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  1. Flesh420

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Quake Live is as good as dead, they deemed it a failure when they put it on Steam. They've fucked Quake Champions by allowing Saber to have anything to do with it. There's still problems with the game. Hitreg is off again in the new patch, and there's still unresolved problems that have been there since EA launch—especially with this gaming generation. They play the game and crash, or whatever, then rage on the forums about it. It's already bad enough when the majority of noobs that got the game during the two free weeks would claim cheaters when they lost, it's even worse if you make them wait forever in queue to join a game. And in the dev stream the two ID employees look tired, probably from trying to fix all the shit. Who knows. I really just face palm thinking about ID allowing console developers to touch their games: Doom's MP and QC. They're completely inept. I'm still playing the hell out of QC, but it's ridiculous. There's nothing like beating the shit out of someone in a duel and them raging because they can't handle losing, so they'll talk shit and blame you for their insecurities.. It's glorious. In some kind of fucked way, it reveals much about human nature. ...... At least we still have Q2/Q3A still kicking and open source. The communities are still fragging and the servers are always a good time.
  2. Flesh420

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Lol yea or getting railed around a corner.
  3. Flesh420

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Carmack is a genius, and given that an engine (mostly netcode (Q3A)) he wrote 18 years ago still can't be beat by a modern engine(QC), I'd say he did pretty well.
  4. Flesh420

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    The hybrid engine used for Quake Champions was horrid during the betas. Id had to send programmers to fix the net code, and it's still way below the level of Q3A's net code and Q3A is a 18 year old game. I don't understand Id's line of thinking when they choose to use console developers for Doom's MP component and QC. Especially QC, you can't have a Quake with trash net code. If you play Doom '16 MP then play Quake Champions, Quake Champions still doesn't feel 'right.' They should've at least used their own engine. Mixing two engines doesn't even seem like a good idea to begin with, anyway.
  5. Flesh420

    We got the demons!

    I hope they make the cyberdemon similar to his classic appearance instead of a moose. And make him clop through levels. It'd be awesome to be terrified of the Cyberdemon like in the 90s, instead of a lame arena battle. And hopefully they have enough time to make the maps more non-linear. Those footsteps made you stop before entering rooms.
  6. Flesh420

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    I've never played through Unreal, but UT 99 on Dreamcast was the first time I witnessed online console gaming. It was amazing at the time. The maps were so much different from Q3A and the tone and all else. It was a good game. I'd stay at a freind's house during school and play the hell out of it. You knew instantly when you were up against a person with the DC keyboard and mouse. You just couldn't compete if you had a controller. Same with Q3A for the Dreamcast if you connected to a pc server. I think Face and the sniper rifle are my fondest memories of UT 99. Shit was amazing for the time.
  7. Flesh420

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    So you're basically saying no one has friends these days outside an internet connection? I haven't demanded a thing, I'm just curious what's happened? Sitting beside your buddy and cooping a game were good times. Have a bowl of chips, a fine chunk of dank weed.....maybe a pill bottle full of cocaine and a case of beer. Good times.
  8. Flesh420

    Requesting advice from PC gamers

    Yea my 8 core was an FX, but I've always had problems with any AMD or ATI. Intel Core i7-8700K Coffee Lake 6-Core 3.7 GHz these days. I can OC this bitch to 5GHZ no problems. I still have hope in AMD simply because of their support for open source GFX drivers. But doubt I'll be going back in the next 15 years.
  9. Flesh420

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    That's what I'm wondering! What the fuck is going on here? How is this acceptable? Some of my finest gaming memories are playing Quake 2 DM multi-tap (PS1)! And back then console limitations were ridiculous.
  10. Flesh420

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    The 90s were great, certainly better than the 40s. I'd say the 1700s probably blew major dick. Are there not many split-screen MP games on Console anymore? All you need is a drinking buddy. We'll have a real problem when the console players start accepting stream gaming as an industry standard..... they inevitably will. Then we're totally fucked.
  11. Flesh420

    Dimension of the Boomed (Release Candidate 2)

    @Urthar Did you draw and plan all these maps out before building them in editor? They're fucking amazing.
  12. Flesh420

    Anyone here as big a Duke Nukem fan as a Doom fan?

    Duke's king. Why? That time is what made gaming what it is today. The Witcher series shows more boobs and sexual content than any Duke Nukem game ever has.... Once a year I play through Atomic Edition and Time to Kill in an emulator. I usually make a map a year as well.
  13. Flesh420

    Requesting advice from PC gamers

    If you're going to get a pc, build it. Do not buy it. That Alienware in your post is a rip off for that price. My first Alienware is what got me into pc building because once it broke, I realized how badly I got screwed by the price. The thing with pc's is if you're going to build one, figure out the maximum you can spend and spend it. You'll get a way better deal for a thousand bucks building it yourself than buying a name, and it's going to last you much longer than a pre-built pc. Newegg will give you a credit card if you have good credit. That's how I build PCs, I just figure the cost, buy everything with card then just pay it off. It's good to have for emergency repairs, too. Also, if you want cpu power for VR go with Intel. This is something I just learned with a new build. I've been an AMD dude my whole life, but got tired of crap FPS on games my pc should be able to handle without a sweat in the last build with an 8-core overclocked. Went with 6-core Intel and the difference is night and day. Intel is more expensive, but it's certainly fucking worth it. You can overclock the CPUs so much better with much less heat issues and almost zero problems. It's actually crazy. Be sure to look for OC ready parts as well, even if you don't OC they'll be capable of handling more abuse—that's just my theory researching parts, anyway.
  14. Flesh420

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    I play Ultra Violence with fast monsters in Ultimate Doom, and Hurt Me Plenty in Doom 2 because the balance is all out of whack most maps on UV. UV in Final Doom.
  15. Flesh420

    Dimension of the Boomed (Release Candidate 2)

    Ahh ok. I didn't know that. Thanks.