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  1. I see DWF is now Web 2.0-compliant

  2. Deathz0r, is it OK if i release a mod of OMG Weapons? I know that you updated it yourself, but what i have in mine is quite different.

    For one, the mod is fully compatible with ZDoom 2.1.4, Skulltag, all Zandronum versions, and in the future it will be compatible with ZDaemon and Eternity.

    And second, i'm rebalancing the mod almost completely and adding new content, right now it's just a new pistol and Doom 1 compatibility fixes, but it's a start.

    1. deathz0r


      sorry, was afk


      Skulltag seems redundant to support, do people actually still use that port? I don't even know (nor really care) about the state of ZDaemon, so I'm interested to see what you plan to do there.


      Have you been modding based off V5, or the old release on /idgames? V5 has partial Eternity support (as at the time of the release there was no support for custom weapons) but I wouldn't be surprised if there's been improvements in monster behaviour since that release that I can make it closer in feature parity with the DECORATE version.


      Ultimately I can't stop you (nor do I intend to) on releasing your mod of OMGWPNS, but the only thing I ask is that it's not considered an official continuation, as I've been doing minor tweaks here and there over the past three years since last release, though I'm definitely intending to become far more active this year and will be intending to release a new version at some point, as I'm planning to do a massive overhaul of the spawn system and implement more agitated versions of monsters.

    2. -TDRR-



      ahem, i mean, No, it's just going to be called OMG Weapons CLASSIC! which is obviously a name you wouldn't pick and i'm going to put in big bold letters that this mod is a mod of your mod.

      It's based off v1, so i could keep ZDoom Classic compatibility (Skulltag is just a side effect of that) ZDaemon compatibility in the end seems unworkable but Odamex actually has a lot of hope for it.

      Yes i was going to get the Eternity code from v5 and use it in this mod and rewrite the weapons from scratch to work with Eternity too, but only when the next update comes out.

  3. deathz0r

    What happened to UniDoom?

    I'm still around, I'm just not in the competitive scene at this point in time so I'm focusing more on mapping and modding. I recently made a single player map (ran out of time to detail it due to the project guidelines) to get myself back into the swing of things, I'll be looking at some of my old incomplete DM and CTF maps and seeing what's salvageable at some point. I'm also working on a Zandronum survival co-op mod and OMGWPNS, going to see if it's even possible to balance the weapons somewhat competently for DM for the next version, though I honestly doubt it :P
  4. hi Doomworld If any of you have been paying attention to the ZDoom forums, you may or may not know that I've been recently making new versions of OMGWPNS because I decided it was a fun project to revive as a way of slowly crawling my way back into the Doom community, granted that I don't have as much time to focus on Doom now because of IRL necessities. Ten years ago to this day I uploaded the original version to /idgames and despite being a bit rushed here and there and having some really useless weapons like the Laser Chaingun, it was solid overall. Fast forward to today, where I have spent the past few months tightening up OMGWPNS by rebalancing everything, fixing poorly coded features, improving heavily on palette translations, adding plenty of new weapons and monsters and getting rid of that shitty Laser Chaingun. I've had quite a number of playtesting sessions on Zandronum where feedback has been essential in making sure what does and doesn't work. Why did I wait until now to make a thread here on DW, instead of when I started to release new versions? Mainly because there's a greater focus on maps rather than gameplay mods here, and also because I wanted to announce something that would interest a few people here: OMGWPNS now runs in the Eternity Engine! Well, half of it at least. Custom weapons aren't supported in Eternity yet, so you only get custom monsters for now. There's a good amount of hacky code to make things work (it would have been nice if the monster spawners used A_SpawnAbove instead of A_MissileAttack) with a few graphical/gameplay glitches, monsters LOVE to infight a lot, monsters don't have the AMBUSH flag and it can crash on the rare occasion (at least on the latest Git build, haven't tested stable release thoroughly enough but it doesn't spit out errors or warnings with -edfout) but there's enough for an enjoyable experience! Only three monsters out of sixty-two couldn't make the cut due to technical reasons, so that is an achievement by itself. Surprisingly, MAP07/ExM8 triggers work fine. Anyway, have some download links. I'm not going to upload these to /idgames, since I'm still intending to make new versions in the future: Full mod: OMG Weapons and Monsters! V5 Individual downloads: OMG Weapons! V5 OMG Monsters! V5 Changelogs are available in the PK3 files. Special thanks to TerminusEst13 and Ijon Tichy for the Samsara weapon pickup code, which was essential reading for writing the new weapon pickup code.
  5. deathz0r

    Looking for a new idgames maintainer

    I'm going to throw my vote in for Bloodshedder as primary maintainer and fraggle as a temporary maintainer. TGH seems like a good candidate though I haven't seen any of his recent work, but I'll take everyone's word for it
  6. This is it, there's no need to make any other WAD ever. I'm deleting my unfinished projects
  7. deathz0r

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    Everything posted afterwards is invalidated by the second screenshot (not the first!) showing a hoax that people fell for? Come on, you can do better than that
  8. deathz0r

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    Most of those sources only bother to allow the anti-GG side to talk rather than attempt to give a neutral ground. The closest thing that has happened in regards to giving both sides the ability to speak is with the series of live panels that Huffington Post hosted last week. Why did you not list them as a source? Why are you so resistive towards the notion that women people don't have to agree with third-wave feminism? I highly recommend reading this extremely well-detailed tumblr post if you have any inclination to think critically about the fearmongering you enjoy doing: http://check-your-privilege-feminists.tumblr.com/post/95979451581/i-dont-understand-how-are-you-not-a-feminist I don't care about Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian or Brianna Wu. They are mostly just a distraction from what the real issue is, and why I personally support Gamergate - the blatantly open contempt that game journalists have towards gamers. There's also the whole recent controversy around Shadow of Mordor with regards to paying Youtubers for review copies and explicitly telling them not to post anything negative about the game. With that said in mind, there is plenty of things to fault with pro-GG supporters, mostly in that they have a tendency to go just as full-retard as the anti-GGers on Twitter.
  9. deathz0r

    A clean analysis ; Gamergate.

    I've been paying attention to Gamergate for the past couple weeks, and it's not really surprising to see why people would be angry about a bunch of gaming journalism sites crying out that gamers are a dead identity, along with the stupid shit they spout on Twitter like http://i.imgur.com/MeNQuTe.png "Women are not entitled to have an opinion that does not fit my narrative!" the hypocritical bullshit is off the chart here, gj Bucket
  10. deathz0r

    Zandronum 1.3 Released

    hmmm that said, I have good faith in Zandronum's team to use it for some kind of global fragstats system and/or to ban shitheads who blatantly cheat/DDoS servers rather than to police dissenting opinions
  11. deathz0r

    I have to confess something about BTSX

    just going to throw this out there BTSX E1 is the first single-player WAD I've played in seven years after an IRL friend linked me to it and I played through it with him in co-op up until MAP17 (I had to do other things) apart from two levels where there was a bit of excessive non-linear backtracking, it was definitely far more enjoyable than KDiZD and other similarly hyped garbage that I've had to review in the past when I get some spare time later this week I'm going to finish playing it and then go through E2 EDIT: I probably should also mention that it also scratched my itch to screw around with updating an unfinished Skulltag project to make it Zandronum compatible, and maybe to work on it further ??? who knows
  12. sweet I can't wait
  13. deathz0r

    Best place to get an Amiga computer?

    Physically the disks are the same. Ideally you'd need double density floppies, I tried high density floppies in the past and had troubles (but this was back in 2003, my memory is vague). You can use something like CrossDOS on the Amiga which is able to read and write to PC-formatted disks.
  14. deathz0r

    Best place to get an Amiga computer?

    AmigaKit used to have unopened Amiga 1200s in boxes, but it looks like they ran out of stock unfortunately Go with a Minimig if you're after a A500 experience, or wait for the FPGA Arcade if you need your AGA kicks
  15. deathz0r

    Occupy Wall Street