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  1. Oops, fell into a trance and got sidetracked heavily by digging deep into researching retro budget bin jank to stream - and buying a shitload from Steam and GamersGate for about $1.50AU each during 80-90% off sales. I already have a sizable collection on GOG that I've bought over time for roughly 75% off so it'd be fun to stream what I have and edit into reviews for Youtube. There will be a good focus on FPSes and strategy games but I'll also branch into other genres as well, especially platformers and fighting games.


    Speaking of streaming, I'm aiming to do my first stream on Twitch within 48 hours from now - going to start off with a UV pistol-start-each-map run of each of the IWADs as it's a good way to get back in the swing of things, not to mention that I need to get used to the WASD-based config as I can't use my custom config effectively with the terrible right-mouse button of my otherwise fantastic ELECOM Huge trackball, so this will also be a fun exercise in excising my muscle memory!


    Fortunately, further testing with recording in OBS has revealed that I can record 720p60 streams with a Wayland desktop in Linux with a very small amount of frame drops as long as the GPU is using less than 70w power, which with pretty much all retro jank that's at least 15 years old and good ol' Doom in software mode it's a trivial thing.


    I also need a new SCART cable for my Amiga, as my current cable is about ~30 years old does not play nice at all with the cheap SCART->HDMI converter I bought. It's definitely not an issue with the converter, as I can output my Mega Drive via SCART without any problems. At first I thought my Amiga needed a recap so I did that, but that didn't affect anything, so I need to wait for a new cable to be shipped from Europe. It still outputs composite (black&white only) so I've been using a cheap $15 composite->HDMI converter to record MODs for my stream playlist. Apart from a 16khz tone, the audio quality is surprisingly clean!