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  1. Mindless Rambler

    Just not fair..

    Wait, the truck level on T2 was considered hard? I could beat that on my second or third try when I was five. Unless you're talking about the SWAT van level, in which I've only beaten that a few times in my entire life.
  2. Mindless Rambler

    The Worst Doom Architecture Ever

    EDIT: Ignore this, everyone - I'm an idiot. Go fuck yourself mod.
  3. Mindless Rambler

    What would you like to see in a web browser?

    And Firefox. Hell, Internet Explorer probably has that feature by now.
  4. Mindless Rambler

    Your favorite PC games with midi soundtrack

    Descent and Descent II and StarCraft didn't use MIDI and I believe that WarCraft used CD audio for music.
  5. Mindless Rambler

    Puppy Linux

    Actually, if you're going for small size and speed, then there is Damn Small Linux that is 50mb in size, but it is based off of an older version of the Linux kernel meaning you won't get things like drivers for newer hardware and also its development ceased in late 2008. http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/
  6. Mindless Rambler

    Favorite Schwarzenegger movie

  7. Mindless Rambler

    Why did Betruger make the deal?

    I think I recall that you find a PDA stating that he was a normal person, but when he came back from an expedition to Hell he was all fucked up from the experience.
  8. Mindless Rambler

    Where Do You Come From?

  9. Mindless Rambler

    Vista Use Causes Suicide

    Yeah, it's called Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, but that's technically just a rebranded Windows Server 2003 x64.
  10. Mindless Rambler

    Was Metroid supposed to be an Alien's movie?

    It took you that long to figure this all out?
  11. Mindless Rambler

    I realize this still isn't a tech support forum

    Said in a Doom forum.
  12. Mindless Rambler

    Windows 7 - thoughts?

    Simpler organization. I wasn't aware that forcing you to click a cramped array of links leading to your program was modern and useful. Uhhh, Classic Windows theme ftw? There is a similar phenomenon that can be placed just about anywhere and has been on computers for some time, they're called shortcuts.
  13. Mindless Rambler

    Windows 7 - thoughts?

    Can't seem to go back to the classic Windows start menu though. That pissed me off a bit.
  14. Mindless Rambler

    The Reasons behind Viruses?

  15. Mindless Rambler

    Super Nintendo For Xmas

    Star Fox used the Super FX chip, not the Super FX 2. Back on topic, I recommend you also get these if you have the money/time: Alien 3 Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim 2 Mario Paint (assuming you can find a SNES Mouse) Megaman VII Megaman X Megaman X2 Megaman X3 T2: The Arcade Game TMNT IV: Turtles in Time I wish my old SNES still worked... ;(
  16. Mindless Rambler

    Which operating system do you use most?

    Right, I meant to say four gigabytes, lol.
  17. Mindless Rambler

    Which operating system do you use most?

    Yeah Creaphis, it's not like Windows XP or Ubuntu can do the same things Vista can in less than two gigabytes. Oh wait...
  18. Mindless Rambler

    Games that will work across these computers

    Real men have other men do it for them.
  19. Mindless Rambler

    Atheism kills man

    ...except (as far as my knowledge stretches) he isn't killing atheists and funding church bombings.
  20. Mindless Rambler

    Should Sarah Palin Shut Up?

    Ah Thunderf00t, a venerable titan when debating religion and a crippled dodo when debating politics.
  21. Mindless Rambler

    Yahoo Answers

    I remember a time when I was at work and heard a really loud thundering noise behind me, but it was so loud I mistook it for a motorcycle and ignored it. I kept hearing it pass behind me back and forth, but I still ignored it. Eventually I felt a very large thing crawling on the back of my head, and I knew what it was so swatted it off me, started yelling, and began trying to swat it to the ground. After a few seconds a cinderblock was thrown on top of it, which it survived, so I just started beating it with my foot.
  22. Mindless Rambler

    Are computing platforms all about the OS now?

    I never said it wasn't, I was merely responding to your "you use e.g. Ubuntu and what you need is only available in RPM" statement.
  23. Mindless Rambler

    Are computing platforms all about the OS now?

    You can convert RPM to DEB and vice-versa (among other package formats), though you need to use the command line to do so. I'm quite surprised that no one has made a GUI for Alien yet.
  24. Mindless Rambler

    Are computing platforms all about the OS now?

    Bullshit, it was a rebranded OS/2 and Windows NT originally meant Windows New Technology to differentiate it from the older DOS-based Windows.
  25. Mindless Rambler

    Are computing platforms all about the OS now?

    Windows NT has many features of Unix, but it is not a Unix or Unix-like OS.