get more fit for my LiveJournal, isn't it?

    Hmmm...Today was actually fairly normal, unlike all of the rest of you bloggers with wacky lives, wacky usernames, and even wacky fish.

    We DID have a weird moment a little in the afternoon with the fire alarm in the student union. One went off right next to me. Deafen me in left ear, it did. Seemed like a false alarm, though.

    Bah. I suck. Why can't I lead wild and dangerous lives like the rest of you all?

    Yay. First blog. *dons fireman outfit and awaits first flames*

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    2. KwadDamyj


      EDIT: Right post, wrong thread. :P

    3. Rotting Corpse

      Rotting Corpse

      KwadDamyj said:

      Bah. I suck. Why can't I lead wild and dangerous lives like the rest of you all?

      I it isnt wild and dangerous by my standards.

      My tipcial day:

      Get up around 5:00 Am. Go for a run. Then ether lift weaghts or practice mixed martial arts

      Go to work around 7:00

      Get off of work around 5 or 6. Go home shower then play guitar or drums for 2 or 3 hours.

      After that I eahter go to Rugby practice or do more mixed martial arts.

      Around 8 I eather go out or hang out at home.

    4. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Bah. I suck. Why can't I lead wild and dangerous lives like the rest of you all?

      Because you just "want and whine" instead of DOING.

      Maybe you'd have fun if you went out and tried to...