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  1. One of my Autistic quirks that I hate is that I have this odd thing with numbers. Like, things have to end in 5's or 0's or it drives me nuts for some strange reason.


    Why do I bring this up? I'm looking at all of the Doom levels I have saved from downloads and I'm at 5.94 GBs. My brain is like "OMG YUO GOTTA MAKE IT 6 GB LOL" so I've been trying to open up, be less of a hardass about what I try in order to see what I do and don't like in my quest to make that folder an even number. :V


    Strangely enough, I've found some pretty good stuff in my quest to make my Doom level download folder 6 GB's large. Xaser's dead.air is pretty damn good, for one. I like what Vulkan did with its heavily edited/modified Brutal Doom resources. Wasn't that much of a fan of the fetch quests for the coolant orbs you need to toss into the pits though but those only occur in the last two levels thankfully.


    Next I'm gonna try Sgt. Mark IV's Armagedoom (again). It's a fixed/bugfix/maintenance version so hopefully whatever niggles I ran into in the past with the version on idgames won't happen here.

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    2. Nems
    3. Koros


      6 gigs or Doom 2 maps? hmm.... 



    4. Nems


      I imagine my folder would be a lot larger if I had Deathmatch/multiplayer maps in there as well but I don't really play multiplayer. :P I'm primarily a single player Doomer.