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  1. Good *insert appropiate timezone here* fellow moronic mappers who read the blog forums (heh, I never knew it existed until today). I must apologize here (since I can't be bothered doing it anywhere else) for a rather crappy /newstuff this week. You see, my computer has win98se in it. Not like that means anything, but ever since I installed quake 1 on it, it's been getting an increasing amount of bad clusters, until eventually explorer continously crashes, even though I can still access my files through Windows/Total Commander. To make things even more annoying, whenever I ping the other computers on my network, the ping times range from 1 to 4000, sometimes even timing out. So, I had to write newstuff on my mum's computer, and she doesn't exactly like me putting stuff on her computer. I also didn't have much time to write it, so I got the help of BBG and SargeBaldy to make things a lot less stressful for me. Hopefully when my dad ever comes here with the new (new as in non-corrupt) 3.2gb HD, I should be able to actually do a half-assed job in writing newstuff reviews. Thank you.