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  1. Aight.

    I've watched "Aliens" more times than I can remember since I got it from a Wal-Mart earlier this year. Special Edition, DVD, for about $13.

    I still haven't (entirely) gotten bored with it.

    Yet I cannot arse myself to complete a video game 99% of the time.

    *Zelda: WW spoilers ahead*

    Regardless of what kind of gameplay it has, I find I just cannot. I'm not even halfway through Pikmin. I'm still at the Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time (partially because I think that dungeon is rather spooky). I'm right at the point before the Andross boss battle in SFAdv, but I haven't bothered to finish it. I just got to the point in Wind Waker where it is revealed that the pirate lady is Zelda, but haven't bothered to go on. I'm still in the early parts of the Advance Wars campaign.

    Why is it that I can never motivate myself to sit through these interactive things, yet I have no trouble watching a noninteractive blastfest like "Aliens"?

    I'll theorize:

    A) "Aliens" has a good amount of plot by action movie standards.
    B) I still say the Smartgun is far cooler than most of the lame gadgetry you get in video games.
    C) Not only do video games tend to lack plot (at least original enough plots to appeal to me), but they also tend to be plagued with bad writing and/or plotholes (Fortunately, a few games rise above the rest, such as Marathon, Paper Mario: TYD, Half-Life, etc.).
    D) "Aliens" actually has character development, at least to some extent.
    E) So Vollywood (my pet name for the game industry) expects me to shell out $50 I likely don't have on me most of the time for the sake of an overglorified exercise in eye-hand coordination with some INNOVATIVE LOL feature built in when I could be getting exercise at the gym. Sorry, but the only games I consider to improve my reflexes or mind are strategy games (GOOD ones, mind you), puzzle games, and games like Quake III.

    I'm just convinced that a lot of game designers have too much of a fetish for action and not enough of what I think should matter in an entertainment product.

    Whoo. I'm moving a juxtapositioned blue hedgehog around an overly bright environment and having him smack robots to engage in badly dubbed cutscenes. REALLY EFFING ENTERTAINING, YUJI NAKA.

    (Note: The above was intended to prod at the general lack of quality in post-Dreamcast Yuji Naka products, not to prod at Sonic the Hedgehog.)

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    2. rf`


      Kid Airbag said:

      "Aliens" is an excellent movie, yes.

      First one's better. ^___^

    3. Lüt


      But it suffers from Ridley Scott syndrome.

    4. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Nah, the first one dragged a little bit too much. The second one had plenty of elements of the first one, but it added so much more.