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Posts posted by Lorenzo

  1. Maybe a little OT, but I think this may be the right place where to put it: why not creating a tool (like a web page within doomworld) where to record and track the various Community Projects created within the Doom forum(s)?

    It would help mappers looking for projects to contribute, and as constant reminder of the work to be done.

    Just an idea...


  2. Memfis said:

    I like all that vegetation on the screenshots but the fact that the sprites are so stylistically different really bugs me...

    I tried to use different tree sprites in order to have some variety.

    Tree textures are not so good-looking in Doom, maybe for the green scale color?


  3. You can download and play my GZdoom level "Botanic Biosphere".

    This level was inspired by some ideas that came out during the production of DTWID about a biosphere setting. I worked on this idea using new tree sprites and 3d bridges. The level is designed for gzdoom but I think it may work correctly also with zdoom.

    Link for download:




    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

  4. Thank you both!

    @grouchbag: betatester can be from all nationalities!

    @blob1024: I chose gzdoom because it offers the best regarding design choices. You can eventually build the map in vanilla doom 2 and than convert it into gzdoom format. It is not mandatory to use all gzdoom characterstics.

    Spero proprio che tu partecipi!


  5. Italian Doom Episode 2 (IDE2) will be a new megawad for Doom 2 realized by Italian doomers, and spiritual successor of the first Episode (which you can download here: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=13846)

    IDE2 will be for GZDoom, UDMF format.

    Maps will be free style: sci-fi, tech base, medieval, hellish... whatever the author prefers.

    I will take care of the quality level of the maps: if a map is true crap it will be rejected, but I always hope that authors will be open to improvements.

    We need: level designers, textures and sprite designers, beta-testers.

    If you are Italian and interested, send me a PM for further info.


  6. Deeforce said:

    @Lorenzo: Please add soul spheres for the lower difficulties.

    I didn't implement difficult settings so I'll add soul spheres for all!

    I think I'll use new monsters only for stronger enemies as "little bosses" and use imps demons and normal doom zombies for all other enemies.

  7. Deeforce said:

    Thanks for this newstuff. So far I played "Alkylation Episode 1: Handle with Care (version 1.0)" (too difficult for my taste).

    A lot of people told me it is too difficult...
    Now I'm working on the new episodes of Alkylation: I'm not so sure anymore to add new monsters. They are difficult to manage.

    What do you suggest, to use less powerful enemies or stronger weapons?


  8. Quasar said:

    at LEAST two maps were cut from the game: in particular MAP07 is missing despite having unique music assigned to it and a partial MAPINFO entry. There is a missing chapel level as well - they planned on 5 total, including the secret, and only included 4.

    Where did those maps end? Is it possible to rescue them?


  9. Probably in the future someone will come out with an equation giving you the correct values of player health, monsters health, weapons damage and so on in order to have the perfect gameplay.

    But waiting for that equation, game designers have to rely on their instict and on a lot of testing.