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  1. No one with a brain considers new fans bad. It's exciting seeing new people hooked to classic Doom and exploring everything the Doom community has to offer after playing Doom '16. We ain't going anywhere, and there's plenty of us old school fuckers around to help out the new fuckers. You're all fuckers. If you don't know how to create a good trap for blue armor you can get the fuck off my lawn. Are you a bad enough fucker to push the boundaries of current Doom classic trends? Can you put the boomers (millennials) to shame? Well.... I certainly hope so, because without new fuckers like you we wouldn't be shit. And it's the new people that'll carry the torch. It'll be the new fans that understand the dynamics of classic Doom to carry it into new epochs. We need you. Doom needs you, fucker. YOU'VE GOT TO UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF FINDING BLUE ARMOR GOD DAMNIT! WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE AT 2% HEALTH AND FINDING THE ARMOR WITH A MEDIPACK!
  2. Flesh420

    Quake vs Blood

    Quake for sure. Especially today, it's full potential is utilized by mappers to the point it's a damn near gaming system of its own these days. When it was released I didn't know many people that were complaining about it being brown and the cohesiveness of its theme. It was gritty and foreboding and worked. Some of the more moody maps made me feel legitimate dread which even Doom didn't make me feel. I like the theme and all the demonic shit in Blood, but just couldn't get into it. All the textures are washed out and ugly as hell. For some reason it just didn't click the way Duke did.
  3. Flesh420

    Kingpin: Reloaded

    This is awesome!
  4. Flesh420

    unpopular retro opinions

    Quake 2 is pretty awesome and I did like it better than Q1. But after going deep into community maps and a month-long binge of Q1 I can hardly play Q2 because it's so slow in comparison. Q1 is tight and fast. Q2 is hella slow, the enemy reaction time is their disadvantage and once you get the power shield you beat the game. Q1's design is tight and each gun/enemy has a purpose. I just can't easily go back to Q2 sp anymore.
  5. I'd like to know as well. No one seems to make episodes and trying to find them on Quaddicted is impossible. You should give Arcane Dimensions a try, though. You'll need Quoth to play it. And if you don't like weapon projectiles you can type impulse 130 in console to turn it off. It's a great set of maps. There's a hub to enter the maps so each one is like a minisode. Some longer than others. Underdark Overbright is another good one and an actual episode but not very long. You'll need Copper for it.
  6. Flesh420

    DOOM Retro v3.4 (updated January 4, 2020)

    Possible bug I've no idea how to reproduce. Played last night and saved the game, tried to play said save today and for some reason 'a' and 'd' are completely unbinded. When I put bind 'd' +moveright and bind 'a' +moveleft in the cfg it acts as if there's nothing binded at all. Was working fine last night. Edit: I fixed it by deleting the cfg file.
  7. I play exclusively in software unless port specifies otherwise. I like extra chunky Quake, too.
  8. Flesh420

    Doom as a scary game

    Doom was certainly scary at the time. I don't think ID factored most of the player base using mice/run (I'm assuming) which is why the first three episodes are so easy. When my dad brought home the shareware from a computer store the game was terrifying. Seeing a pinky for the first time I jumped away from the keyboard. I had not seen anything like it, nor had my dad. And back then there was no autorun so it's clear the levels weren't designed to be blazed through the way we make them today. I only ran back then to cross gaps or when shit hit the fan, but I never held down shift. It was about survival. When you were low on health your butt cheeks were tight. Once I got older and source ports became a thing autorun changed the whole game, so much so I'd venture a guess that newer members here don't know that the game wasn't originally designed with autorun in mind—one of the reasons newer people think Doom is supposed to be fast, etc. I'm only focusing on autorun because it changed the game so much, back then it was vastly slower and you played it more cautiously. And to me as little boy it was scary as hell, my dad as well. Everything from the way the manual (I read front to back hundreds of times) was written to advertisements gave us no notions of being a badass. Only trying to survive the demonic invasion. It was glorious.
  9. Flesh420

    Designing maps for Doom vs Quake

    I had a hard time wrapping my head around UE mapping after learning how to map for Quake. I wouldn't recommend UE editing if you've not mapped in full 3d. An easy/best editor to use for Quake is hands down Trenchbroom. And if you don't want to worry about leaks first get in the habit of using separate brushes for every wall, not using one brush for walls of two different rooms. That took me a while to get accustomed to, for some reason. This guy will have you tooled up and mapping in no time: The Quake mapping scene is awesome. You should certainly give it a go. Play many maps, too.
  10. Flesh420

    Do you do any drugs?

    Fire and brim stone I will be at your side, my friend. Slug/buckshot loaded.
  11. Flesh420

    Do you do any drugs?

  12. Flesh420

    Alternatives to Yamagi Quake 2?

    You could try Q2Pro. It has some nice features to enable like cel shading and a server browser. Q2 looks surprisingly good with cel shading. The only drawback is it doesn't play any of the SP movies.
  13. Flesh420

    Designing maps for Doom vs Quake

    Quake mapping is fairly easy to understand, but takes a while to get fast with shortcuts. So at first (and generally) it takes much Much more time to complete a map for Quake than Doom, for obvious reasons. And say you're about 90% done with your Quake map then decide you don't like an area, it can be a huge pain to change it.
  14. Flesh420

    Playtester for Doom Eternal leaks

    The original idea was that hell merged with our tech, just like they started transforming earth during Doom 2. Anyway, I remember when Doom '16 rumors were full force. We heard everything from the episode structure being back to the cyberdemon being a regular enemy, etc.
  15. Flesh420

    John Carmack on the Joe Rogan show - it happened!

    So uhh, his website has 147 pages with ten podcasts on each page of people that apparently want to talk to him... We're going to need quality napkin math here ladies and gentlemen!
  16. Flesh420

    Cyberdemon is back!

    The demonic Cyberdemon we all know and love is back! The battle mode sounds pretty cool, too.
  17. Flesh420

    Cyberdemon is back!

    His legs and torso look very mechanical to me. Sorta looks like flesh grew over the metal.
  18. Flesh420

    Tell Me This is A Joke...

    Santa Clause mancubus would be kind of cool for Christmas.
  19. Flesh420

    Empire of Sin - New strategy game made by Romero

    Brenda was one of the peeps that worked on Jagged Alliance 2, I think. This looks cool. Hopefully it'll be something similar to a Gangsters: Organized Crime. That'd be fucking amazing. Edit: Holy shit. From the description it looks like it'll be extremely similar.
  20. Flesh420

    Cyberdemon is back!

    That's what I expect from a modern rendition of a Cyber demon. He's got the little eyes from the sprite as well. It's almost nostalgic porn. I'm feeling ways about things.
  21. Flesh420

    Very, VERY worried about the final product.

    Two entities under the same corporate umbrella. Ultimately anything they decide no longer falls on Id. If the higher-ups want loot boxes they will get their loot boxes. It all boils down to how ignorant the corporate stooges/shareholders are that probably don't even play games. As it seems now they don't lean on their developers and give them enough creative room to do whatever they want without pushing trendy money-makin' schemes.
  22. Flesh420

    Epic Games Store, and the "exclusive" wars.

    I buy my games on GoG.
  23. Flesh420

    any movement tips for quake champions?

    Get precise with rockets or try your best to bounce them upward for a couple of free seconds to flee. Or rocket jump the fuck out of there. Don't go into fights unequipped or ones you can't win. It's harder than it sounds, I know, but I had a hard time slowing my mental game enough to think about the situation at hand and possible advantages in any given scenario.
  24. Freedom to own firearms with bump stocks—that's all you need. It's all fun and games until they start to push shit on the silent majority.
  25. Flesh420

    How do you see remake of Quake 1?

    The only way a Quake 1 remake would work is if they made it PC exclusive. Using everything keyboard and mouse precision has to offer. Take Doom '16 without the console Glory Kills and enemy pinatas and bring it back it to the original pickup/secret/level design. A precise experience. Every monster has a purpose and used to its full potential. The atmosphere and 'lore' writes itself. If done correctly it'd stand out. Morph the reaction times required of later MP Quakes into a singleplayer exercise. (Doom '16 Ultra Nightmare almost succeeded in this but fell short in many places.) They could include everything that's been discovered since Q1 such as rocket jumping, etc., and build the campaign around all the modern Quake quirks. That'd be something special. And probably the only way to make it relevant. A singleplayer experience focused on skill and quick thinking against an agile and smart A.I. Maybe we discover how Strogg crates get into the Q1's world ... shit like that. Facing off against otherworldly horrors together with the mechanical brutes of Stroggos—discoverring how Strogg managed to conjure such horrors to the physical plane.