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  1. Hello everyone!


    It has been more than a year since my last post and honestly that is how long it has been since I really last peeked into the community. It is really interesting how things and I have changed since that time a year ago and honestly I like the future I am headed into. Things have been quite fortunate for me and honestly most days of the week I smile and am filled with joy. Do not give up your dreams, because they might just come true when you least expect them to.


    I hope all of you have a successful and happy future! <3


    1. Xyzzy01


      Thanks! I take it you're restful, now? ;)

    2. Catpho


      Dem Xyzzy puns

      Hi there RestlessRodent. You obviously don't know me but i lurked around here back in your active days. I just wanna say hi, and thank you for your contributions to the community (especially programming). Glad to see you happy, and thanks once again for dropping by!


      Also cheers for being a fellow Roguelike fan.