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  1. DarkFoxSoldier20

    Old Doom commercial.

    That commercial is nice. :)
  2. DarkFoxSoldier20

    why is awesome good but awful bad

    You wish.
  3. DarkFoxSoldier20

    why is awesome good but awful bad

    Sounds like a thread going straight to hell.
  4. DarkFoxSoldier20

    [Concept Map] The RPG Engine.

    Damn! Mid terms just came up? Man thank god I graduated.
  5. DarkFoxSoldier20

    Oh shit (Quake movie).

    I still say Master chiefs uniform was stolen from Doom. Those lazy Bungie bastards.
  6. DarkFoxSoldier20

    Oh shit (Quake movie).

    Worse. HALO MOVIE. :O
  7. DarkFoxSoldier20


    It's supposed to be double sided.
  8. Ok now for my report. Map1 : "Starting Area" I thought this was a nice touch, tub, bed, ect. 4 exits and a mancubus that's your friend. Map2: "Cliffs" I thought this was nice as well. But I didn't find a way through. There was alot of imps though. Map3: "Key Factory" I know it's unfinished but I liked it. Map4: "Lava map" This was a well thought out map with some nice lava effects and a big Mancubus boss that took way too many hits to die. More ammo should be placed around the area especially if he shoots Revenant projectiles. But the shooting torches was abit strange... Map5: "Ruin" Exploding walls, big Chaingun guys, and a Spider mastermind at the end. Good level. I beat it really quick though. Music: The music doesn't match with the area's (not your fault but they sound kinda gayish). you have time of course to change the music. But your the author and that's your choice and decision. Weapons: The only weapon change I noticed was the rocket launcher. The only weapon that makes you feel like a Mancubus. Which was a nice touch. Introduction: You should put a title pic and intro music as well. And "Hello Captain" gave me a chuckle. Also "The authors of this wad tried to find a point to this but it was a lost cause" also made me chuckle. lol Also add music to the main area of the game.
  9. DarkFoxSoldier20


    I do. There is acouple of ways of doing it. Making a invisible wall, gate, or wall that is a box <or which ever way you want it to be>. Checking off impassible is for like when you want to go through a wall. Doom 64 did it.
  10. DarkFoxSoldier20


    The wall is supposed to be passible so check off Impassible. Also if your referring to a gate wall make sure it's one lindef and not a sqaure. Apply a gate tile on the lindef and set it to floor height.
  11. DarkFoxSoldier20

    Zdoom closes on return to same area

    wads like daedalus.wad and 3057hub1.wad makes Zdoom close when I return to the same area twice. And alot of the time I have no choice but to return to an area. WTF is this all about? Why is Zdoom closing and making me shut it down maunally in my Task Manager? (Which is what I do since I can't open Zdoom again unless I do.)
  12. DarkFoxSoldier20

    [newproject] PROJECT 1994

    Old school editors? SURE! Give me windows 95/98 computer and I'll join. *gives smart ass look*
  13. DarkFoxSoldier20

    Editing help ["Sectors not closed"]

    So basically I can make as many teleporters I want with using different tags in any order I want. Now I get the idea for building teleporters. ^_^ I'm gonna try that out and make a bigger map. But I have to get more advanced so I can at least make decent maps and no one bitches about how plain they all look.
  14. DarkFoxSoldier20

    Exorcist.WAD (?)

    Looking foward to this one. ^_^