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  1. Alliteration kicks ass, but that's unrelated. Anyway, Ralphis and I are writing up the "twenty-eight most favourite games of all time" as voted by various UD members. Unfortunately, there are too many games tied for last place, so there's a lot more than just 28 games. Regardless, you can check the progress as we will post articles each day (it was meant to start on Feb 1st but I was too busy with other things) over at http://unidoom.org/

    Feel free to post comments in this thread or at the ud.org news posts.

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    2. Danarchy


      Yay...I'm surprised more people didn't vote. This is going to be better than anything IGN, Gamefags,or Gayspy ever did.

    3. Fredrik
    4. Bucket


      IK+ delivers on every level. You win the internet!