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  1. Does eating bacon feel right? Pigs are just as smart as dogs and we slaughter them on a massive scale just to eat them, and when they die at the concentration camps we just grind them up and feed their dead right back to them.
  2. Many people don't know that when you shoot yourself in the head you're still alive. You're just paralyzed, and it's not necessarily the wound that kills you as much as the damage to your brain and it no longer able to send proper signals. Not in every instance, of course. Like if you use a shotgun and manage to take most of your brain in one blow. But many people don't, and the kick will sometimes move the shotgun and you'll literally just shoot off your face.
  3. Tooth and Tail.
  4. You take DMT every night you sleep, maaaaaan.
  5. What's the story of that Mastermind in the sixteenth picture down? Looks badass.
  6. He's still the same guy desperately searching for ammo and weapons to fight the forces of hell. The atmosphere Doom had when it released has stuck to me all the way up to today. He's the only man between hell and earth whether he likes it or not, and the situation is desperate.
  7. Toys evolve into games as we age :)
  8. Joe Rogan.
  9. I know many people that have degrees and make more money as supervisors at Walmart than they would with their degrees. I know some others that have degrees but can't find jobs, and will spend most, if not all, of their lives paying off the debt. Trade School is certainly the more worthwhile option at this point.
  10. People always say this but it's very apparent even going from 60 to 144. 30 is just a big flat no. I could have trained my eyes to detect such things because I've played (mostly PC) games all my life, or something. But going from 60 to 144 is so noticeable I ain't neva goin back. It's so incredibly smooth.
  11. ^ Correct. I'm using a nightly of Gzdoom. I only knew of the menu because of reading through the readme.
  12. Hmm. Only "Change Rendering Options" is below Set Video Mode for me. But thank you for the cmd.