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  1. Gnarzuul

    megawad poll

    cityscape: "GRAND THEFT AUTO 4: Welcome To Hell!"
  2. Gnarzuul

    the doom movie

    They changed too much of it. It's NOT Doom anymore. It's Resident Evil. I'm NOT going to waste my time and money on this piece of s***. (I think I'll replay Icarus, actually. I'm a fan of Team TNT.)
  3. No. NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. F*** this. F*** hollywood. I refuse to see this total piece of s***. All Doom fans should boycott this garbage. I mean honestly---they took the WHOLE PREMISE OF DOOM and threw it out the window!!! WTF?!?
  4. So we all know that people have taken their houses, schools, supermarkets, etc., and made Doom wads out of them. Has anyone tried to build a Doom wad in real life form? For example: Taking E1M1 and building it as a haunted house for Halloween, or maybe paintball? I suppose you probably couldn't do the lifts, as they just wouldn't be practical. However, with enough time and effort, I don't see why this would be impossible. (I think map 30 of Doom 2 would be especially cool for a real life version.) You could use plywood for the basic structure, and then sculpt whatever you wanted from foam rubber, or even injection molded plastic. Speaking of Halloween: Any Doom costumes? Imps, Pinkys, etc.? (My apologies if this has ever been brought up before.)
  5. Vegeta, I really like that second one! Very cool!
  6. Gnarzuul

    For the committed Doom fan only...

    heh, heh, heh...
  7. Gnarzuul

    Doom novel based on the movie

    I'll read the book first, even though I read Shirley's book "Demons" and was disappointed. (It starts out good but turns to sh*t later on.) If the book is a brown mound, then I won't waste money on an (increasingly) expensive movie ticket...I'll just bide my time 'til it's on Netflix...
  8. Gnarzuul

    Imps: furry or not?

    Skin. Filthy, filthy skin...
  9. Thank you for the replies! Well, I guess ultimately I'm interested in playability. Which ports run the most wads, regardless of how the wad was designed. I guess it's obvious that I'm new to this stuff... I've been using good ol' Doom 95 for a while now, but I've run into a few wads that need different source ports. Some good, some bad...but I still want to play them! Lately, I've been checking out Deus Vult with Legacy...and, fortunately, it's been running great. Now here's the weird part: I'm sure you're all familiar with the infamous "Nuts.wad". Well, I'd like to play it. I tried Boom, but there was no sound. I've tried PrBoom, but for whatever reason, it won't load wads other than the Iwad. (I'll look at it some more tomorrow---I'm sure there's probably something I'm not doing right.) I was curious if you all know of a "work horse" source port that runs everything (including Strife, Heretic, and Hexen). I guess in the long run, I'll just have to try a whole bunch of source ports to see which ones work for me...
  10. Most of you here have way more experience with source ports than I do. So, in the interest of learning, I'll ask you: Which are the BEST, most RELIABLE Source Ports available? If you list more than one, how would you rate them? Specifically, I'm looking for Ports that work well on a variety of systems, with no (or a bare minimum of) hassles. To tell you the truth, I've had nothing but bad luck with Source Ports in general. Zdoom crashes, Boom has no sound, Vavoom works (but crashes when I try it with Strife and Hexen) etc... My preference in OS is Windows (we have Windows ME), but if you know of a classic DOS Port, I'll be interested to hear about that too. Thanks everyone!
  11. Gnarzuul

    Master Levels - worth 10€?

    Very cool. Thank you!
  12. Gnarzuul

    Monster-heavy wads

    Thanks for the replies. I'm just about to check out Deus Vult.
  13. Gnarzuul

    Master Levels - worth 10€?

    I just recently got the Master Levels, and enjoyed them very much. "Maximum Doom" on the other hand, was just okay--obviously they could have done a better job. Namely, releasing the text files for every wad. The Master Levels were great. (Kicked my ass, actually...)
  14. Gnarzuul

    Monster-heavy wads

    I know, this is old. But I have to ask: Has anyone made a wad that takes place outdoors (no walls), and has a thousand or more marines--in other words, a battlefield-type wad? Or has anyone made a wad that recreates the feel of Vietnam or other wars (excluding Wolfendoom)? Yes, I realize I am about to be flamed. Just use the BFG and get it over with quick...
  15. Gnarzuul

    It Is On Mars!

    I guess "Olduvai" is on Mars. Doom the Movie is suck harder than a 2 dollar whore in San Diego during shore leave...
  16. Gnarzuul

    Teaser Trailer For Some Movie

    Damn. God Damn. Here's a thought: Since Doom was originally inspired by Aliens, and since they've changed the DEMONS into aliens, then aren't what we're seeing a RE-MAKE OF ALIENS?!? Oh, wait...human genome...right... Then they're MUTANTS, is that it? Damn. Never underestimate Hollywood's talent for making SHIT. (Hey, did you all know that "Snow Dogs" had been based on a SERIOUS book about the Iditarod?!?) I said GOD DAMN.