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  1. Why oh why oh why does my Humanities II teacher make me write TWO 1000-word essays for my main class AND a pair of equally stupid mini-essays for the final exam? =^(

    I would blame myself for delaying the former item 'til the last few weeks of class, but this has been such an emotionally irritating first freshman semester that just out of spite and a desire to not feel more like shit than I already do I shall not hold myself guilty for jack squat.

    Frackin' lord. Going to college without any idea of what you want to do for a living = complete suck. I WANTED WANTED WANTED so long to be a game designer, but after evaluating the industry and trying my hand at ACS scripting for ZDooM I have learned three things:

    A) Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are all equally complete bastards, as well as all of the lesser evils such as Vivendi, the shell of that which was iD, and so on.

    B) Actual scripting, much less coding at the binary level, is far too tedious for me to want to be involved in.

    C) I think if anything I'll stick with being a novelist.

    Life's not a bitch. Life's making me ITS bitch.



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    2. Janderson


      Understand that qualifications don't matter anymore. People want experience. Who would you employ?

      Candidate A: I have a degree and have studied everything about graphics manipulation, advanced mapping and coding. Three years my course was. Here's the peice of paper saying I know it all.

      Candidate B: I have created a total of 80 levels myself, released many of them on the internet some of them recieving favourable reviews, 6 of them winning awards. I have taken part in 6 team projects including the famous Manpocalypse Project. I've been modding and editting for 6 years. Heres proof of all of the above. (hands over portofolio including maps, reviews etc)

      You wanna chace the dream? Create a portfolio. and practice, practice. Hell, keep the crap work you did to show how you over came your ineptness and turned yourself into a legend!

      Novelist, eh? Good choice, one though problem is you aren't going to be an automatic success. This means getting another job in the meantime. I'm not slamming you btw, but working leads to socialising, which means you are introduced to real characters. Seriously, there are some people you just can't make up.

      I'd also suggest getting an action packed job, like the army, or the police or firefighter, mainly to get a nice blend of emotions, I mean real fear, real happiness (I mean what could make you happier than knowing you're still alive?). This is one of the reasons I'll be joining soon.

      Another thing if you don't already, write down ANY interesting thing that happens to you. Also being a vent for fury or sorrow, you can never recall the moment properly from your own memory. Lastly submit all the work you can, listen to the reviews, act, not the flames obviously. There is always room for improvement.

      I too want to be a novelist, and I just wanted to pass on some tips, not thaat I'm successful or anything. I don't follow the above myself but I hope it's helpful in your quest to stab swordsmen in the face with your mighty pen.

      EDIT: Oh yea, don't write while tired, it fucks up your spelling and grammar :(

    3. darknation


      KwadDamyj said:

      C) I think if anything I'll stick with being a novelist.

      you want to be a writer and you are bitching about a paltry 2000 words?

    4. KwadDamyj


      mallis said:

      you want to be a writer and you are bitching about a paltry 2000 words?

      Yes. It's just that these particular 2000 words are long and tedious and require me to do a shitload of 'padding'. =^(

      Mainly because of how long I put them off.


      And so I counteract one of my arguments. =^(