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Everything posted by Adam3

  1. Adam3

    Don LaFontaine Dead

    Damn, he made trailers seem so epic too... :(
  2. Adam3

    Fish Food

    Well when it comes to fried fish, I only like it fried in a thinner batter, not that real thick stuff. :(
  3. Adam3

    Stroyent red.

    Heh, I love strogg humor!
  4. Adam3

    Doom Connector 4

    Aww, I missed DoomConnector. This rocks!
  5. Adam3

    How do you play DOOM?

    Wow, you took a chance.
  6. Adam3

    How do you play DOOM?

    Hmm, nice! thats a few steps above mine.
  7. Adam3

    How do you play DOOM?

    I just wanna know, what type of computer do you have?
  8. Adam3

    How do you play DOOM?

    Im the usual Zdoom enthusiast, I play skulltag for the usual multi-player action, and occasionally I play Gzdoom. Even though I had Doom for 3 years, Im still kind of a newcomer.
  9. Adam3

    Cardboard consoles

    Consoles are poisonous?? Then I must have some fatal disease with all the consoles I have!! This really reminds me of those sites where if you have an opposing opinion, they would either Lecture you in an angry way,or beat you to death with Protest signs,or both! *Shudders*
  10. Adam3

    doom on the wii?

    Hmmm, I wonder if the wii can handle Doom3? Its specs are a small step above the original xbox right?
  11. Adam3

    Dragonball Z movie scheduled in 2008

    Heheh...My bad...D:
  12. Adam3

    Dragonball Z movie scheduled in 2008

    Oh god,Robin Williams is in it? *Snickers uncontrollably*
  13. Adam3

    Monkeys going gangsta

    Jeez... what is up with these Peta-esque wildlife laws? Whats more important, Protecting the crops, or protecting psychotic perverted monkeys? *shudders*
  14. Adam3

    Doom 4 A Certainty

    Amen brother! To bad Im still afraid of quake4 though...
  15. Adam3

    Doom 4 A Certainty

    Meh, Raven's ok but Quake 4 was kind of a let down to me.
  16. Adam3

    Doom 4 A Certainty

    Well if doom4 is really rage or not, I just hope it doesn't play like halo, yeah yeah I know saying something like that is Sterotype for a doom fan like myself,But I also Hope its not like doom3, with the go into a room, quicksave, blast a baddie,Listen to sargent blahdeeblah tell you where to go, have some fun with mr.flashlight rinse and repeat...ok im done complaining now.
  17. Adam3

    Doom 4 A Certainty

    One thing I would like to express, I Just want to fight A big 3d Icon of sin!! or atleast someone's head on a pole...
  18. Adam3

    Transformers Movie

    Hey I didnt saw I disliked the 2001 series, I just didn't like energon,and the one after that. Im sorry but usually when one of the characters does a super attack or just transformes, it jumps to a cutscene with the character in front of a bunch of these whooshy lines and pretty much fought like a power ranger,If I remember anyway. and I may take back my thoughts about the new show,(I dont want to sound close minded)but Im getting a hunch that it really is going to be like loonatics, full of wannabe anime art style and...whooshing Lines....ugh... But oh well, none of us know yet.
  19. Adam3

    Transformers Movie

    Heh,I would like to see the movie. That poster of the new cartoon looks silly, as funny as it sounds, I might enjoy it! it kinda looks more interesting to me than the 3d anime ones (energon and that other series to be exact).
  20. Adam3

    NO: Scientists make a sheep-human hybrid

    Now it sounds like they merged a dog with a chicken!
  21. Adam3

    NO: Scientists make a sheep-human hybrid

    I just love it when scientists screw around with this stuff... (note sarcasm)
  22. Adam3

    New games from id

    It might be good for Id to try something new once in a while!
  23. Adam3

    Final Fantasy 12 omg

    Wow..a futurama voice actor? They messed up,well in my opinion *puts on nerdy glasses* (Meh auron has more power anyway)
  24. Adam3

    Final Fantasy 12 omg

    Ive been playing Final fantasy 10,its kinda linear except for the side missions,and why does the the main character have to sound like Micheal J.Fox?