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  1. SoM


    Where's the 'like' button on this thing?
  2. SoM

    Philosophizing about Doom's lighting

    It's actually fixed entirely in EE since cardboard was added.
  3. Fair word of warning: E4 is much more difficult than E1/2/3 so be prepared for a lot more hellspawn, some damn cool level design :) Glad you've been having fun with the game we all love so much.
  4. SoM

    Issue: portal within Anchored Portal

    I don't think there is one, and yeah, it's limited in use. Portals are mostly good for ROR scenarios. Cars and other 3D structures are an example of things that 3d floors are better at. Too bad I'm not implementing 3d floors ;) ... again :(
  5. SoM

    Issue: portal within Anchored Portal

    You could make a replica of your main area that could be seen through the other side of the first portal. So instead of: Main area->Portal Area->Main Area you would go: Main area->Portal Area->second portal area That would work. You can't use portals to see back into the area you are in. That's why I'm not allowing linked portals on sloped surfaces.
  6. SoM

    Issue: portal within Anchored Portal

    So the camera starts inside the player, then goes to another place, then the inner portal sends the camera back to inside the player. When the inner portal renders, the first thing that gets rendered is the surface the first portal is applied to, which makes it render the first portal again. This creates a recursive portal rendering which there is currently no way to fix.
  7. SoM

    Issue: portal within Anchored Portal

    where are anchored area a and anchored area b in relation to one another?
  8. SoM

    Issue: portal within Anchored Portal

    So wait, are you viewing a portal through a portal... does the inner portal link back to the original area?
  9. SoM

    Issue: portal within Anchored Portal

    Do you just get HOM? Or some kind of error message?
  10. SoM

    Issue: portal within Anchored Portal

    Well, I am working on the clipping code for linked portals as we speak ;) Other than that, can you post a screenshot and explanation of the situation that isn't working? Maybe I can think of something...
  11. SoM

    DoomWiki.org is now open!

    ZOMG Fredrik!!!!
  12. ... Yep. The absolute last thing on my mind when I spend what limited free time I have working on doom code would have to be "Is this compatible with zdoom?"
  13. So basically, you would rather have a scripting language in place, with an API that had to be hacked to bits to work around the limitations in the map format, only to have to learn a completely new API when the better map format was implemented? Sounds like a piss-poor idea to me...
  14. SoM

    Aeon Branch Development Thread

    Zomg! I think I code for this port! I'm so excited!
  15. SoM

    Linked portal problem

    I know. The documentation is shoddy at best... wait, that's my job... Nevermind
  16. SoM

    Linked portal problem

    ok, so the height of the portal plane is determined by the floor/ceiling height of the frontsector of the portal line. So you know how you can raise a floor above a floor portal? That's because the portal plane is set to the ceiling height of the frontsector of the portal line in the lower area. The wad you sent has a portal line (359 - Apply linked portal to floors of tagged sectors) in the lower area with a front-sector ceiling height that is below the floor height in the upper area, so EE treats it like you raised the floor above the portal. Hope that made sense
  17. SoM

    Force a transparency value in Boom

    And then the part of the floor that doesn't have a solid wall 'behind' it?
  18. The UN is a threat to America! Wait, someone made a typo.... There's an extra h in that sentence. The UN is a treat to America! There we go
  19. Indeed you are correct sir. Keep an eye out for a new branch after finals are over (this week)
  20. SoM

    Plea for Automated SVN Builds

    Yeah seriously. Just because Gez is nice enough to actually help us out doesn't mean you can start demanding shit of him.
  21. SoM

    Undefined behavior

    Int cast doesn't work at all, in fact, (unsigned int)((int)fabs(expression)) duplicates the mac bug, so I need to figure out what VC++ is doing and try to force that method.
  22. Anyone else see a bit of a contradiction here? That is, blatantly wrong wads should be supported, but if a wad functions in one build and not in the next, that's the wads fault... heh
  23. 1 broken wad in 8 years sounds pretty good to me compared to Zdoom's record which is far more than 'a few'. Sorry.
  24. News flash: Percentage used in place of actual numbers to make said numbers seem more significant. Let's see the numbers in a different way: One wad in the last 8 years. ... God we've been doing this shit for over 8 years.... I need a drink.