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  1. Flesh420

    John McAfee Arrested for U.S. Tax Evasion

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods NSA Archive if you don't like Wiki: https://nsarchive2.gwu.edu/news/20010430/northwoods.pdf I couldn't possibly imagine what is legitimately occurring out of public view. You'd almost think that mainstream media as a whole is a mind weapon? Was Twitter and Facebook financed through DoD contracts for the sole purpose of Color Revolutions? What's currently happening in the United States now? Attempted Color Revolution by the people whom killed Kennedy? Lost control in 2016? 2020 attempt of regaining control? What's this all about?
  2. Flesh420

    Simple / Atmospheric Roguelite

    You might like this too. https://sites.google.com/site/infraarcana/ It's a Lovercraft inspired RL. Dark and atmospheric.
  3. Flesh420

    Doom Eternal's Deathmatch Shaped Hole

    That's mostly because it doesn't work well with a controller. The same reason Counter Strike was abandoned by the devs on console. Back in the day Quake 3 was on Dreamcast and you could play with PC players. Unless you had the Dreamcast keyboard and mouse you were getting absolutely destroyed. They can get away with cross-platform Fortnite and similar games because they don't require as much precision in every facet of the game play (precise movement, timing, aiming, etc). But Quake Champions they wanted to be an esport and it wouldn't be entertaining watching cross-hairs slowly drag across the screen and just the awkwardness of everything on console. And I think they were aiming for high monitor HZ and console games are typically only 60fps/hz.
  4. Flesh420

    Is anybody else seriously disappointed with Eternal?

    This^. It feels good to play a 'gamey' game these days that's not an indie. After all these years playing Doom, Eternal has made me appreciate Classic even more. I just hope that if they make another one it'd be fantastic to see them go ham with level design. Like every map is more in line with Classic, every map a foundry or super gore nest. It really couldn't get better than that, unless it was a bit more pickup oriented. Hell, I don't remember the last time a game made me shout awesome as I kept playing it. Eternal just got better and better all the way through.
  5. I just noticed that when the Doomguy grunts from damage it's extremely similar to how he grunts in Quake 3 when taking damage. To me it almost sounds exactly the same just deeper, but it's hard to closely listen to the damn noise when I'm bombarded with demons and panic.
  6. Most likely it's a marketing thing because they don't want zoomers to start asking, "If I'm using a KB+M why don't I just buy a computer for the same price and 5x more powerful with more freedom?" Zoomers are easily influenced. The Dreamcast had KB+M support and if you had a KB+M it was the only way to keep pace with PC players on the server in Quake 3 cross-platform multiplayer for the Dreamcast.
  7. Flesh420

    This does not feel like a Doom game

    They really came a major step further with how they handled keys and map design (in some maps). I'm still working on the game so I don't have the levels memorized but that one city level with the massive pit in the middle of the initial fight is very reminiscent of classic doom, just modern. Some things could be less linear, but damn. They really tried this time and you can tell. It's like they studied classic Doom's maps way fucking more than they did for Doom '16. Even the little secrets that open to main paths stand out. Kinda makes you wonder if Doom '16 was really rushed to get out the door. You know it'd be interesting to see this pushed further. Old school layouts with all the modern trimmings. I don't think many people would notice other than this community. And these fucking battles in Final Sin are hitting peaks I never thought possible in modern AAA gaming. It's reminiscent of old-school arcade game difficulty on Ultra Violent. It's so awesome.
  8. Flesh420

    Let's talk difficulty (Not a rant)

    I fucking hate them. Them and their meddlin' dogs.
  9. Flesh420

    Slayer gates are insane.

    Is anyone on consoles having a hard time? When Doom '16 came out I whined about the combat being tailored to console people (controllers), but this time around it seems so focused on Keyboard and Mouse I almost feel bad for console people if they're playing higher difficulties. It's god damn brutal, and AMAZING!
  10. Flesh420

    This does not feel like a Doom game

    Eternal feels 1000x more Doom than '16. My god, the level design just seems to be getting better and better. Quite literally what I'd expect a modern Doom AAA map to look and play like. It's amazing. The combat is top notch.
  11. Flesh420

    Your first impressions?

    Love it. Can't believe my rig can keep it over 80fps. Playing on UV and have only died twice so far. It feels like a GAME and it's awesome. Love how hard it is, my cheeks have clenched countless times. Very impressed. Wish they would've cut out some of tutorial crap at the start.
  12. Flesh420

    Going Offline for the Virus

    First of all the government are first to run when shit hits the fan. The top health officials dropped the ball on this one, considering they decided long ago to produce all our medicine in China. Had Trump came out in the beginning and said this was a threat we'd have seen a vastly more panicked populace. I'd imagine, you know, being the president he's been briefed on this daily since the start, actually all the way back when that professor at Harvard fled back to China with a handful of biological material (which also happens to be the epicenter of where political correctness started and also the same university China has flooded with cash—division from within anyone?). My sister had a conference with the CDC yesterday at 2pm and there's a whole fuck load of information they're not telling the public, including how long it's been known this virus has been spreading within the USofA. The president's job is to not induce panic. At this moment in time panic will kill more people than that virus. Now I'm not all for Trump or anything but he's the only president this country has had that has had to deal with mountains of complete BS EVERY month for no apparent reason other than a bunch of libtard democrats lost the election. Frankly, he's probably the only jerkoff in that arena brazen enough to attempt something crazy, shutting down travel to Europe being the start that will tank a whole industry soon. I don't know what jackass can actually believe anything the media is pushing these days, but you'd be better off getting legitimate information from independent journalists that are in the center if you want a more balanced view.
  13. Flesh420

    System requirements released

    AMD 8320 (a shit CPU lemme tell ya) and ATI Fury with 16gigs here and I can play '16 Ultra at 80-120 fps on a 144hz monitor. According to Can I Run It my pc doesn't hit the recommended mark in the cpu department, and it's about the same with Doom Eternal. So it'll be interesting to see how this goes.
  14. Every weapon in Quake 1 serves a purpose. You can see it much better when playing community maps. I used to hate how each new weapon was an upgrade of the last, but my perception changed when diving in the map community. Same with Q3. They're all very situational. Q2 arsenal is meh.